Six Of My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Six Of My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram. Let’s talk about it. Three of my friends don’t have this babin’ little munchkin and all I can think is “what? how? why?” Me on the other hand, I’m an avid insta user, it’s by far my favourite social media app. Yes even more so than Twitter. Whilst I don’t have the most followers/likes in the world, I love being able to share important things from my life, whether that be a piece of cake from a cafe or an amazing view from a walk. Instagram is amazing because it allows you to find almost anywhere in the world and appreciate it from so many angles.

There is a hashtag for almost anything. Because of Instagram, I now have an overwhelming desire to interrail and do trek America and other crazy travelling things! All because I saw someone’s photo. Crazy. I can’t function properly if I don’t have my insta fix and these are my all-time favourite accounts who I check almost daily for a catch-up with their lives!

1. @hannahfgale

Hannah Gale’s Instagram is just glorious. She is by far my favourite blogger and the whole reason I kind of got into blogging. I subscribe to her blog and absolutely adore reading her posts, they are so down to earth and so real, unlike some other bloggers, whose posts seem to be like glossy magazines and so out of this world. If I wanted to read a glossy magazine, I would just buy one. Simple. Hannah’s Instagram is no different. Everhte she puts a post, I immediately either want it, want to go there or can relate to it. Her style is lovely and her sassy attitude is exactly what I like in a person! Although if you look at her feed when you’re craving sunshine, you’ll begin to hate your life a tiny bit as she’s been on some pretty nice hols this year already.

2. @bonnie_bfit

This lady is somebody who actually went to the same high school as me and I think she is now at university in Glasgow? (My future uni in case anyone actually cares). AND SHE IS BODY/FITNESS/HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GOALS. Looking at her feed makes me actually want to swap my coco pops and white bread diet for brown rice and grilled veg. Somebody pass me a cheeseburger. I joke. Her motivation and commitment to it is sensational and she is always sharing healthy tips, recipes, favourite exercises and motivational speeches! Just what you need on a fat Monday morning whilst staring at your weekend bloat.

3. @cocosummers

Coco (Charlotte) Summers is a fashion photographer/blogger and her style is kind of what I want mine to be like if I was a size 6/8 and didn’t give a damn about taking outfit photos on my local high street. Inspiring. She has the nicest clothes and I look at her feed and drool away. Why scant my wardrobe be like that? I’ve also given her blog a little browse but as amazing as it is for style inspo, I prefer her Instagram. It gives a real insight into her life and again, the clothes. Just clothes really. Clothes.

4. @officialstephpratt

My all-time favourite American/MIC star. Steph Pratt <3. When she first came to show I was like “ew no you’re dating Spencer, stop being nasty to Lucy (everyone’s fave), get away” but now? OMG SHE’S AMAZING. Her friendship with Lucy is just goals. They’ve really shown the nation how you can bond over a shitty guy. I like her Instagram mainly because she gives such an insight into her life (that’s what Instagram is for) but doesn’t do it an annoying/boastful way. She just shows she’s cool. I have also never wanted to visit LA before I started looking at her feed. All the sunshine c’mere.

5. @etsy

Etsy. Where did I find Lord of the Rings inspired things before I found Etsy? I only recently started following their Instagram and I have not being disappointed. My favourite part is every so often they share a specific store/creator from Etsy and talk about them, explaining what they do and why. They show so axing things and whenever I shop on Etsy, my bank balance weeps a lot. Their Instagram is full of beautiful designs which they sell and showcase and that’s what I love most about it, it’s an online flea market really. Brilliant.

6. @songofstyle

The first ever fashion blogger I followed was Song of Style. I also follow her sister’s Instagram and their life is serious life goals. They have literally been everywhere in the world. And then take around a million photos of them there, namely them lounging on a beach and eating some seriously yummy looking food. I don’t read her blog as it’s very designer based but I do avidly follow her Instagram. It’s beautiful, vibrant and out of this world

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Original Post Date: August 2015