10 little things #1.

I love writing little weekly write ups for two reasons. 1) I love posting more than twice a week but the old brain cells just don’t want to do too much thinking sometimes so voila, a solution and 2) it is super important to realise and appreciate the little things.

I’ve played around with several variations of this type of post: monthly favourites, five friday things, five friday favourites, monthly edits. You get the picture. I always get bored and think the name I’ve chosen sucks so I usually give up after a few attempts. This time feels different however: it doesn’t need to be big funky paragraphs, I’ve decided this time it can be as simple as a single sentence.

Since coming home from the USA (have I mentioned that hehe?) I’ve been feeling a lot more nostalgic and appreciative of my family, home and friends. I’m sitting in my bedroom with my little Bean dog snuggled up beside me watching one of my all time favourite films, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and writing this just feels right.

It doesn’t feel forced or a necessity – it something I simply just want to write. And that is what blogging is to me. It is something I simply just want to do. 10 little things isn’t going to be flashy or funky, it’s going to be simple and cute, a little list of 10 things which have made me feel YAS in the last week. Lets get started, shall we?

Home | How could I chat about the things this week that have made me tick and not mention home? I mean, I did sack in a whole summer in the states for it. Mum said I haven’t stopped smiling since I got back and the muscles on my face are feeling it. I’m enjoying spending my days here before I start my summer job v soon, mostly accompanied by cans of Diet Coke and packets of Hula Hoops.

Bondi Sands Fake Tan Light-Medium | I have come back from the US with a very bronzed (okay, burnt) back and shoulders and slightly tanned legs but other than that, I’m still white little me. Being tanned makes me feel a lot more confident so this summer I’m just going to go full steam ahead and fake tan if I want to. This Bondi Sands tan is one I picked up mid-May from Superdrug in Glasgow and I love it. It smells divine (of coconuts), not the usual biscuit scent, and is really affordable at £15. I’ve used it on several occasions with a basic mitt from Boots and it applies really well.

Katie Loxton Notebook | I picked up this lovely black notebook from Katie Loxton from my local garden centre a few days before flying out for Pittsburgh. I intended to use it as a summer journal to record my adventures but seeing as my adventures will now be focussed on almost daily trips to Sainsbury’s and seeing how much NCIS I can squeeze into a day, I don’t think I’ll confine it too much to simply journalling. Instead I’ve been using it for blogging as YAY! I’m blogging this summer seeing as getting wifi and accessing my laptop is not a problem anymore.

Brie and Cranberry Toasted Baguette | For about five-six years I solidly ate a baguette (sometimes toasted) for lunch every single day at school. In Kelso, there is the holy grail of sandwich shops: the famed Baguette Shop. So many delicious fillings laid out in front of you, accompanied by gorgeous traybakes, there is so much choice! A small toasted baguette of brie and cranberry has been my go to order for a very long time and happily, I was reunited with one Monday when in Kelso dropping off boxes at the charity shop.

The Originals Season 4 | Most of my favourite TV shows have finished their most recent season of late (or for good, sob!) but The Originals is still plodding on. I realised I had 3 episodes to catch up on the other evening and practically weed myself with excitement. The Originals is one of my favourite TV shows at the moment, it has such a vast cast of characters and intriguing plot lines. Catching up on the latest 3 episodes is my idea of week night bliss. Plus, they saw the return of Rebekah and Kol to New Orleans.

Sparkling Water | I’m a longtime fan of sparkling water and buying a 2 litre bottle of it from the supermarket always feels a right treat. During my almost daily visits to Sainsbury’s of late, a bottle of the Basics version of sparkling water has been finding itself in my basket. Of course, it is just water but it adds a little kick and tastes just a smidgen better. SO refreshing in these super hot days the UK currently experiencing.

Dorkface | Often I find myself on a blog late at night and find myself just reading through post after post. Favourites for this include Hannah Gale, Grace F Victory, Colours and Carousels, A Rosie Outlook, Little Miss Katy and The Love Cats Inc but I’ve kind of just discovered Dorkface. I’ve followed Jemma on Twitter and Instagram (watching her paint on IG stories is so soothing) for ages but haven’t actually read that much of her blog. I know, I have been missing out. Jemma’s blog is so bright and happy but also has a serious side smashed in too – basically I love it. I would give it a whirl if you just want to read some bloody good content on creatives to colour.

Peonies | Peonies are the ultimate basic blogger flower. At this time of year, I often see them littered all over my Instagram feed, featured in flat lay to interiors shot to style posts here, there and everywhere. I’ve never jumped onto the trend myself, mainly because peonies can be kinda expensive to a £3 a bunch kind of girl but when browsing Sainsbury’s (again), I saw a bunch for a fiver and screamed FUCK IT and bought them. They are now sitting happily in a mason jar on top of a cardboard box in my room, and yes, I’ve used them in a flat lay.

BBQs | As the UK has been hit by a rush of warm weather of late (it is divine), it would be rude not too indulge in a BBQ or ten. Our BBQ hasn’t been used in a good long while but it has been on a couple of times in the las few days. Our most recent one (Monday night) saw me finally sample those Linda McCartney veggie sausages that every man and his dog raves about and I can confirm I am fully aboard that fandom train – they were delicious. BBQs just scream of summer and relaxation and happy times and I’m all about that at the moment.

Driving | I’m almost coming up to the two year mark since passing my test and I am so thankful that I was able to and learnt to drive when I did. It is super handy having a driving license and it is a skill I am very glad I’ve learnt. Since my sister passed her test in April, both of us trying to get off the farm to civilisation has been tricky, especially now that she has a full-time job so gets to pull rank during the day. But, my luck has changed and since coming back from the USA, I’ve been sharing a new car with my dad. I haven’t started my summer job placement yet but so far, this whole sharing malarkey is going splendidly and it is a bloody nice car. Oh and we have matching keyrings which I received as part of a goodie package from collaborating on a blog post with The Car People a couple of weeks back. #goals.