10 Little Things #12

It has been a busy old week with university starting up again, a quick weekend trip home (typing up this lil intro from the comfort of Home’s sofa with Dad cooking me up a bacon sandwich) and a whole host of coursework and reading. Third year is definitely as busy as people say it is and this is only week one! I’m hoping next week I can be a little more on top of my shizz and not be as stressed and panicky as I was this week. Anyway, here’s my Little Things ..

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3 Things You Need When Starting University

I’m writing this up on a Sunday morning, my last one at home for a while after the dreamiest of summers in the Scottish Borders, before heading back to Glasgow to start my third year at university. I can’t quite believe it was two years ago when I first moved there to start my studies, two years ago since I met people who shaped me, two years since I became a bit more independent, two years since I left the slow countryside life for a little while.

University is hard, it is scary, it is daunting. It is everything you’ve thought it would be and more. No experience is exactly alike to another, everyone has a different unique journey. You have to be prepared to be unprepared, prepared to be flexible, to change. I’ve come quite a long way since I first stepped into my student accommodation two years ago, sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards but I wouldn’t change anything, good or bad, in a second.

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5 Books To Get Hygge With This Autumn

With Autumn slowly rolling in and my newfound attitude of living Danishly, I thought I’d combine two of my favourite things, books and hygge. I love reading, books are one of my ultimate escapes and Autumn is the perfect time to curl up with a good book. I think a really good book is one that makes you want read over and over again and all of these on this list I’ve read at least more than once.

They inspire cosiness and comfort, something relaxing and satisfying. I’ve got a bit of fantasy, a bit of mystery and the handbook of hygge. All perfect for snuggling up with a blanket and losing yourself in for a few hours. I’m just a bit obsessed with Denmark and hygge tbh so I’m throwing it into blog posts wherever I can get away with!

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10 Little Things #11

Well kids, I’m back in Glasgow and things are going quite well. I’ve kind of joined a sports club, I’m up to date with reading (so far), I’ve been blogging and I’ve watched This Farming Life, so. I’m bloody terrified for the academic year ahead but writing this little series on my blog should hopefully keep me calm. On with the Little Things!

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Hygge: How I’ll Be Trying To Live More Danishly

I read a book this summer called The Year of Living Danishly by the hugely talented Helen Russell. And I fell in love with the concept of Danish living and more accurately, hygge.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking was a gift last Christmas from my parents and I started reading the first chapter on lighting before giving up.┬áThat was six months ago and I didn’t think I needed hygge. But since reading Helen’s account of living in Denmark for a year and how adopting Danish customs improved her life, I decided to give hygge another try. I read Wiking’s book and my mind was blown by all the ways I, living in Scotland not Denmark, could add some hygge into my life.

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