Sun Time Fun Time

Sun Time Fun Time

The sun just makes everything so much better. I think Glasgow is beautiful every day and in whatever weather, but in the sun it just bangs. I spent Wednesday, the first day of our Scottish summer in the Botanic Gardens with my friend Emma. I’m desperate to see the sun because it makes the whole day look brighter and like most girls, I love a tan.

Sometimes I get SUPER bored in Glasgow so when Emma texted me asking to go for a picnic, I was like “HELL YEAH!” It’s not like I still have an exam to sit or anything. I love getting outdoors and doing things and it’s also a plus because it means I have things to talk about on here! So soz for the “Emma and I did this” overload.

Emma and I met at about half 12 before heading into the gardens. We took some snaps of the plants and stuff because that’s what you do when you go to gardens. We soon found the “perfect” place to picnic because that’s super important when one is picnicking. Settled under the blossom tree, being basic af. Our picnic was pretty damn yummy and I had frozen banana which has melted and was so freaking delicious. We then spent three hours snoozing in the sun and I now have some pretty sassy burn marks on my back which is fun and cool and could I be any more British?

After lounging in the sun for a few hours, we went in one of the glass houses, Kibble Palace. Bad idea. I mean it was beautiful and I love going in there, it was just so hot. I felt like I was cooking inside. We took some pictures and thank the lord, there was a sprinkler going off. I stood under it like the pathetic little British person I am. Nice and cool.

We then went on a hunt for ice cream and tootled down Byres Road, stopping for a little nosy in Oliver Bonas as you do. We got to Nardini’s which was queued out the door but finally we treated ourself to two cones. Emma had a strawberry ice cream and I had cookies and cream which was delish. I also got it in my hair which is fun and cool and hip.

Basically, we just had a super fun chilled day in the gorgeous West End in the sun so please please please sunshine, stick around!

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