5 Things I Learnt At The Scottish Bloggers Collective

I recently attend the Scottish Bloggers Collective meeting Glasgow about working with PRs and brands. It was the first event of its kind in Glasgow (it was also hosted in Edinburgh) and was held in the lovely Epoch restaurant in Princes Square. It was something a little different to do on a Thursday night and I got to meet some lovely bloggers. It was really nice to put faces to blogs and get to see people face to face. The event was sponsored by Old J Spiced Rum and oh my god, the spiced apple daiquiri has changed my life. My new favourite cocktail.

There was also a talk from Lauren from Wave PR on working with brands which I found super interesting. I haven’t really done much with brands before and I’ve never approached anyone myself so it was super interesting to hear about it from a PR perspective. It has definitely inspired me to reach out and put myself out there as you never know where opportunities might be! I thought I’d share five things I learnt in case anyone else is needing inspiration …

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