10 Little Things #15

It’s Saturday night and I’m unhappy to report that Glasgow appeared to be experiencing a mild heatwave in the last week, with a side ordering of torrential downpour of course, we are in Glasgow. Most of this week has been fretting over essays and my concern that I’ve forgotten how to string a sentence together in an academic format. My brain just goes to mush. If anyone is familiar with Suits, Rachel Zane and the LSATS, that is me. I am a Scottish, less attractive, version of Rachel Zane when it comes to history and essays. So naturally I’ve been encouraging myself with sweet treats and Christmas music.

At this precise moment of typing this, I regret two things from today, a) buying and eating a triple chocolate muffin from the iCafe as I fear I might not be able to pull my new autumnal New Looks skirt over my backside tomorrow and b) for not taking the barista’s offer of warming up my chocolate muffin so it would be extra gooey. I’m also contemplating order a pizza but I’m very skint after I splashed out yesterday on a dog collar with a pink bandana, a gold toothbrush holder and enough candles to make myself a wax car. And it would be my second this week but not the point. Anyway, the Little Things!

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10 Little Things #14

So October happened this week. One minute I’m sweating buckets walking up University Avenue because it is mild and muggy and gross and then next thing I know I’m digging out my scarf and wearing winter boots. It got cold really quickly in Glasgow. The leaves are turning amber and falling from the trees, you can see your breath in the air and it has rained a lot. Have I mentioned it is cold?

I also saw so many Instagram pictures captioned with “I’m so thankful I live in a world where there are Octobers” from Anne of Green Gables, and you know what? I am. I am thankful. Watching the nights get darker, jumpers dragged out of cupboards and the smell of hot drinks. Crunching through leaves and stopping to take a snap of a perfect autumnal moment. But week three has also just zoomed past me so I’m so much closer to essay deadlines and presentations, so that isn’t as much fun.

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10 Little Things #13

Another week, another Little Things. I don’t know why I’ve started capitalising the title but I just think it looks a little better and more of a thing? I can’t believe I’m about to start week three of the semester (eek I’m not ready so much work to do lol and I can’t stop watching Suits) and boy, it’s a busy week. A lot of coursework and preparation to be done and then Home with a capital H at the end of the week – eek! But here is last weeks Little Things …

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10 Little Things #12

It has been a busy old week with university starting up again, a quick weekend trip home (typing up this lil intro from the comfort of Home’s sofa with Dad cooking me up a bacon sandwich) and a whole host of coursework and reading. Third year is definitely as busy as people say it is and this is only week one! I’m hoping next week I can be a little more on top of my shizz and not be as stressed and panicky as I was this week. Anyway, here’s my Little Things ..

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10 Little Things #11

Well kids, I’m back in Glasgow and things are going quite well. I’ve kind of joined a sports club, I’m up to date with reading (so far), I’ve been blogging and I’ve watched This Farming Life, so. I’m bloody terrified for the academic year ahead but writing this little series on my blog should hopefully keep me calm. On with the Little Things!

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