10 Little Things #11

10 Little Things #11

Well kids, I’m back in Glasgow and things are going quite well. I’ve kind of joined a sports club, I’m up to date with reading (so far), I’ve been blogging and I’ve watched This Farming Life, so.

I’m bloody terrified for the academic year ahead but writing this little series on my blog should hopefully keep me calm. On with the Little Things!

Little Things

Plants | I moved back to Glasgow on Monday as I’m about to start my third year of university and one of the most exciting things about my new bedroom is being able to fill it with plants. I’ve been slowly picking up some greenery over the summer and it was very fulfilling being able to place them artfully around the room. I’m hoping to pick up some more as well, you can never have enough plants, and also hoping that I’ll remember to water them so they don’t all die.

New Journal | If you read my post about giving up a bullet journal, you’ll know that I fell in love with a notebook brand called Katie Loxton. I can’t really explain what is so good about these journals but they are SO good to right in so when my beloved black Marvellous Memories journal steadily ran out of pages, I replaced with a sassy teal Oh La La one. So far I’ve written in a shopping list from this week, a blog planner of posts taking me through to the second week in October and a list of blog goals I want to achieve before Christmas.

Apple Cider Candle | TK Maxx is one of my favourite places to pick up scented candles as they are so affordable and always have great scents. A few weeks ago I picked up two autumnal scents and recently I’ve been burning the Apple Cider candle from … non stop. It adds a perfect autumnal scent to my bedroom and burning candles is very Danish, wish is my go to goal this autumn.

Glasgow | I’m still mourning my summer at home but being back in Glasgow is quite nice. I’m still getting used to things again: not seeing my family all the time, having no wifi, hearing sirens, the flat being bloody freezing, but it is nice to be back. I’m looking forward to classes getting started tomorrow so I’m not at a loose end as much although the size of the workload is still terrifying me! Glasgow is a lovely city so I feel very lucky to be able to stay here for 2/3 of the year!

Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin | Our new flat does not have wifi yet so I have been spending a lot of time in the two iCafes both located very close. I think I prefer the one on Great Western Road as it isn’t as busy as the Woodlands Road one but the coffee is so good in both and quite affordable. Friday afternoon after a four hour long induction lecture (yes, I die) I popped in to do some blog admin/life admin/peruse Twitter and treated myself to this muffin. So freaking tasty, heaven is a place on earth.

“Hygge” Print | I spent Tuesday afternoon in town traipising around looking for bits and pieces to make my room look nice and cosy. I’m a tad obsessed with Danish living and I’m trying to live as Danishly as possible as I love the lifestyle of it. After being up at the tills in Tiger, I headed to the door when I saw the print. It is quite large and it is framed (albeit the frame is shit), for £7 it was a dream come true. Every time I look up at it and I am reminded of my living Danishly motto.

Suits | It’s been a while since I got into a good TV show as I’ve spent the summer watching whatever was on the telly but due to the no wifi situation and no TV, I’ve been downloading Netflix episodes onto my iPad to watch on an evening. Suits has always been on my radar as I’ve heard so many good things about it so I gave it a watch, and well, it’s great. I love the concept of the storyline, the characters are all so watchable and it is just a really easy show to watch.

Home | Even though I’ve spent this week in Glasgow, being away always makes me appreciate home. I’ve spoken to my parents every day on text, written to my great aunt, made plans to go home, spoke on the phone. I love where I live and whilst I love Glasgow, I love the peace and quiet and slow pace of living down there a little bit more. Being away gives me time to think and appreciate it!

Palm Print Phone Case | It is so dreamy. It’s from Urban Outfitters, cost me £16 (I know, I’m a mug) but it is so beautiful and matches my laptop case. So yeah, if you have a casual £16 burning in your pocket, fly my pretties.

iCafe | I think I like iCafe more than Starbucks. Actually, I definitely do. The coffee is cheaper, the two closest to me are so bright open and the wifi is bloody good. I have been practically haunting them recently due to the no wifi situation but I think I’ll still come once we get wifi as I just like it so much.


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