10 little things #20.

I missed a Little Things last week as I hadn’t finished it by the time the weekend came and I knew I would have things I wanted to include from then in it. I then spent all weekend away without my laptop and didn’t get back to Glasgow till Monday morning so this Little Things is a combination of both weeks. And what a busy two weeks it has been.

I’m typing this up on a cold Saturday morning (lunchtime, right okay, it is lunchtime I’ve slept in) and I’m about to pull on some clothes to potter off to the shop to get some things to tide me over into next week. I’ve just done a budget for the next week and wow I’m going hard next weekend at Edinburgh and Christmas. I’ll be in Edinburgh Friday (for work), Saturday (for festivities with Emma) and Sunday (for a family Christmas lunch) so I’ve never been more thankful for my 16-25 railcard.

I’m one down two to go on the essay front. I finished one yesterday evening and I’ll just give it a look over before submission on Monday and I’m planning on finishing the second today so I can get started on the reading for the third this evening and tomorrow. I can’t believe I have only a week left!

After this I’m not sure what Little Things will look like for a while as I’ll be moving back from Glasgow to the Scottish Borders and hopefully more time in Edinburgh working. I’ve got four more Little Things planned before Christmas if all goes well, the last being on Christmas Eve and then I think it’ll have a little break until 2018 … eek how close is 2018! Scary!

little things.

Grey Beanie | Glasgow has been unbearably cold of late so when I tootled off to the library with a list of books to check out on Monday night, I decided to wear a beanie despite the fear I have that it makes my face look even fatter than usual. But if I’m being honest, I think it looked pretty good and it made my hair less frizzy than usual when I proceeded to wear it around the flat. Mine is super old from New Look but similar styles here and here.

Netflix Films | I’ve fallen into a deep hole of Netflix in the last few days (don’t worry guys, got a blog post coming about all the bits I’ve been delving into) and this has included a fair few amount of films. Netflix have taken all The Hobbit films off which I’m personally affronted at so instead I’ve been watching a whole host of young adult and action films: The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Allegiant, Thor: The Dark World, Fallen and Jupiter Ascending. I loved the Fallen books when I was younger so I was excited to see a movie adaption which wasn’t horrific.

Pulled Pork Geisha Bun | I went for dinner on Tuesday night with my cousin to Bar Soba after the heartbreaking discovery that my much loved New Orleans inspired Bar Gumbo had closed. We decided to just get a few little dishes as there were so many options and we both went for a pulled pork geisha bun alongside some shrimp, gyozas, thai fries and some rice. Not sure what to expect, I was very pleasantly surprised with my geisha bun as it was the doughiest tastiest texture and the pulled pork was pretty yummy too.

Wednesday’s To Do List Triumph | I mean, it really is the little things isn’t it? You might have seen on my Instagram stories the size of my mammoth to do list on Wednesday and I did think I was being too ambitious. However I worked pretty solidly all day and did a few extra things on the side including filling in a gigantic form and I managed it. I pulled it off. Thursday’s to do list is just as huge though so not rest for the wicked (or the people who organise too much/try to do everything/leave things till last minute).

The Weekend | The reason this Little Things is a week late is because I spent last weekend staying at The Elphinstone with my friend Steph. The opportunity arose to visit and we made a weekend out of it, stopping for lunch in Peebles on our way and completing the maze at Traquair House on the way home.

Downton Abbey | I recently discovered that all six seasons and the Christmas specials of this amazing show are on Amazon Prime so goodbye life. I’ve seen all of the later seasons (from season four onwards I think) and I think it is a crime I’ve only just seen the earlier seasons now. I am absolutely bloody hooked. I am devastated by the deaths I know are to come. Why is nothing as amazing as this on TV at the moment?!

Candles | In a moment of real excitement this week, I bought some extra long matches. My Yankee Candle that I picked up as part of my autumnal room spice up had burnt so far down I couldn’t get a lighter or normal cigarette into and I had the same problem with a few smaller candles. A catastrophe! But since purchasing some, I am now typing this post by flickering candlelight and the glow of fairy lights whilst listening to Heart Xmas – magical!

On the candle front I also picked up a candle called ‘Fairytale of New York’ when I was in Biggar which has notes of Spiced Apple, Coffee and Roasted Chestnuts and I think I’m in love? It is from a brand called Esscentual Candles and they are from the Scottish Borders and I wholly recommend checking them out if you are a candles fiend.

Butternut Squash & Pineapple Thai Curry | I’ve had this recipe from Morrison’s kicking about in a book filled with recipes slips since September and only just got around to trying it. It wasn’t until I started eating when I realised I don’t actually like butternut squash that much but the deliciousness of the pineapple and the thai curry made it worthwhile. I also made enough for five so I shall be eating this curry till I die now it seems.

Country Living Christmas Fair | Mum and I snapped up tickets for this back in September and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. The exhibition hall at the SEC  filled with stalls and stalls from crafters and food stalls. I love shopping from independent sellers and off the high street so it was a little haven. I picked up some hot chilli sauce and a new handbag so came away feeling pretty pleased. In the coffee and cake area, I had one of the most delicious pieces of cake I’ve had this year – a chocolate and orange cake.

Soup | This time last year I hated soup. I’m not really sure why but I did. I just wouldn’t eat it. Obviously if I was given it at a relatives house I would eat it but I would never chose to have it myself for lunch or buy it in a cafe. I have since had a turn around and soup is my life. I’m having it for lunch practically every day and it is like a warm hug at lunchtime.