10 Little Things #18

10 Little Things #18

Firstly, I apologise that this Little Things instalment only has 8 things. But I don’t see the point in forcing 10 out if I’m just pulling things out of nowhere for the sake of numbers and words. It has been a busy old week with friends visiting, a trip to Edinburgh, nights out and lots and lots of university work.

I can’t believe how far we are through the semester. I can’t believe it is November. I can’t believe I’m at the stage of submitting coursework. Ffs where is time going?

I’m at a bit of a loss of what to say, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I spend the majority of the time at the moment either doing coursework or freaking out about the fact that I’m not doing my coursework. But, not the point, on with the Little Things …

Little Things

Paesano Pizza | God, I cry when I think about how good this pizza is. Paesano is the best pizza place in Glasgow (I will fight anyone who disagrees with that) as it is the tastiest pizza and is so cheap. I’m a humble margherita girl which only sets me back a measly £6. I headed there on Wednesday evening for a catch up with my friend Lorna where we ate pizza and drank coffee and it was lovely. And guys, miracles do happen, I didn’t eat all my food and had to take the rest home. I think that is the first time that has ever happened to me.

Criminal Minds | The latest episode of Criminal Minds was so blinkin’ good. I almost had nightmares about it on Wednesday night as it was about cannibalism and tbh, being eaten by a cannibal is one of my biggest fears and I was really freaking myself out when trying to go to sleep. BUT anyway, it returned to unsub that the BAU had placed into a mental institution ten years ago and it involved a copycat and cannibalism and it was freaking terrifying. I 10/10 recommend if you like crime/FBI dramas.

ASOS Order | I placed the biggest ASOS order on Tuesday. Well, I ordered six items, but that is a lot for this poor student gal. But unfortunately, I only like three of the things. I’ve kept the a lovely little black bag, a striped tee I’ve had my eye on for ages as one of my sister’s friends has it and a jumper as you can never have too many jumpers. But I had to send back the mom jeans as they looked ridic on me as they were just too tight and the black dress as it also looked horrific on me. I also ordered an oversized jumper but it was practically a four man tent and was sold out in every other size so I can’t exchange it. So yeah, a mixed bag.

Moving My Bed | I swear to god I live to re-arrange furniture. After a failed attempt a couple of weeks to move the furniture around in my room, I’ve managed it, kind of! I flipped my bed around which has allowed for much more floor space and full use of the floor length mirror on my wardrobe door. As I’m typing this right now, the light is streaming into my room through the window and it is quite lovely.

Halloween | I hate Halloween. I hate dressing up. I hate (mostly) going out. I hate the hype of it. But I went out on Halloween with my two flatmates to a bar/club in Glasgow called Mango and had the best night. It was so much fun and I loved the mix of Spanish music with chart music. The tequila was 99p which was dangerous. And the most shocking thing to happen was that I was out till 4am despite everything else that went on, I think that says a lot about my character. As I’m a Halloween scrooge, I just dressed as a cat with a cat and tail combo my mum dug out of the dressing up box and I followed Kumba’s tutorial for some cat make-up.

Friends Visiting | My two work gals came up to visit this Friday night which was so lovely. I only saw them the week before but it was nice to have them on my own stomping ground and be a host. We just went to a club after eating pizza and having drinks in the flat then went for lunch the next day at a nearby pub followed by watching Pitch Perfect 2 so it was just lovely. It was lovely alright?

Mini Bag | I snapped up a new handbag recently just after musing how I wanted a slightly bigger day-to-day bag as my little gold sparkly one is too tiny for when I’m out and about. Whilst browsing ASOS I saw this adorable little black one from New Look which doesn’t solve the bigger bag problem but it does look sweet swung over my camel coat, even if it is only big enough to hold my phone.

Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special | This is a TV marvel. I spent Saturday afternoon watching this amazing episode because I was feeling down with a hangover and worrying about all my uni work for the following week. I just wanted to feel happy and Christmassy and god, it is wonderful.


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