Learning Not To Be So Hard On Myself

After meeting up with a couple of friends at end of the summer, one whom I hadn’t seen in about six months, she remarked that I was still really hard on myself, after chatting about our summers and our plans for the following year.

At the time, I didn’t think much about it, I didn’t think I was hard on myself, in fact I found my response to my own endeavours as natural. Of course I should keep striving to be the best and if I wasn’t going to talk trash to/about myself to keep me going, who was? It was the only way I knew how to keep going.

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Four Stationery Items That Help Me Lead A More Organised Life

I thrive off lists & plans & schedules & diaries. I can’t imagine organising something without first putting it in the diary, making a list of the things I need to do before it/for it/after it and making an in-depth schedule of what I’m going to do with my time.

It is a smidge borderline obsessive but trying to balance friends/family/university/The Monday Project/other projects can be a bit OTT at times so I rely on my paper based mechanisms to keep things looking snazzy and me not having a breakdown.

Having recently attended the Busy B Dated launch for 2018, it’s given me a new oomph of appreciation for all things paper and how much I do actually rely on the old fashioned way to keep my brain ticking along nicely and not randomly bursting out into tears in the middle of the library because I’ve forgotten to do something very important.

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10 Little Things #19

I can’t really believe how quickly time is flying at the moment. I’m typing this little intro up in the library just after ten on Sunday morning and how is there only 3 more Sundays until term (for me) is finished completely? Coursework is snowing me under but it has been quite an exciting week with a trip to the cinema, two trips to Edinburgh and an ASOS order.

This next week is also looking busy with dinner with my cousin and another trip to Edinburgh on Friday before going home on the Friday night and having a night away with my friend on the Saturday night. I’m also trying to make a dent in the three essays I have due for the end of the term. I think I’ll need a lie down after this semester of uni to be honest.

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7 Tips For Staying On Top Of Your Sh*t At Uni

University can (is) very blinkin’ hard at times. It can be overwhelming and distressing and OTT. It can make you cry or want to tear your hair out or remain under a blanket watching Netflix for the rest of your existence.

Coming to university and studying is one of the hardest things I’ve done and well, it doesn’t get any easier as the years go on despite you becoming more of an old hand at it.

Organisation is key to me being able to operate at uni as I’m always trying to do several things at once whilst also doing nothing at all, if that makes any sense? I’ve really been struggling in the last few weeks as deadlines have slowly filtered in and I’m panicking big time about everything.

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What’s In My Bag | Uni Edition

This is my second blog titled What’s In My Bag | Uni Edition so I think we can give me a round of applause for creativity. Truth to be told, I wasn’t sure what else to call it. Maybe Uni 2? But that sounded even more lame. Anyway, it’s a look inside a student’s bag.

I’ve added a few new bits since last time I posted this. It’s a new academic year, I’m now in my third year of a four year degree, I have less class time but more work so obviously I had to switch things up.

I think coming to university, the most important think you need, without a single shred of doubt, is a back pack. You will be lugging around a lot at times and in Glasgow, it rains, so a tote bag is going to do you no good when carrying books and your laptops. You don’t want them to be soggy.

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