10 little things #17.

I’m currently polishing up this post on the train back to Glasgow from the Borders. I’ve had the loveliest time as always, done absolutely zero uni work so I’m in for a very fun next few days and just received the most adorable text from my mum.

I’ve come away with half a tub of sour cream and some eggs from our chickens so I’m hoping that precious cargo makes it back to my flat unharmed. It really has been the loveliest of weekends and I’m in for a super busy week to with more deadlines, meeting friends and a bit of work experience on Friday before welcoming two of my favourite gals to Glasgow for the weekend so we can be sick in the toilet together and eat cheesy chips.

This week marks the end of week six, I’m officially half way through the semester. So yeah that is fun and I’m not mentally freaking out, promise. I have six more weeks left! In that time I only have to do four presentations and write three more essays. But this is week 17 of Little Things so let’s get on with it.

little things.

Snuggle Muffin Glasgow | Juliane from Snuggle Muffin Glasgow very kindly offered the chance for bloggers to pick up some cupcakes from her shop in Buchanan Galleries which was v kind of her. I obv, being the pig that I am and unable to resist something sweet, ambled along on Thursday before catching my train home. I took the guy’s suggestions at what to choose as I was very overwhelmed by all the choice but ended up coming away with Pumpkin Spice, Strawberry Milkshake, S’more and Red Velvet. On another note, the Strawberry Milkshake cupcake is prettier than me.

The Blacklist | I’ve been obsessed with the The Blacklist for a little while now but I’m almost finished the second season and it has been getting better and better. I love the complex relationship between all the characters combined with the justice side represented by the FBI and the criminal side represented by Red. Basically, it is just all about corruption and violence and conspiracy and the main character, Liz, is a babe. And I wish I looked as good as her with blonde hair.

Reading | I found some time to read this weekend which was bloody lovely. I moan about the woes of reading and being a student all the damn time and I never seem to have any good books in Glasgow. I think it is to do with not living near a big supermarket selling the latest thrillers at affordable prices or a decent bookshop.

This weekend I managed to get through The Secret Wife by Gill Paul, which was the best book my mum has ever read appaz, and snapped up The Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. It has been reprinted in honour of the film coming out in November. I read this book yonks about but I love Agatha Christie so excited to give it another go and relieve it before going to see the film!

Making 2018 Plans | This past week I’ve felt pretty inspired about my blog and all associated things. I’ve got some good ideas about how I want to move things forward and new things I want to try and the direction I want to move in and goodness, it is very exciting! It probably won’t all pan out as planned but I’m going to make a start on things over Christmas once uni calms down a bit.

Lenstore | Bit boring but if you are as blind as a bat like me, you need Lenstore in your life if you are using contact lenses. I’ve been using it for a few months now as it so affordable and the service is brilliant, your contact lenses arrive within two days which is crazy good. My eyesight is horrendous and I don’t feel very confident in my glasses when I’m out and about so contact lenses are my life saver.

Last weekend I had to do without contact lenses I had run out/didn’t put it back into the liquid when taking them out drunk and it was hell. I went for a run on Monday morning as I couldn’t wear my glasses due to the rain and it was horribly disorientating. The people in Tesco probs thought I was on something as I looked so spaced out. Lolz, yeh, get Lenstore in your life fellow blind friends.

Eating A *Bit* Healthier | Aside from the four (yes, four) empire biscuits I put away on Monday, the rest of the week was on a bit of an up. Yes I had two teas on Wednesday but that is only because the first one was so shit I wanted to cry. I also ate it at 4.45pm as I was bored so was naturally hungry again by 8. I stopped myself from buying a chocolate bar on Wednesday afternoon as I had half a traybake with my lunch and I bought a fruit pot in Pret, which is perhaps the most baffling of them all, as I don’t think I’ve ever bought a fruit pot before.

Tea | Out of coffee and tea I will always choose coffee as it is my favourite out of the two. However, I hate instant coffee and cba with making it from the cafetiere or the espresso maker as it takes time/effort/more to wash up so tea is my go to gal in the flat. Unless I treat myself and buy take out coffee which I do way to often. I’ve been drinking lots of tea this week with five cups on Wednesday! Rachel & I lived our craziest lives and had two cups in a row at about 10pm on Wednesday. Who says we don’t live?

Catching Up | I was home for the weekend from Thursday which meant I had plenty of time to meet up with some of my favourite people. I picked up Erin and Shelby from their work at lunchtime and we headed to Pirn House near St Boswells for an hour of gossip and food and I’m now even more excited for them to visit Glasgow next Friday!

I also saw Emma on Saturday when we headed to the Smokery for some lunch and a Christmas browse before heading into the water gardens for some photos. And then, to top off the weekend, I caught up with my fave gal Steph.

Cold Weather | Not to alarm anyone but there was a cold frost on Friday morning. And it was marvellous. I could see my breath, our windscreens were frozen and you could see it on the grass. It just made me all the more excited for the colder months to come. It was also pretty brisk on Sunday so when I went out for coffee and cake with Steph, I didn’t get back sweat when I wore my wool dress from La Redoute with my big camel coat from New Look.

The Cream Chimneys | I have sung the praises of The Cream Chimneys on several occasions but a quick visit on Sunday morning with Steph further cemented it in my head that it is in fact, the best cafe in Kelso. We stopped by at about 11 and I went for a latte and a slice of raspberry and marzipan sponge which was divine and Steph had a pot of tea and a slice of salted caramel cake.

I cannot stress enough how much fun I always have with that girl, we are without a doubt the nosiest people in the place due to laughing and making plans and giggling at stupid things. We then ordered more drinks, I had a ginger beer and Steph one of the floral teas which are the freakiest things, I shared it on my Instagram stories which you might have seen!