10 little things #15.

It’s Saturday night and I’m unhappy to report that Glasgow appeared to be experiencing a mild heatwave in the last week, with a side ordering of torrential downpour of course, we are in Glasgow. Most of this week has been fretting over essays and my concern that I’ve forgotten how to string a sentence together in an academic format. My brain just goes to mush.

If anyone is familiar with Suits, Rachel Zane and the LSATS, that is me. I am a Scottish, less attractive, version of Rachel Zane when it comes to history and essays. So naturally I’ve been encouraging myself with sweet treats and Christmas music.

At this precise moment of typing this, I regret two things from today, a) buying and eating a triple chocolate muffin from the iCafe as I fear I might not be able to pull my new autumnal New Looks skirt over my backside tomorrow and b) for not taking the barista’s offer of warming up my chocolate muffin so it would be extra gooey.

I’m also contemplating order a pizza but I’m very skint after I splashed out yesterday on a dog collar with a pink bandana, a gold toothbrush holder and enough candles to make myself a wax car. And it would be my second this week but not the point. Anyway, the Little Things!

little things.

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance | I picked up this gorgeous scent as part of the big Body Shop order I did a week or so ago. I’m seriously low on the fragrance front and my bottle of this had just finished, so it felt a little bit like fate. This scent seriously reminds me of my trip to The Bahamas which was over a year and a half ago now, but every time I smell it it takes me right back. It was the only perfume I had with me out there so it definitely brings back some happy memories to an autumnal Glasgow day.

Paperchase Pen | Well, this post really is about the little things. At the Scottish Bloggers Collective on Thursday evening last week, there was some Paperchase pens and notebooks to help yourselves too so you could write notes. And oh my god, the pen is a beauty for writing. I love a good pen and this one writes bloody well. Oh and I blogged about five things I learnt about working with PRs/brands at the event as well, shameless plug, if you want to read it.

Christmas Songs | Yes, I’ve been listening to Christmas songs. In the second week of October. And no, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed about it. Listening to Christmas songs gives me the kick I need to throw myself into essay planning, reading and writing as it reminds me of the light at the end of the tunnel and allows me to switch off and get stuck in. I am so bloody excited for Christmas already and once I get these two essays written (let’s not talk about the four presentations and three further essays still to come), I’ll be a little bit closer to the best time of year!

Wednesday | Wednesday was a good day. I had a little lie in as I didn’t get to bed until late (for me anyway) the night before, I did some good work at the library, my lecture was interesting and my parents visited. They had an appointment so they stopped in the west end afterwards for some lunch and to drop off some things for me. We went to Eusebi Deli on Gibson Street which was very Italian and had some really interesting food.

Toad In The Hole | I’m really interested in cooking at the moment and I spotted a gorgeous toad in the hole recipe in Ideal Home. It is such a cosy meal and I treated myself to making it on Wednesday evening – really Wednesday was an amazing day. It serves 4 but I just halved the ingredients so I wouldn’t be eating Toad in the Hole all week. It was in the November edition of Ideal Home if anyone is interested in hunting it out but I’ve also written the recipe in down below.

Ideal Home Toad in the Hole 
Ingredients (serves 4)
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1 red onion, peeled and cut into small wedges
8 sausages (I used veggie ones just because I fancied them)
85g plain flour
2 tsp mustard powder
2 eggs
200 ml semi-skimmed milk
2 tbsp mix of finely chopped thyme, rosemary and sage leaves

1. Preheat the oven to 200/180/gas 6. Pour the oil into a large oven dish and add the red onion and sausages. Transfer to oven and cook for 15 mins.
2. Meanwhile, make the batter by sifting the flour and mustard powder into a bowl. Add the eggs and beat together to form a paste. Gradually add the milk, a little a time, to make a smooth batter, and then fold in the herbs and season well.
3. Carefully pour the batter over the sausages and return to the oven for 20-25 minutes until the batter has risen and is golden.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask | I’ve had my eye on a Body Shop face mask for a while as so many people seem to swear by them. When taking advantage of the £25 off £50 offer last week, I picked up this tea tree mask. I love tea tree as a product, it does so many fantastic things for your skin and smells divine. I’ve only used this mask twice but so far I’m really enjoying it. My skins very fresh post-use and looks a bit clearer. The recommended use it 1-2 times a week so I’m going to keep this up and then maybe I’ll do a full blog post about it!

The Blacklist | I love a good FBI drama and The Blacklist is no different. With Criminal Minds episodes being released weekly, I needed something new to sink my teeth into. Whilst writing essays I hear you say? Yes, apparently I’ve become quite carefree. But it is so good, so much intrigue, so much mystery and Elizabeth Keen is such a bad ass.

Pumpkin Spice Latte | I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season on Friday and I can’t believe it’s taken me thing long to have one this year. It was as delicious as always. That is all to report.

New Look Sale | I found two gorgeous pieces in the New Look sale on Friday. I wasn’t even intending to a) be in New Look b) look at the sale (I didn’t know there was one) and c) buy anything, let alone three things. Most of it was summer rubbish left over but I did manage to spy a gorgeous autumnal print layered maxi skirt (I think it would be a midi skirt on most people who are not short arses) and a black cord pinafore.

Both were £6 and £12 respectively. I also picked up a polka dot wrap dress which wasn’t in the sale but was only £20 so I left feeling very happy (and praying to god they all fit as I don’t do changing rooms and had to take a gamble). I can’t find the two sale items online but I suggest hunting through your local New Look and seeing what autumnal finds you can get!

Making Plans | I’m really proud of how my blog is looking at the moment, I think I’m having a good balance between university/my blog/a life and some opportunities have all begun making appearances at once. It’s nice to know my blog is being recognised and I’m so much closer to my goal of 1000 Instagram followers by 2018. I have a few pieces of content I’m excited to share in the next couple of months and a couple of blog-related things in November which are making me excited! Watch this space friends.