10 Little Things #19

10 Little Things #19

I can’t really believe how quickly time is flying at the moment. I’m typing this little things intro up in the library just after ten on Sunday morning and how is there only 3 more Sundays until term (for me) is finished completely? Coursework is snowing me under but it has been quite an exciting week with a trip to the cinema, two trips to Edinburgh and an ASOS order.

This next week is also looking busy with dinner with my cousin and another trip to Edinburgh on Friday before going home on the Friday night and having a night away with my friend on the Saturday night. I’m also trying to make a dent in the three essays I have due for the end of the term. I think I’ll need a lie down after this semester of uni to be honest.

But here is this week’s Little Things ..

Little Things

McDonald’s Meal | Monday was a bad day after having only four hours sleep and having a presentation which was tbh, utter rubbish. I then headed into town with Tori to pick up some bits for Wednesday and treated myself to a McDonald’s meal for dinner. I went for a spicy signature burgers they have in at the moment and whilst was delicious, I should have gone with a Big Mac.

H&M Bauble Earrings | When mooching around town on Monday we went into H&M for a lil browse at all the gorgeous clothes when I got distracted by the Christmas jewellery section. I used have lots of Christmas earrings back in my youth but I’ve lost them over the years so when I saw the red baubles for £3.99, they had to be mine.

Busy B Bloggers Event | I left the flat on Wednesday evening to head through to Edinburgh to check out the Busy B dated launch for 2018. I met the lovely Elanor on Buchanan St to grab a coffee before catching the train through together where we met Charlotte in Waverley Station, where all made our way to The Glasshouse.

It was such a gorgeous venue (a rooftop glasshouse) where we got to browse all the beautiful pieces of stationery for 2018. There were canapés, drinks and a Q&A session with the Busy B founder, Kerri B, which  was super interesting to learn about how the business has grown. Busy B truly spoiled us by giving us a diary of our choice and a goody bag filled with lots of lovely things, including the most delicious milkshakes!

ASOS Polka Dot Jumpsuit | I’ve been getting a tonne of wear out of my all-time favourite piece of clothing. It is a bit of hybrid: a cross between dungarees and a jumpsuit with culotte legs and it is the best thing I’ve ever bought (well aside from my laptop). I snapped it up in ASOS in September 2016 but I’ve had so much wear out of it since, especially in the last little while as polka dots seem to be big in autumn/winter 2017. I’ve found some similar styles here and here.

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte | My first festive drink of the season saw me tucking into a gingerbread latte from Starbucks on Wednesday night and it was just as divine as I expected it to be. Gingerbread is still my favourite autumn/winter flavour (I’m still lusting over The Mother Cooker’s Gingerbread & Butter Pudding recipe) so I naturally gravitate towards it when offered up with the choice of a festive drink. And I didn’t take any pictures of my festive cup as it was dark outside, I’m a bad blogger I know, woe is me.

M&S Constellation Print Dress | My muse Erica Davies shared a link on her Instagram stories when this beautiful dress from M&S came back online in stock. It was the day I had been paid and I had just placed a mighty ASOS order but it seemed like fate for these two events to coincide so I took a gamble to buy the prettiest dress of 2017.

It has only just arrived but it is perfect. It fits like a glove (although I do think I want to buy a nice belt to hike it up a little more as it is very long on my small frame) and the material is of such good quality. It would be my Christmas party dress if I was going to any Christmas parties but instead I’ll be gallivanting around Edinburgh in it for my great aunt’s annual birthday/Christmas lunch at the beginning of December.

Steak, Cattle & Roll | I’ve heard a lot of good things about Steak, Cattle & Roll during my time in Glasgow but it wasn’t until last Friday that I visited. Rachel, Tori and I went before the cinema to cash in on their “munch” deals which were at such good prices. It was a very laid-back atmosphere with good music and even better food.

Murder On The Orient Express | I used to watch Poirot and Marple reruns on ITV3 all the time when I was younger (and still do at Christmas and in the holidays) so I was really excited when I saw the trailer for this adaption at the cinema. It had such a stunning cast and it was a good film but to be honest, I was a little disappointed. I felt a lot of the simplicity was removed from the storyline which makes Christie’s writing so special and this for me, ruined it. I still really enjoyed it but it was a smidge disappointing.

The Big Bang Theory | I’m a bit ashamed as I don’t even like this show but I got in a bit of a hole with it on Saturday. I just kept watching and watching and watching and laughing (even worse). But it was a good bit of background noise and dead easy to have on so perfect for a light studying.

ASOS Order | Another ASOS order (I know) but it arrived on Saturday and it was exciting. My rediscovered love of dungarees prompted me investing in two pairs which I’m hopefully going to share on the blog eventually. I went for a purple corduroy pair and a floral jumpsuit and god, I love them both.