Three Days Of Fun

Three Days Of Fun

(This is a Murano pic but I couldn’t find one with all 5 of us :(, sad times)

I so so so so wanted to have the peace sign emoji on the end of that title so maybe that’s a sign I’m becoming a little too invested in emojis? I think so.

It’s my last week of being home for Easter before going back to Glasgow on Saturday. Two weeks of extremely intense tests and exams are just around the corner which is a horrible thought to think about. Buuuuuut four of my friends from university came to visit me Monday for a couple of days of super fun timez (with a ‘z’ yes) which was really nice.

I picked the four of them up from Berwick-upon-Tweed railway station on Monday afternoon before we headed off home. I live about 30 minutes from Berwick so it was a short drive home where we had a chatty catch-up before pulling into my house. Two of my friends are city people so we had a wander around the farm looking at all things farm-related. It was a hoot when the combine harvester got involved. We had a dinner reservation for 8 at a local restaurant in Kelso called The Waggon. We stopped at Sainbsury’s for some supplies before stopping at the Queens Head Hotel for a quick drink before going for dinner. I had the Macaroni Cheese Lite Bite which was an AMAZING decision. It was really nice to see everyone and have them all with me in my home-town. I’ve learnt I LOVE being a tour guide/trip organiser. That night we just had some drinks and then watched Stardust (it was Rachel’s first time watching it *shock horror* and I still don’t think she really knew what was going on).

Tuesday we got up kind of early (late-ish for me as it was my third lie in of the holidays) before heading down for some breakfast. We had bacon rolls and croissants and then cracked out the Monopoly board for some bizarre reasons. We played two games of Monopoly on Tuesday, the second being before dinner. I won the first game and Lewis completely annihilated the rest of us in the second game. I forgot how much fun a good game of Monopoly is. We played the Edinburgh edition as it was what I had lying around as my mum got it for her birthday so that was fun and different to the standard London one.

After the Monopoly sesh part one we pottered off to Jedburgh for the day. It’s a small town situated about 30 minutes from where I live and I forgot how pretty and nice it is. Unfortunately it waas tipping it down with rain so we got a tad wet when we marched up the hill towards Jedburgh Castle Jail. We had a look around the jail (the mannequins and the old cells are creepy as fuck) and browsed the gift shop. The jail is really cool and has FREE ENTRY which is always fun. It’s a very impressive looking building. We then trotted off back down the hill to the house Mary, Queen of Scots stayed in during her stay in Jedburgh. I’d never been to this museum before and it was also really interesting. FUN FACT: also free entry. What a good *free* day out. On our way back to the car (and on the hunt for somewhere to eat) we stopped off at a vintage shop as Ali headed into the post office. I managed to end up buying a watch that needs a new battery (and probably doesn’t work) for a ONE POUND. A SINGLE POUND. I didn’t even have the change so Rachel bought it for me. It’s really quaint, delicate and pretty and hopefully it’ll work when I get a battery for it (or take it to a jewellers). We settled down for some toasties and hot-dogs at a nice, cheap cafe and dried off a little from the rain. That night we played our second game of Monpoly then cooked our BBQ food indoors as it was like nine o’clock, dark and raining. Worst attempt at a BBQ ever ft me. The evening ended with playing Mario Kart on the wii, several drinking games and someone being sick. Someone who was not me. Fun times. As sarcastic as that sounds, it actually was not me.

(I don’t know why this one is so tiny but I cba to fix it, soz I’m so amateur)

On Wednesday we woke up late again with Tori experiencing, and I quote, “the third worst hangover of my life”. Gross. We lazied around for bit, laughing at childhood photos of me, before heading off down for breakfast. Breakfast was repeat of the day before, with Ali being babin’ and having sausages as we didn’t have enough bacon. We then played some more Mario Kart and some Mario Super Bros before heading off back to Berwick to get the train. We stopped off at McDonald’s to scoop some Monopoly tickets and then went to the station.

I had such a fun time showing these people who I’ve known about seven months around where I live and having them meet my family and I was super sad to see them all go and for me to return to normality. I then realised normality of work would last two more days before I myself would be back in Glasgow so woe isn’t me. It makes me really excited for them to come again and for future trips with them (our September holiday MUST happen).

And of course, it FUCKING POURED all the time they were here despite hardly raining all holidays. Typical, bladdy typical.

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