My Favourite Ways To Spend A Sunday

I bloody love a Sunday. A day where it feels totally acceptable to slob about all day in pyjamas and eat the best food and wake up late – but like I don’t do that on any day of the week, especially the pyjamas part.

But there is something special about a Sunday isn’t there? I love having one totally plan free every once in a while – a day where you can spend it doing anything you want. But as I’m coming to end of a very busy semester, cherishing my Sundays have been even more important.

I feel so drained by it all as I’ve been run off my feet all semester and I’m looking forward to a quiet few weeks celebrating the holidays, even if I will be squeezing a bit of work in. Sundays in Glasgow can also be lonely and quiet so I’ve found my perfect ways to spend a Sunday in the city when I have one going ..

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