Travel Notes | Ibiza Off-Season

I’ve just returned from a week of sunning myself in Ibiza with my little sister and surprise, surprise, we didn’t kill one another. There was a lot of bickering but no major blow ups and I had a really lovely time on the island.

Ibiza has never been my first choice of holiday destination but when I was looking for somewhere cheap to take my sister a few months ago I couldn’t ignore the £20-ish flights to this Balearic island. A decent enough looking hotel was then found on for a very reasonable price (breakfast included!) and it was settled – to Ibiza we were going and off-season too. The flight time is only 3 hours from Edinburgh airport so it doesn’t feel too far away when trying to find some sunshine.

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Life Lately

It’s been a while since I sat in front of my screen and had a bit of a natter. I’ve been blogging pretty consistently three times a week since 2018 began and have recently added a newsletter to rota as well but I’ve haven’t done much nattering about my life in general. Probably because it is quite boring but seeing as third year classes have drawn to a close, I thought it was time to catch up. So hello, how’ve you been? How’s 2018 going?

This semester has been intense. It’s been busy. It’s been non-stop. Everything has. I’ve drank a lot of alcohol, spent a lot of time hungover, ate a lot of shite food, hardly been to the gym, spent a lot of money on useless crap and everything has been a bit of a roller coaster.

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Postcards From Glasgow

I’ve been feeling a lot of love for Glasgow in 2018. I think after five weeks back in the Scottish Borders over the Christmas period made me excited to return to city life. Getting older makes you want to appreciate what’s around you more and for me, turning twenty and spending another year in the city, has made me want to explore and appreciate the city I call home.

Glasgow, in my opinion, is very underrated in comparison to Scotland’s other big city, Edinburgh. It is considered rougher, less historic, less relevant but I think it is one of the best cities in the world. It is loud, vibrant, exciting, busy, full and filled with lots and lots of different people. It merges modernity with history, locals and students and visitors and tourists and everyone can find somewhere to relax and enjoy.

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My Ibiza Wish List

I’m typing this up on and making the edits on the 28th of February. Tomorrow is the first of March. And today, Glasgow has been utterly obliterated by the Beast of the East. We’ve been sledging on a plastic lid and IKEA bags whilst Rachel tried to kill herself by going down a hill in Kelvingrove Park in her inflatable duck.

In an effort to make myself feel a bit more summery whilst there is a snowstorm blowing outside, I decided to work on a wish list for Ibiza. I can’t really afford to buy any new clothes so only gonna treat myself to maybe a bag, midi dress and some sandals but a girl can dream yes?

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Recently Reading

I’ve been slowing plodding through a number of titles since 2018 started and whilst I haven’t quite read as much as I would have liked, I’m doing okay. I’m heading to Ibiza in about ten days so I’m excited to pack my suitcase filled with books to tide me over the holiday. Two books I’ve been saving especially for this are Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and How To Stop Time.

Books this year have been a real mixed bag so in this edition of Recently Reading we have some Scandinavian inspiration, a thriller and a living well book. One book I would really, really recommend is Real Nordic Living as it is the most beautiful of books and made me so excited for potentially visiting Sweden this May.

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