The February Edit

The February Edit

It’s Friday night, I’m watching The People vs. O. J. Simpson and I’m sipping a can of Diet Coke, a chilled can I may add. I could really do with properly washing my hair as it is pinned to my head in a princess Leia fashion but meh, I’m planning on going to a couple of gym classes tomorrow so I might as well just leave it until after then.

I’m also planning on heading to the new Lidl tomorrow as well do a big sexy food shop which I’m a bit more excited for than a girl of 19 years should be. But oh I do love Lidl and I’ve really missed shopping there this year.

I cannot believe for the life of me how quickly February has gone past huh? Like these 28 days has whistled past real quick. I’ve ate shit and my exercise regime has been worse than January so hopefully March will look up for me.

Or maybe I should try harder at being a better human. Hm.

It’s been a busy month that is for sure. I turned 19 (which was v v v good) and I’ve spent quite a bit of money. I’ve had some pretty delicious meals at Bar Gumbo, TriBeCa and The Hillhead Book Club. Bar Gumbo was especially sexy and I definitely plan on heading back there at some point to sample some gumbo or jambalaya.

Reading week has been and gone which means the semester is more than half way through. How scary is that? I’m not fully ready for second year to end. I haven’t achieved enough yet WAH. My history essay is done and dusted and I’ve checked off two presentations so coursework wise, I’m definitely on the home straight! I have two more essays to write but they are March’s problem now.

I’m really been wanting to Etsy splurge though recently and I bought a mask for a ball I’m going to and a birthday present for a friend’s upcoming birthday which is not good for my bank balance. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH NICE STUFF ON ETSY?


La Redoute Trainers 

I bought these leopard print hunnies in a Black Friday sale from La Redoute as a treat to myself when I ordered my mum’s Christmas present. I liked them because I thought they would work as a much cheaper alternative to the leopard print Stan Smith’s I am in love with. They are less trainer-ish than I expected but they are a smidge to big. The first time I wore them I didn’t wear socks and they tore my feet to shreds so I didn’t touch them until now.

And now its <3. I’ve been wearing them NON STOP. I wear them everywhere. They go with everything. They are so sassy and fun yet simplistic and chic. I can see these gals staying in my wardrobe for a very long time.


Blogging is my hobby. I adore it. I spend a lot of time on the internet reading blogs. My favourite thing to do is just have a peek at both the Glasgow Bloggers and Scottish Bloggers Facebook pages and just scroll down them to see posts. I click on almost every single one and try to comment on everything I read too! I’ve have blog posts planned until the 15th March which is pretty damn organised for me.

I’ve also started keeping track of stats and things (I think that sums up by understanding of the numbers behind blogging) in my bullet journal and I’m excited to see where blogging will take me in 2017. I’m excited to produce content, take pictures and share things and thoughts online.

Bar Gumbo

Bar Gumbo was my choice of establishment for my birthday dinner. I went with my three flatmates for dinner and a cocktail on the day of my birthday (whilst we were all nursing hangovers). I wore my favourite boyfriend jeans, my favourite La Redoute shoes and my favourite New Look coat. I had a shrimp Po’ Boy and a cocktail called Perfect Storm which tasted like ginger beer but even sexier.

I definitely recommend hitting this place up if you find yourself in the west end because I can confirm that the food is delicious, the cocktails are delicious, the atmosphere is great and the staff are so so so lovely and couldn’t do enough for ya!


My three lovely flatmates who accompanied me to Bar Gumbo also got me the most thoughtful and lovely gift for my birthday: a scrapbook filled with memories from the last year and a half. It is so beautiful and I love just flicking through it, some of the photos I’ve never even seen before! There are some hilarious ones, some lovely ones and some downright awful ones. The book isn’t full either so I’ve ordered some more photos from T in the Park up to now from Photobox so I can get sticking!

B L O G   P O S T S  I’ V E   L O V E D

10 Blogging Tips – Promote Your Blog Like A Pro | Corrine and Kirsty

I found this post when I was having a bit of a reading splurge and immediately added it to my bookmarks. Promotion of blog posts is something I struggle with because I am a small fish in a very very very big pond. Whilst promotion isn’t the big deal for me, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to share my content! This post sums everything up quite simply and explains everything really well! A must read for any blogger who is wanting to be in-the-know a little more!

The Face of Depression | Wonderful You 

I think this post by Megs rocked the blogging community and her readership! It is so deep and unfiltered, a completely honest account of her struggles with depression and what life can really be like despite a very admirable Instagram grid. This was so brave of Megs to share this and it just makes it clear that life isn’t always what it seems.

Bringing Hygge Into Spring | Tartan Brunette 

I could definitely do with doing all of this in the next few weeks. Especially the dusting one! This is a really helpful post with some tips on how to freshen up your home for spring whilst still keeping in check the cosiness and calmness of hygge.

A Girl’s Solo Travel Guide To: New York | Frock Me I’m Famous

I desperately want to travel somewhere on my own and after reading this fabulous post from Hayley about NYC, I think it could happen this year. Obviously not to New York (I do not have the funds for that) but maybe somewhere in the UK or Ireland. This post is full of lots of helpful tips about travelling on your own and staying safe but also simple things like don’t be afraid to ask strangers to take your picture (it’s too be expected at tourist spots)!

The Money Too Tight To Mention | Girl Stole London

This is a really kick-ass post about Lauren’s fight with cancer and the difficulties people face, which are often overlooked, as well as actually fighting cancer. It was truthful and heartfelt and steeped with positivity. I’m definitely going to buy one of Lauren’s tees, I’ve got my eyes on the “Lady Lumps” one when the next pay check comes in!

T H I N G S  I’ V E   L E A R N T


I constantly feel like I’m in a little whirl of you suck, give up now and YAAY you can do it. I’m trying so so so hard to be more positive and upbeat and to smile more and whilst February was better than January, hopefully March will be even better.

The thing is, I can actually do it. I am capable at doing most things I decide I want to do, be that write a blog post or go to a gym class or say something in a seminar group. I need to drop my negative attitude and just smile more.

I’m Still Bad At Budgeting 

Eeeek I don’t even want to look at my bank balance at the moment – too scary! SAAS comes in on Tuesday which is pretty damn exciting because I’m going to book my train tickets home for next weekend and we need a new kettle. Much excite. BUT YES budgeting. Still v v v bad at this.

Since getting some Stabilo pens for my birthday, my bullet journal is looking fineee and I’ve been keeping track of my spending habits more. March however I will be detailing EVERYTHING and again attempting to only spend the cash I take out. No more Etsy treats for me.

(I don’t really have a neck in this photo and it isn’t the best picture of me ever (thanks to Emma for being a darling as usual and putting up with me being like “just one more” and still not being satisfied) but man is hard to take pictures when you are a one woman photography team 99.1% of the time).


Jacket – Next (similar here) | Dress – Urban Outfitters (similar here) | Scarf – Urban Outfitters | Trainers – Adidas Superstars | Bag – River Island (similar here)

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