The Importance Of A Sort-Your-Life-Out-Saturday

I have recently been reading Sarah Knight’s Get Your Sh*t Together and well, it is inspiring. I love her no nonsense approach to well, everything, and the anti-guru approach to telling you to get your shit together.

Since coming back to university about three and a half weeks ago, I’ve been getting my shit together. Slowly but surely. I’ve been unravelling for about two years and I really wanted 2018 to be different, to get a handle on things and have my shit together. This is where the concept of a sort-your-life-out-Saturday came into play.

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10 Little Things #29

Things to note from the last week: I am appallingly skint and I’m v raging at how expensive train prices have become. But aside from that, it been quite a good one. My alcohol intake has increased in 2018 as opposed to the latter half of 2017 (it’s like I’ve come out of HIVE retirement) and shall be focussing on decreasing that again as I can’t afford to do a lot of things right now, let alone piss all my money away on pints of fun and entry to the union club.

I had quite an active week to balance out the drinking ~ I did pilates last Saturday, trampolining on Monday (more on that below) and went to the gym on Tuesday. This perhaps redeems me from the three pizzas eaten in a row on last weekend? Maybe? I’m going with it does.

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33 Things To Add To Your Basket In 2018

2018 would be the year I am more daring with my personal style, if I had more money. I am currently living on the tightest of tight budgets (well trying too, keep accidentally falling into Nando’s) so all of these dreamy things are planted firmly on my wish list.

As much as I love wrapping up in a huge coat accompanied by a cosy jumper, boots, scarves and hats (oh god hats, live for the hats), I’m excited to have a life without tights again and move onto sunnier styles. I’ve included a couple of borg jackets in this wish list as Chloe Plumstead made them look oh-so-dreamy on her blog and Instagram. But can we say a big fucking hello to the polka dot dress and the return of the bardot neckline, especially in that dreamy Topshop number?

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My ~ Dream ~ Bedroom Interior Inspiration

I really loved putting together my ~ dream ~ office interior inspiration (and v useful if I get my own place in the next ten years). One of my favourite things to do is trawl Urban Outfitters and La Redoute sale sections for random pieces – I think I even enjoy it more than trawling ASOS.

Since adding an interiors section to my blog, I’ve been feeling a lot more inspired and excited to write about it. It doesn’t feel as silly or out-of-place, so when the opportunity arose to put together another board of inspiration for a different room in my ‘house’ (I’m telling ya, by the time 2018 draws to a close, I’ll have my whole house planned out for 30 year old me), I took it.  View Full Post

10 Little Things #28

Happy Monday! Yes, Little Things is late this week. I was quite unorganised with writing it so had a good chunk to finish over the weekend and then I was honestly in the throngs of the worst hangover I’ve ever experienced on Sunday so was 110% not up to finishing.

But it is Monday so I am feeling good. The snow is melting (hurrah!), I’m going home this weekend, I’ve got all my blog content planned and scheduled, I’ve signed up for another online course to sink my teeth into and I’m going trampolining today.

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