The Papergang: February

The Papergang: February

I walked all the way to this gym this morning to go to the one class I half commit to and when I got there I learned it had been replaced by another class called Forty Five and I was having none of that.

So I walked back out and went home and I think that sums up my Saturday.

But my Papergang box arrived so YAY!

I had to the awkward chit chat with the neighbour when I went to retrieve my box and another parcel as I had missed the post due to sashaying around the new Lidl with Ali. The Papergang has been running for a whole year now and I am so so so glad I decided to get involved back in July.

Yes, it is probably something I could live without. Yes, it is perhaps a bit unnecessary. Yes, there are other things I could probably spend £11.90 on a month. BUT BUT BUT I love it. It’s such a fun thing to have and it’s so nice to be surprised every month with the contents. It is also a good way of making sure I have plenty of stationary for university and all my other life goings-on: aka writing lists for everything.


March Calendar Card
x3 Stickers Sheets
Weekly Planner
“Happy Birthday” Greeting Card
A5 Notebook

I love the design of this box: quite botanical and green. I didn’t think I was a stickers gal but since using them when adding things to my scrapbook, I can confirm that I most definitely am. My favourite thing of this box though however is the weekly planner. Not only is it covered in cacti (cacti!) but it is such a good size. I’m using it at the moment for planning meals and just dotting down odd and ends which I need to remember for the week. At the moment I have buy broccoli before Tuesday, buy passata, the engineering ball, blogger meet up and business assignment.


As always, this box has been delightful and you can check out the Papergang over here. Give Ohh Deer a sneaky little stalk on there Instagram over here.

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