10 little things #14.

So October happened this week. One minute I’m sweating buckets walking up University Avenue because it is mild and muggy and gross and then next thing I know I’m digging out my scarf and wearing winter boots. It got cold really quickly in Glasgow. The leaves are turning amber and falling from the trees, you can see your breath in the air and it has rained a lot. Have I mentioned it is cold?

I also saw so many Instagram pictures captioned with “I’m so thankful I live in a world where there are Octobers” from Anne of Green Gables, and you know what? I am. I am thankful. Watching the nights get darker, jumpers dragged out of cupboards and the smell of hot drinks. Crunching through leaves and stopping to take a snap of a perfect autumnal moment. But week three has also just zoomed past me so I’m so much closer to essay deadlines and presentations, so that isn’t as much fun.

little things.

Scottish Bloggers Collective | I went to a blogging event in Glasgow on Thursday evening and well, to be frank, it was bloody terrifying. So naturally I sat on my own necking my mojito and absentmindedly scrolling on my phone for a good portion of it at the beginning as I was too damn awkward to make conversation with anyone.

Eventually I did get chatting when the canapés were served and managed to awkwardly fan girl a couple of Glasgow bloggers whose blogs I adore. It was really nice to put names/blogs to faces and I learnt loads about approaching PRs/collaborating PRs. I also had a spiced apple daiquiri which has changed my life.

Adidas Stan Smith’s | I have wanted a pair of Stan Smith’s for years. But I just felt I couldn’t justify spending the money on them when I had plenty of pairs of trainers. Somehow, my trainer count has fallen and I decided I would treat myself when my September paycheque came in. I went for the green ones as they have always been my favourite and I’m so excited for styling them up. White trainers are so versatile and go with almost everything so I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

Teen Wolf | Oh my god, I can’t believe Teen Wolf is finished. It hurts. It was rubbish and cringe and cliche but it was so good because of all those things. The last ten episodes was like every other season but on coke or something as it was intense. Everything was happening and everything was going on and random crazy shit just kept popping out of nowhere.

I’m so glad loose ends got tied up and Dylan O’Brien appeared in the last episode. The five minute scene between Stiles and Derek was probably the best bit of the whole season. And who knows, maybe we’ll see Teen Wolf again, Mid-Twenties Wolf anyone?

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask | The Body Shop have a vast range of face masks and I’ve been hankering after one for a while. When taking advantage of The Body Shop’s amazing deal £25 off £50 (!!), I added this mask into my basket. I’ve so far used it once and it is looking good so far. Super easy to apply, a very light formula, no greasiness and easy to remove. My face felt much fresher and cleaner after using it so I’m definitely going to try and use it the recommend twice a week.

Interview | I had an interview this week for an internship that do I want but even if I’m not successful (which I don’t think I will be as competition was intense), it is good to do these things. It is good to apply and give it a go. Interviews are incredibly intimidating and I completely lose my cool in every single one so it is so important to practice.  It was good face-to-face experience and next time I can polish up on the things I know went wrong.

Instagram |Despite Instagram being the woes of bloggers everywhere, I’m enjoying it. I’ve never been fussed about stats or likes so I’m just enjoying working on my theme that has gradually developed and curating photographs to fit. It is fun going outside to look for things to take pictures of, it makes me stop and appreciate things I maybe wouldn’t have before. It makes you slow down.

Bee from Queen Beady did a wonderful Instagram follow thread on Twitter which was crazy good, I found so many beautiful feeds that are exactly the style that I love. Oh, and I know I said I didn’t care about stats, but I did manage to get over 800 this week!

Catching Up | I saw Emma for the first time in about four weeks on Saturday and boy was it good to catch up. We had lunch at The Cream Chimneys followed by a little photo session and then headed to the garden centre so look at the Christmas stuff (I make no apologies about the fact it is only October). It was so lovely to catch up on everything that has been going on in her life and make plans for the next little while.

Jammy Dodgers | I’ve decided the humble jammy dodger is my favourite biscuit. I’ve spent a great proportion of this week munching through a packet and wow, heaven in your mouth. I think it is the combination of jam and cream which makes it so fulfilling.

La Redoute Dress | I first spotted this dress in a catalogue I got from La Redoute in the post and instantly fell in love. It is perfect for winter – long sleeves, cosy material, high neck, a neutral colour. It took me ages to get around to actually ordering it but I did and I picked it up in town from a click and collect store last week.

I was worried it would be too long and look silly on my stumpy frame but I love it. I love the way I look in it, it is so comfy and goes with almost everything. I spent all day traipsing around uni in it on Thursday, wearing with with converse during the day and switching into my snake-print ankle boots for my interview.

Urban Outfitters Scarf | I don’t think I’ve ever worn a scarf as early as the beginning of October before but jesus, it is cold in Glasgow. Nearly every day in the past week I’ve had to wear one as the wind has been blowing. My go to has been a baby pink scarf from Urban Outfitters that I picked up in February. It is the least bulky of my winter scarves and I love the soft pink as it goes with most of my clothes and adds a flash of colour to all black outfits.