Random Bits N Pieces Haul

Random Bits N Pieces Haul

Am I being edgy by using “N” rather than “and”? Am I cool yet? Am I? I don’t know. Hey kids! I’m on a real spending spree at the minute, I have no clue why but I just can’t seem to go into/near a shop without wanting to buy something! I recently did a haul of all the clothes and beauty products I’d been scooping up but I’ve somehow managed to accumulate some more things! The trends on the high street right now are just so me and how is everything out there right now so dreamy? Going on Asos currently is a dangerous game for me to play at the moment. I just have to avoid it all together in order to avoid spending all my money on twenty different things. Because no money before Bahamas ain’t a happy thought.

I have however, managed to cave *slightly* (read: caved massively) and I’ve been scouting out New Look and Missguided of late. I’m not usually fan of good old Missguided (well I was in 2013) but I gave their website a little browse recently and was intrigued with what I saw. One of my favourite bloggers, Hayley from Frock Me I’m Famous recently instagrammed a gorgeous “Miami” swimsuit from Missguided so I was hunting for that along with some other boos I’ve seen floating around social media. I don’t know if posts like this interest anyone but because I’m lazy af and just like to pick up on everyone’s else’s fashion finds (have I ever heard of being original? A: No), I personally enjoy compiling these. Also it is very satisfying. So here is all the things I’ve picked up for funsies of late ..

1. New Look Blue Aztec Sport Leggings £17.99

My new gym boos. I’ve been going to gym on an almost regular basis recently. I go with two of my friends because I feel if I don’t go with them, I don’t do anything whilst there or stay for very long so at least if I go with Ali and Rachel, I can pretend to do things with eye-witnesses. I have three pairs of black and pink leggings and I was CRAVING another colour so all of sudden I was like “MUST BUY NOW” and I stumbled across these on the New Look website while swimsuit hunting. I’ve worn them twice and I am pretty happy with them. Very comfy yet versatile. Also they have a big-ass waist band which means yaaaaaay they don’t go falling down no big ass.

2. New Look Striped Bardot Dress £14.99

How pretty and fun is this dress? It looks so much more expensive than it’s humble £15 price tag which is always fun and is very flattering. I’m dreaming of wearing this with tanned skin on a Bahamas beach looking fly and sassy af. A girl can dream. One point to note is it is a little tight over the chest area so if you are big boobed girl, maybe size up and style with a belt? That’s what I’m planning to do anyway.

3. Missguided “Vegas” Swimsuit £24

Am I absolutely terrified to wear this? Yes. Is it the most daring thing I’ve bought since my lace bodysuit in 2013 (I hate me to)? Yes. Is it the most gorgeous and “I’m sassy and cool” thing I’ve ever bought? Yes. How cool is it? I love that it’s red. My favourite colour by the way. I love that it’s a swimsuit. First one I’ve probably owned (aside from a sexy M&S black number I wear swimming like an old lady) since 2013 and the days of the lace bodysuit. I’m going to the Bahamas in a few weeks (in case you didn’t pick up on the 28474 times I’ve mentioned it already) and I just decided I needed a swimsuit. So in a moment of internet shopping panic, I decided on this one. How exciting.

4. Forever 21 Cross Body Bag £6.30 (here it is on their website)

Forever 21 in Glasgow is closing. And we are all devastated, absolutely devastated. I’ll really miss having it on Buchanan Street as it was a good shop to have and all their new summer range looked amazing in the store windows so it’ll be a real hole. Howevs, closing down equals big sale. Currently everything is reduced to 65% off (previously was 50%) and I went in the other day before meeting Emma for lunch. Sadly I only saw three things I would maybe buy and one of them was this gorgeous little bag. Reduced from £18, it feels and looks so much more expensive than it’s humble price tag and is just the perfect shape for all the things I need to fit. I’m envisioning myself trotting around a European city with it come September …

5. The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Body Mist £5.95

Why does The Body Shop always smell absolutely amazing? In some cases good enough to eat! Emma and I were walking up Sauchiehall Street last week and we popped in and then both bought the same body mist. Couldn’t afford the perfume lol. It is such a lovely scent, so fresh and summery and I really enjoy wearing it. Retail price is £8.50 but we got a whopping 30% off with student discount which was AMAZING (sadly that was for a limited time only but hopefully it will return!).

6. Tiger Sippy Bottle £1

This adorable little chap was only a single pound. Words cannot express how much I adore Tiger. Such a great little shop. If you don’t know what Tiger is, find your nearest one ASAP and get ready to fall in love. Their stock changes regularly and is all priced so well, so cheap and cheerful! I’ve wanted another sippy cup/bottle for a while and I nearly bought one similar to this for £3 from B&M Bargains but it was a plastic bottle rather than glass so I’m really glad that I held out so I could get this one as it is just a lot nicer.

7. “Love You” Card and “Loves Me Not” Card £1.00 (for two, suppose they are 50p each)

I am sucker for cards like these. I have tonnes stuck up around my room and I haven’t even put these up yet (or planned wear to put them) but I just like the idea of having them there. I think I’m going to make this a thing, if I’m out shopping, I’ll buy some cute cards from like Paperchase or Tiger. Nice little keepsakes and if I’m ever in need of a card, I’ll have some handily in my drawer!

8. Primark White Sunglasses £3

These are the nicest sunglasses I have bought in a while and I couldn’t be more chuffed with them. They fit my face really well and suit me (well I think so anyway). I find sunglasses can be quite difficult to suit my face due to my face resembling a satellite dish at times, but these sit really elegantly on my nose and just look great. So if you are also a satellite sister, check these boos out. £3 is a humble price tag (although a little pricier than Primark’s standard £1 huns) but you also get a nifty little white bag to keep them in as well which is fun!

9. Matalan Navy Smock Dress £16

One thing to note: this was actually advertised as a top lol am I crazy yet? So this will only work on a dress if you like me, a little shorty. It is a little short but I was with my great aunt when I bought it and she said it’s not too short so I’m running with it. I’ll probably wear it over swim suits/bikinis on holiday but hopefully I’ll feel brave enough to wear it with just bare legs at some point too. It’s such a light and comfy material and I adore the fringing along the bottom, looks so summery and chic!

Similar here.

10. Matalan Black Puffy Jacket £12

I bought this jacket on a whim purely because it was reduced from £26 to £12. I own 304 jackets already but every time I buy a new one, it just isn’t as versatile as I think. This jacket howevs is filling a lot of boxes. I bought in a large so it’s quite roomy at the minute with just a tee underneath but it means in the winter, I can layer it up with jumpers and sweatshirts underneath which is lush. It’s also quite lightweight which is bliss AND I think it’s waterproof which is a PLUS PLUS PLUS in Glasgow. Where it rains quite a bit not going to lie. Soz I couldn’t find a link for it on Matalan’s website as it is winter stock but it might still be hanging around some stores!

Let me know what you have all been buying!

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