Why Days Off Are A Must

Why Days Off Are A Must

It’s no secret I love a holiday. Or a day off. Just any day where I can relax or go somewhere or work on something I want to work on. Work has been crazy recently, we’ve been working six days a week and it’s kind of ruining my life. I’m finding no time to do things I want to do and I’m either moaning about work or at work which makes me the most boring person on earth ever. I’m not a big fan of my current job title, it’s not that I hate it, it’s just I doesn’t click with me.

But at the beginning of August (so like two days ago) I had a few days of work for some me time. Corny as it sounds, it was so fucking good. I spent loads of time with my mum which was great as I definitely don’t see enough of her. Basically we went out for coffee and ate traybake a lot and I bought too much stuff in the clothes department. I also watched a lot of Gossip Girl so I’m kind of in need of a Gossip Girl detox. Currently trotting through season five …

One of my family’s favourite past time is poking around antique shops. After my mum and I had spent the morning in Berwick food shopping, we trotted off to one of my favourite shops, The Old Dairy at Ford. Although I didn’t find anything I wanted, I love looking at all the things they have in their stocks, you can find the cookiest and random things. I’d definitely recommend The Old Dairy if you find yourself in Northumberland. They have a pretty nice tearoom there but if you want to see a bit more of the area, try the Lavender Tea Rooms at nearby Etal. The cutest little tearoom where they sell delicious lavender flavoured pieces (the cake was divine) in addition to usual tearoom treats. I also got the cutest new teapot for my move back to university so that’s pretty damn exciting.

In total, I managed to spend two days this week hunting around antique shops, this time in Hawick whilst visiting my granny. #glamlife. Hawick is home to my favourite “junk” shop, Room 7a, where I managed to grab a Banksy print for £3 which I’m pretty pleased about. And it even came in a frame which is fun and cool. Great story Kirsty THANKS.

The rest of my days off included running errands such as booking a hair appointment, booking an eye-test, booking something SUPER exciting for myself, sorting out my bank account, getting a new phone battery and buying way to many fucking clothes. Lol I don’t change. I moan all the time that I’m so poor but in reality, I just spend all my money as soon as I get it. Since being paid last I’ve booked two holidays, signed up for a stationary subscription and bought four new dresses. All so so so dreamy. Two of these sweet buys are from M&Co, which hey kids, don’t knock until you’ve tried. Whilst your mum might not be seen dead in some of their offerings, they have some things which you might be fighting with your mum over. I bought a 1920’s flapper inspired number for £26 (reduced from £89!!!) and a lavy lace bodycon number which I’ve never felt better in. I feel pretty fly when I wear it which is currently just around my bedroom. It was £29 reduced from £59 I’m pretty sure. All of sudden (this may or may not be Gossip Girl/Blair and Serena’s wardrobe inspired) I realised my wardrobe lacked dresses I could go out and properly party in. Like I had no fancy dresses. I amended that problem immediately. So yeah check out M&Co if your usual haunts ain’t suiting you.

I just don’t enjoy work all that much. It’s not that I’m not thankful for it because I so am, girl needs money, but I’m just not invested in it. It doesn’t sing to me. I love the people I work beside and I enjoy the general idea of waitressing and I have enjoyed it in the past but at the moment, I’m having more bad days than good days which is pretty damn sucky. My days are dragging and I’m practically running out the door when finish time comes which is not the type of attitude I like to have when working. UGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Since my lil holiday I’m trying to go into each day at work looking fire *insert flame emoji here* and being Little Miss Sunshine with my oh-so positive attitude. Let’s hope this tactic rolls for me.

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