Post Christmas Haul

Post Christmas Haul

As 2017 is starting, I want to curb my spending habits. I don’t want to stop treating myself occasionally, because ew, life without treating yourself sounds gross.

I do want to however buys things I need or things I actually will wear. Fun fact: have since returned a top from Topshop and a shirt from Primark because they don’t suit me. YAY ME! This wouldn’t be this blog (or my life) without spending a lil bit of money in the January sales or the post-Christmas period with my Christmas money am I right?

In 2o17 I am going to start selling some of my clothes online as I honestly have loads which have only been worn a couple/handful of times and well, I’d like the money for new things yeah? Some of it will go to a charity shop but I’m going to try my hand at Ebay too!

T H E  H A U L

Essie Nail Polish in Tart Deco 

This was a “err my god got some Czech kuronas left, I should buy something at the airport” buy. I’ve been eyeing up Essie nail polishes since 2014 but never actually bit the bullet and bought one.

I remember looking at them in pharmacies in Amsterdam and Philadelphia and in duty free in Atlanta. I’ve looked at them in Boots in this country and online but man, I just never bought one.

I snapped this up in duty free and I am yet to wear it as it is the loveliest summery shade and well, my nails are currently a shade of dark blue (a Primark nail polish I got for Christmas). I’ll keep y’all updated though when I eventually do get onto it but I’m sure it’s lovely, as I’ve been assured Essie always is.

Shop here.

Next Cashmere Eu Du Parfume 

I’m *quite* bad at wearing perfume which erm, I probably should’t admit on the internet. But I usually run out the door with seconds to spare or I’ll be late to class so it’s easy to forget a quick spritz of perfume. I’ve been using the same three for ages and all three of them are on their last legs.

In the Sephora in Barcelona, I found an Elie Saab perfume which was divine but a lil out of my price range and then in duty free I came across the Chanel Noir perfume but again, my bank balance is laughing at me. I was in Next with my mum after she picked me up from the station an then spent about five minutes inspecting all of the perfumes Next had to offer. And I found Cashmere.

I had a few of these when I was younger and for only £12, honestly I think Cashmere is a steal. I love the scent, it’s so fresh and I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a new perfume but don’t want to sell a kidney for it.

Shop here.

Public Desire Heeled Black Ankle Boots

I haven’t owned a pair of leather (or faux) ankle boots since like, 2013? Maybe? I don’t know it’s been so long. I’ve been kicking about in a suede pair from Dorothy Perkins since about 2014 and I love them, I do, but my feet get wet sometimes when it rains.


So I get wet feet a lot. I’ve had my eyes on loads of pairs but man they are expensive so when this pair from Public Desire appeared on the ASOS website for £20 (they are now £16), I snapped them up. They seemed hella stiff when I first tried them on but they pretty so I am gonna wear them in and hopefully then, they’ll be comfier.

Update: Wore them to Kelso, they didn’t hurt my feet or give me blisters BUT I did nearly break my neck/humiliate myself in Sainsbury’s cafe when I slipped due to the lack of grip on the sole. Make of that what you will.

Shop here.

Mango Black Midi Skirt £19.99

I haven’t worn this skirt yet but I like it. Albeit, I probably wouldn’t pay full price for this but I was quite happy to snap it up for half price (£19.99) in the sale. It’s pretty, sparkly, black and I *think* this shape suits me? I mean I could be totally wrong and look like a total idiot most of the time but meh.

I’m hoping to get a lot of wear out of it in both summer and winter, despite it being black, and I think I’m probably wear it with slogan tees, a roll neck or ooooh maybe my slogan sweatshirt from Hannah Gale’s range? That would look kinda okay yeah?

Mango Grey Maxi Cardigan

This is a dressing gown I can wear outside. REVOLUTIONARY. Well it practically is. It’s so thick and soft and cosy and I’m hoping in spring it can double as a sort of coat/jacket if it’s a bit nippy but I don’t want to wear a coat yeah? This was £19.99 in the sale and tbh, I would have paid full price for it because it is divine.

Mango New York Print Tee £9.99

I’ve been eyeing up this tee for ages because I don’t really have that many tops I like that don’t have stripes on them. When I saw it was in the sale for £9.99 it seemed like a match made in heaven. It’s very soft but I do wish I had gone a size up because I am worried it is highlighting my back fat and bingo wings.

Mango Black Bardot Top 

I almost wore this top out for Tori’s birthday but I forgot that despite the fact bardot tops are sooooo pretty, they never seem to stay in place. I don’t know if I love this top yet, I thought I  would but I don’t know, maybe it was the outfit I was wearing with it?

It’s also quite see through. Oh and it was £9.99 in the sale.

Freya Fancies Bralette

I read about these bralettes when on a couple of blogs and APPAZ they were great for girls with bigger boobs. Which sounded pretty ace. There is nothing worse than buying a nice bra from Topshop and then realising it will never fit you because HEY turns out your boobs aren’t a nice C cup like you’ve been kidding yourself all along.

And you never return said Topshop bra because you are lazy and wear it anyway despite the discomfort.

It was £20 which is a lot more than I would usually pay because I’m a cheap-skate Primark lover but after years of awkwardly stuffing my boobs into ill-fitting bras, I figured we deserved it. I got this in navy and at first I was a tad worried it would be too small. It looked kinda tiny (well not tiny, but small) and I gawped at it. I did however get it on and I can confirm it is incredibly comfortable. I got it in a size 12 which does fit me fairly well but next time I think I’m gonna get a size 14 for extra comfiness. Like an extra treat myself comfiness.

 Next Leopard Print A-Line Skirt 

I was in Berwick with my mum the morning she picked me up from train station after getting back from Prague. She was on the hunt for an Amazon Fire Stick and BAM, what do you know, we were outside Next and I dragged her in.

Next had a huge sale on and I made a beeline for this skirt when I saw it the moment I walked into that shop. IT WAS ONLY £12. I’m not the biggest leopard print fan but I’ve recently been adding to my collection (translation: a jumper, pair of trainers and now this skirt #crazy). Ew that hashtag sorry.

Sold Out Online // Similar Shop Here.

When I started writing this post I was like “hmm this will be a nice lil post of four or five buys to share” and what do you know, turns out I’ve almost bankrupted myself.

I definitely need to curb my spending when I head back to Glasgow and hm, maybe I’ll save up my Christmas money for something special and maybe I don’t need to rush to Topshop the moment I get back clutching the vouchers I got for Christmas in my grubby mitts. Lolz.

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