Prague In A Snapshot

Prague In A Snapshot

I liked Prague. It’s a beautiful city and is absolutely steeped in history which makes my inner buff go nuts over all the kings and wars and stories. The architecture in Prague is also pretty damn snazzy. I’ve never been somewhere with so many beautiful buildings. Literally, every street is rammed with the most gorgeous buildings.

All the good Instagramming opportunities but I got more preoccupied with Christmas trees and weird and wonderful Czech food I managed to source at the markets, soz.

Suppose I’ll just have to go back and visit again then.

We were there for three days during Crimbo Limbo (between Christmas and NYE) which meant Prague was lovely and festive except no snow, sob. We flew from Glasgow to Prague which was handy and it was inexpensive. My two lovely travelling companions were two girls who I know from Kelso/school/working at Floors. It was a wonderful trip and I definitely want to head back to Prague at some point.

Ok so I’ve said that twice in the last two paragraphs YAY to being good at writing!

I’m already planning my trip back in my head (alongside the 10 other theoretical trips I have planned in my head, IS ANYONE LOOKING FOR A TRAVELLING BUDDY?) and the one thing I’d like to do next time I’m in Prague is eat more Czech food. We ate at the same Italian twice because the pizza was amazing, it was super cheap and the staff were so lovely but next time I’d like to try out some local cuisine. I did have a goulash soup which was served in a giant hollowed out piece of bread but I heard that there was a speciality dish of deep fried cheese served with chips or potatoes which sounds RIGHT up my street.

We were trying to do this trip fairly cheaply so we had croissants out of a supermarket for breakfast which was fine and dandy. Supermarkets in Prague were super cheap and funnily, a bottle of beer is the same price as a croissant so I dunno, it’s up to you what you want for breakfast.

It was also my first time staying with Air BnB and I would definitely do it again. We had a shared apartment which meant we had our own room (with a locked door) and then shared a bathroom and a kitchen area with the inhabitants of two other rooms. Our host Vincent was super helpful (he provided detailed information of how to get from the airport to the apartment as the AE bus was not running which meant we had to fumble around with trams and buses) and the apartment was really clean.

My favourite thing about the Air BnB was a book of Vincent’s own personal tips and recommendations. It had lots of lovely suggestions for where to go for dinner and lunch and what trips to see and do. The best thing about it was reviews, advice and tips from other people who had stayed there. It was lovely reading about what other people had done and what they recommended and what they worked for them, it definitely convinced us to go on the free walking tour!

The tours of Prague were the best things we did there. It did rain all Wednesday (our flight landed at 5 on Tuesday so we didn’t have much time to explore and just went out for dinner before planning for the next day) but that didn’t stop us traipsing around the old town in the city. We went on a free walking tour with Discover Prague Tours which was ace. Lots of people recommended it and we had the best tour guide, a man called David who was Czech but had lived in the USA for 14 years and seemed to have been everywhere on this planet.

He knew everything about Prague and told us all about the Astronomical Clock, the architecture of Prague’s Old Town, Franz Kafka, the Jewish Quarter, the castle and the cathedrals. We went inside an amazing baroque cathedral which took my breath away. It’s amazing when things do that.

After two and a bit hours of walking, we headed for some lunch and then went to buy tickets for the castle walking tour with the same company. The walk to the castle does feel a long way when you first up at it before crossing the river but the tour guide had lots to say on the way! We walked across the river and got a good view of the Charles Bridge and then stopped at the WW2 memorial and then went into the St Wenceslas Vineyard (the oldest vineyard in Prague) which gave amazing views of the city.

This tour was great as it took you all around the castle (which is a huge 35 building complex) and explained its history and its use. We saw the changing of the guard and inside the beautiful gothic St Vitus cathedral. If I was to chose my favourite type of architectural style, it would be gothic. I don’t know why but it just looks so mysterious and important.

As it got dark pretty quickly, we also got amazing views of Prague at dark which was great from the castle as you could see the city all lit up below you. And with this tour, they give you a tram ticket so you can just take the tram back down to the Old Town instead of walking, a win I would say.

Luckily on Thursday the weather was completely different. The sky was clear and bright and blue and sunny and this meant I got to appreciate the beauty of Prague even more as I wasn’t afraid to look up as I wasn’t going to be getting soaked. Our flight was at 5 but we had to check out by 11 which did mean we had to drag our suitcases about but that wasn’t too bad.

We wandered to Old Town Square and then to the Charles Bridge which was amazing. I read about it the night before we went so I knew what some of the sculptures were but it really is amazing and has to been seen up close. The bridge was packed with people but it thinned out as you went across and there was lots of stalls and a few musicians so it was really nice just ambling along.

The river had the thickest fog lying over it which meant we couldn’t see the other side of Prague from the Charles Bridge. It was really eerie and it did mean I couldn’t get any snaps of the castle which was a tad annoying because HELLO BEAUT PHOTO OPPORTUNITY THAT I DIDN’T GET.

After wandering over the bridge and back, we headed back to Old Town Square to see the display the Astronomical Clock does every hour. It has been voted the second most overrated show in Europe but I liked it. It was very clever and it’s amazing to think it was made in 1410 because, like woah, that’s a long time ago.

The rest of Thursday was spent scouring the Christmas markets (and eating some Christmas market food) and I popped into a couple of souvenir shops to pick up some things for my family. We then caught the AE bus back to the airport and soon we were back on a flight to Glasgow.

Oh and I spent the rest of my Czech money in duty free on an Essie nail polish, because Essie.

Prague is beautiful, has ALL the Instagramming opportunities and I would absolutely love to head back in the summer to see some more of the city.

On my next trip I want to explore more of the Jewish Quarter, go and see Camp Terezin (a WW2 concentration camp mainly used as a stop-off before Auschwitz) and do the Bone Chapel tour! Prague has so much history and has a history student, it would be rude not to go back really.

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