10 Little Things #2

10 Little Things #2

Since toning down weekly favourites and realising that not everything in a round-up post has to be big and flashy and super cool, the words have been flowing and this little things series has been very easy to write so far. I’m very into blogging and writing and words at the moment. I’ve got a lot of spare time as I still haven’t started my summer job so I’m spending a lot of time on my own during the day with just my book or laptop for company and I can’t lie, it has been blissful.

Seeing as tuning into my writing sides and actually writing words down on pages of late, I’m super bloody excited for Laura Jane William’s Superlatively Rude’s Summer School to start up next week. So excited. I’ve tweeted about it a couple of times which the lady herself has replied too (!!) and I am ecstatic for it to begin.

I follow Laura on Twitter and Instagram and I’ve read her first book, Becoming and I love her tone of writing, the way she tells her story and how it feels like you are right there with her. Hopefully at the end of the summer, I’ll be able to write a little bit like that to. I’m sure I’ll chat lots more about it next week once I’ve dived into it a little bit more but this week hasn’t been as exciting as I’m sure next week will.

So enough about my impending excitement, here is all the little things this week which have made me smile and nod my head in approval. It’s a lovely little life.

Royal Highland Show | I hadn’t been to the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, Edinburgh, for two, maybe three years. Since my pushchair days, this has been an annual jaunt for my family – a chance to wander around the show ground filled with everything you could want in a rural lifestyle, clothing, horses, livestock, machinery, crafts and importantly, food. Since my summer plans changing, I was able to head up on the Friday with my parents and had the loveliest day. A little bit of rain in the morning didn’t put us off and we had a great time wandering around the stalls, catching up with people and treating ourselves. I came home with two candles and some macarons so I was very pleased with myself indeed.

Daisy Blue Candles | I’ve been a big candles fan for few years or so now but as I thought I would be away all summer and miss the house move, I packed mine away before I left. Now that I’m back, I needed to stock up. Whilst at the RHS on Friday, I came across Daisy Blue in one of the craft tents and decided to take them up on their offer of two tin candles for £18. A lot of smelling later and I decided on Apple and Wild Mint and Cinnamon and Orange for the winter months. Both smell delicious unlit and I’m burning Apple and Wild Mint as I type this and it smells just as fragrant and strong whilst burning.

Mademoiselle Macaron | Whilst in the food area aka the best area of the entire show, a macaron stall caught my eye. This can be a bit tricky to find in Scotland and despite being £5 for four, I told my dad this was cheaper than a trip to Paris to buy some. I came away with a Rose, Lemon, Raspberry and most excitingly, Hendricks Gin. Three out of the four have been consumed and they tasted so delicious, definitely worth the splurge. The Hendricks Gin flavoured macaron was my favourite so I’m hoping my mum will pick me up four more when she is at the show again on Sunday!

NCIS | Whilst lay-over flights on the return journey are extremely annoying when all you want to do is get home, I don’t mind too much in the USA as it means some quality one on one time with American Netflix. As I spent collectively about ten hours in both Pittsburgh and JFK last Friday, I had ten hours to spend with Netflix. NCIS caught my eye and I have been hooked since returning to the UK. I’ve seen the odd episode before on the TV here but so far I’ve watched seasons 4, 5, 6 and I’m few episodes into season 7. It is such good TV and you don’t need to watch from the start, just jump on anywhere!

Blue House Goats Cheese | I’m a cheese (read: food) gal and when browsing the farmer’s market in Kelso last Saturday with my parents, the goats cheese stand caught my eye. There were five tasty samples on offer and I ended up deciding on settled cheese and I was not disappointed with my choice. This is so smooth and creamy with the perfect pungent goats cheese taste. I had it for lunch on a bagel with some pesto and it was a perfect Saturday lunchtime treat.

Chain Bridge Honey Farm Lip Balm | I’m trying to resist buying new beauty products, especially lip balms, as I’m trying to use up all of my old ones. I’m coming down in lip balms due to receiving a Nivea kit every Christmas and stocking up on EOS lip balms when I was across the pond but when I was visiting the Chain Bridge Honey Farm, I couldn’t not buy something. I ended up picking up one of their lip balms in the flavour Heather Honey for £2.95 and I’m so glad I did. It is such a soft and smooth formula which applies super easily and leaves my lips feeling great.

Toast and Butter | This is such a humble little snack but it is an old favourite. I eat tonnes of toast at uni, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, whenever but since coming back to my parent’s house for the summer, I have had access to their whole fridge and food cupboards. And the house we are moving to has a pantry so that only means more food. But one afternoon when I was trying to save myself for going out for dinner in the evening, I had the yummiest snack of this old fave and the love affair has begun again.

Blogosphere Magazine | I have been meaning to get my mitts on a Blogosphere magazine since it started hitting the shelves. However apparently only one WH Smiths in Glasgow seemed to stock it and I wasn’t that desperate to take myself all the way over to the St Enoch centre to find one. The subscriptions begin at £25 a year for four editions, either beginning with the current issue or starting with the next one. This is the bronze package which I went for as I’m skint but if you want to attend mor events/get more insider things you can pay for the expensive packages. Anyway I ended up buying a subscription after hearing Hannah Gale won Blogosphere Blogger of the Year and would be the September cover star as this was an interview I needed to read. I love all things blogging so it is a perfect read for me and I really enjoyed all the content in the Louise Pentland issue so I’m super excited to see what comes next!

Indy Luxe Brushes | Since getting to join the Indy Luxe brush squad last week, I got myself a set of rose gold brushes. All of my make-up brushes are a bit gross and cheap and make-up is something I want to start learning more about so investing in a good set of make-up brushes seemed a sensible idea. These brushes are vegan/cruelty free so everyone can use them and are also very Instagram-friendly. I’m going to be blogging about them in full next week but so far, so good. You can also get 20% of Indy Luxe with this discount code MONDAYPROJECT20, so y’know, treat yourself this weekend or something.

Fat Face Giraffe Trousers | Kelso has a Fat Face, it is v v v exciting. I’ve been flitting in and out of their store on several occasions of late but couldn’t warrant buying anything. However as I was heading into Kelso on Tuesday for some lunch with friends, my mum texted me in the morning to inform they had a sale on !!! I have had my eyes on a pair of giraffe print loose trousers for ages and it seemed like fate when they were in the sale. I’m wearing them now as I type – the size I wanted to fit into fits me, they are soooo soft and comfortable and they have pockets !! Bloody pockets !!

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