Searching For Sunshine

Searching For Sunshine

Sometimes I live in the future too much.

I’m guilty of that mindset.

I’m always thinking about tomorrow, about next month, about plans for the future, about where I’ll be after university, about where I’ll be in ten years time.

Sure being positive about the future isn’t a bad thing. It’s good to look forward. To make plans and have things to look forward too. But sometimes I live in this future world too much, I forget to enjoy the day going on around me and I forget to appreciate moments as they pass.

This summer is proving to be a bit of a struggle between my future world I’m imagining in my head and my actual world going on around me all the time. I keep looking to the future: to potential trips, to seeing friends, to going back to Glasgow. I’m forgetting about the beautiful environment that I’m currently existing in. I love my home in the Borders, I love the house I live in, my family, friends and my dog. It’s nice for a change to look out the window and see rolling hills and green fields, not grey roads and never-ending traffic.

I like my life. I really do. Sure there are things I would like to change (we should never stop doing things which will make us happy) but sometimes I just need to stop searching for stuff. I’m not saying I should stop dreaming of countries I’d like to visit or places I’d like to go, I should maybe just learn to appreciate where I am.

I’m so obsessed with wanting to explore other cities, such as Philadelphia, Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona but what about exploring my own backyard? Okay so the Scottish Borders might not be on your holiday radar but let me tell you this place is steeped in history and there are beautiful places around every corner, especially if you nowhere to look. I once saw a Buzzfeed article about the Scottish Borders and my heart swelled with pride, I was ashamed that I’d never looked at this beautiful place I get to call home in this way before.

This isn’t Glasgow. It’s not a big, exciting city with hundreds and thousands of people on your doorstep with things happening all the time. But it doesn’t mean there is nothing. It’s calm. It’s tranquil. It’s a place where my mind can relax and in all seriousness, the air down here feels a lot damn cleaner. This summer I’m making it my mission to see a lot more of the Borders, to appreciate the events going on down there (I’ve already hit up the Borders Book Festival and it was pretty damn ace) and to just relax for a little while.

I need to stop rushing to grow up and have something perfect. Because what I have already isn’t half bad. I need to stop searching for everything all the time and I need to just breathe.

*Breathes in country air and relaxes*

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