10 little things #13.

Another week, another Little Things. I don’t know why I’ve started capitalising the title but I just think it looks a little better and more of a thing? I can’t believe I’m about to start week three of the semester (eek I’m not ready so much work to do lol and I can’t stop watching Suits) and boy, it’s a busy week.

A lot of coursework and preparation to be done and then Home with a capital H at the end of the week – eek! But here is last weeks Little Things …

little things.

The Fisherman Sandwich | One of my parent’s favourite haunts is the House of Soutra café which is en route to Edinburgh. We stopped there on Saturday afternoon for lunch after spending some time on the city and I had the Fisherman sandwich. It is part of the deli sandwiches option and man, it was good. Cream cheese and smoked salmon on a really lovely seeded bread with a side salad, coleslaw and some crisps. Such a tasty lunch.

Georgian Antiques | My parents and I visited Georgian Antiques in Edinburgh on Saturday to look for some bits of furniture and basically, it is five floors of antiques haven. I was obsessed. Georgian Antiques has made its home in an old whisky distillery so it is a fascinating old building with every single piece of antique furniture you can imagine and more. Definitely well worth a visit if you are in the Leith area of Edinburgh.

Wifi | We finally have wifi! Hurrah! I’ve joined the land of the internet living! I can watch This Farming Life and Suits! I can blog from home! I can upload to Instagram! Much excitement in our flat, let me tell you. It is helping with homesick so much as I can Facetime my parents, iMessage my mum and spend my time wittling away on my blog.

Primark Slipper Socks | I felt really guilty buying these (even though they cost about £2.50) as I have a lovely pair of slipper boots from Joules. But it is too warm for those babies right now so when browsing Primark in the week, I saw these at the till and panicked and fell in love. They are baby pink and are so fluffy and cosy without making my feet sweat buckets (sexy).

Eat Pretty, Live Well | I’m all into living well, slow living and taking the best care of myself in the ways that I can so when in Urban Outfitters I got a bit distracted by all the gorgeous journals and books and recipe books. So I picked up the Eat Pretty, Live Well guided journal for good eating and mindful living which I am SO excited to read. Hopefully I’ll learn lots but if not, it’ll make an lovely prop for flatlays.

Yoga | So I went to a new yoga studio this week as I’ve decided not to renew my gym membership and instead find a yoga studio I love. I headed to Shanti Yoga Glasgow for their Yin Yang Level 1-2 to give it a whirl and I really enjoyed it. I also went again on Saturday with my cousin Jade which was lots of fun as the class was different from the Tuesday one, different movements but the same pace which was good.

The Steamie | After yoga, Jade and I pottered down Argyle Street looking for somewhere to eat and came across a coffee bar called The Steamie. It was such a gorgeous little place filled with the smell of coffee, which is always a treat! I went for a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich with rocket followed by an empire biscuit – and a latte of course! It was lovely to wind down even more after the yoga class and catch up with my cousin.

Tiger Bowl | In the new flat we had no “cereal” bowls, just plate-bowl-things which are amazing for pasta dishes but not so fun for cereal or soup. I picked up a lovely stoneware bowl in Tiger for £3 and had my blueberry wheats out of this morning and it did a good job. Plus it looks v scandi and Danish and I’m all about that.

The Left Bank | I love finding new places to eat in Glasgow, especially in the area around my flat as I haven’t ventured around here much before. I headed to The Left Bank on Friday for lunch with a friend and it was so blinkin’ tasty. It was really nice to catch up and enjoy some good food. I posted a snap on my Instagram if ya wanna nosy about what we ate but let me tell you, my haddock fish finger (pretty sure they weren’t call fish fingers) ciabatta with rosemary chips was delicious.

Suits | Okay I know Suits has cropped up before on 10 Little Things but I am so obsessed with this show. Season 3 is so bloody good. It’s the best season yet and it is making me so excited for what else is to come. I love the merge with the British law firm except they seem to making all the wrong assumptions about British people. I’m still in shock about the episode where Louis Litt accused the British guy of not queuing when everyone knows it us Brits who like to queue. Shocked? Yeh me too. And I’m still in love with Harvey Spector.