Grap A Cuppa And We’ll Have A Catch Up Shall We?

And breathe.

Well, that was quick? I can’t believe the semester is almost over. Tomorrow I’ll be submitting my final piece of coursework and heading home to the Scottish Borders for a good few weeks of relaxation and chilling the eff out.

I thought I’d have a little catch up with you all because the end of the semester really feels like the end of a small era. And a busy era it has been. But it also seems like I have done absolutely nothing at all for the last 12 weeks?

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My Favourite Ways To Spend A Sunday

I bloody love a Sunday. A day where it feels totally acceptable to slob about all day in pyjamas and eat the best food and wake up late – but like I don’t do that on any day of the week, especially the pyjamas part.

But there is something special about a Sunday isn’t there? I love having one totally plan free every once in a while – a day where you can spend it doing anything you want. But as I’m coming to end of a very busy semester, cherishing my Sundays have been even more important.

I feel so drained by it all as I’ve been run off my feet all semester and I’m looking forward to a quiet few weeks celebrating the holidays, even if I will be squeezing a bit of work in. Sundays in Glasgow can also be lonely and quiet so I’ve found my perfect ways to spend a Sunday in the city when I have one going ..

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10 Little Things #20

I missed a Little Things last week as I hadn’t finished it by the time the weekend came and I knew I would have things I wanted to include from then in it. I then spent all weekend away without my laptop and didn’t get back to Glasgow till Monday morning so this Little Things is a combination of both weeks. And what a busy two weeks it has been.

I’m typing this up on a cold Saturday morning (lunchtime, right okay it is lunchtime I’ve slept in) and I’m about to pull on some clothes to potter off to the shop to get some things to tide me over into next week. I’ve just done a budget for the next week and wow I’m going hard next weekend at Edinburgh and Christmas. I’ll be in Edinburgh Friday (for work), Saturday (for festivities with Emma) and Sunday (for a family Christmas lunch) so I’ve never been more thankful for my 16-25 railcard.

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The #28DayChallenge – And What I Learnt

I’ve successfully completed the #28DayChallenge which was set by Your Good Skin 28ish days ago, which was all about thinking about your skincare, so can I have a round of applause please and thanks?

When I first wrote about taking them up on this challenge, I admitted that I am a tad awful at sticking with things and I’m dreadfully lazy when it comes to looking after my skin but here we are, 28 days later, on top of it all and moisturising every night.

I wasn’t expecting my skin to be all Gigi Hadid all of sudden and hello is that me on the front cover of Vogue but I am impressed with the products I received from Your Good Skin and the difference they’ve made.

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The Elphinstone, Biggar & A Photo Diary

The last few weeks have been hectic and the next couple as promising to be the same so when the opportunity arose a little while back to have a welcome rest in the midst of it all at The Elphinstone in Biggar, I was all ‘hell yes about it’.

I was glad of a chance to escape for the weekend without my laptop and a good friend for company. We made a little weekend trip out of it, driving over from Kelso through Peebles to Biggar and then back again on the Sunday, having stops on either side.

After leaving our side of the borders at about 11ish we drove through to Peebles and I was gobsmacked at how gorgeous the scenery was. This was practically on my backdoor and I’ve been oblivious to it. Steph and I were in awe to be honest and the fact it was a beautifully sunny and cold winter’s day made the whole experience more enjoyable.

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