Packing For Spain

Packing For Spain

I hate packing. I really hate packing. I find it stressful and it makes me nervous. I started writing this post on a very Autumnal Saturday because I really should be packing but because I’m not a fan, I’m trying to put it off for as long as possible. I’m super keen for going on holiday and for weeks now I’ve been picking out outfits and shoes and swimsuits to take and adding them to my list but the actual process makes me want to vom.

First things first because I’m a super skint student and a giant loser who didn’t think forking out £26 would be a good idea for hold luggage, I’m only taking carry on for my week in Spain. Cue crying on the inside at my stupidity. I have a carry on size suitcase I’ve had since I went to Amsterdam last year, it’s a hot pink IT lightweight suitcase and I’ve used it on a couple of trips already. I’m pretty happy with it but in the next few years I can definitely see myself investing in a hard shell case because they just seem more practical and easy to use.

I’ve also decided to invest in some packing squares for this trip (and then Prague and then any other future trips I take) as I’ve seen them in a lot of blog posts and packing vlogs and they seem like a useful thing to have. Mine were super cheap (like £5.99 for five) from Amazon and I got them in baby pink. Lily Melrose often uses them in her packing vlogs and then I read a blog post by someone going to Semester At Sea (spending four months on a boat travelling the world) and she could only take two suitcases. So if that girl could fit four months of her life in packing squares in two suitcases I could fit one week of my life into a carry-on.

As I’m writing (and interally sobbing at both my shit internet connection and the thought of packing) I’m watching my new TV bae Friday Night Lights but Netflix keeps rudely reminding me that this show is being taken off on the 23rd September and I’m probably not going to have enough time to watch all the episodes! Disaster.

So packing: what am I taking?

It’s a beach holiday with hopefully one day in Barcelona (fingers crossed that happens) so I’m mainly taking swimwear, summer dresses and cute shorts. I’m also only taking three pairs of shoes (including a pair of flipflops which is a bit of a revelation for me). Most of the contents of my suitcase is 2014-era Primark so I won’t bother linking stuff but here are a few favourites/recent additions:

New Look Striped Bardot Dress (my one is red but this is the same dress in a different colour so I wish I had this one too)

Primark Black Playsuit

Izabel Cherry Print Dress

M&S Platform Sandals

Missguided Vegas Swimsuit

The hardest part of packing with carry on is taking toiletries. Because of the 100ml limit. I’ve had to condense my make-up down (my foundation is in a tiny gold tub which previously housed a Body Shop tester in it) and scrimping back to basics so just one lipstick (Calvin Klein in Too Orange) and a small eye shadow palette MUA’s Inspiration as well powder, contour kit and concealer. I’ve found toiletries is the trickiest thing to pack but I’ve managed to fit almost everything in. I’ve decided to split them into two bags, one clear bag which is just a basic one from Superdrug for all my liquids and a second smaller one with non liquid toiletries such as my toothbrush and make-up brushes. For this I’m just using a small clear bag which I got off a Virgin plane. Such a scrounger.

Other essentials:

Book (I’m going to start Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome)

Beach Towel (an oldie from Primark)


Topshop mini backpack

Shoulder bag (for carry on)


Hair Straighteners bcos they are my bae <3


I’m super excited for a week in the sun with my friends and hopefully have a day in Barcelona! I’ll probably share my adventures in some sort of form once I’m back. I will also not be blogging for the time I’m away (10th to the 17th September) but things will return to normal on the 18th September!

Have a great week!

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