10 little things #22.

Another Sunday, another lot of Little Things. I’m typing up the first (and probs last) draft of this post one blinkin’ freezing Friday evening watching Tower Heist on the tele box. I have no clue whatsoever what is going on in this film and I’m just using it as background noise. I am however v excited for Legend to come on at nine. Life is wild right now.

This last week has been busy with a capital B. Like sheesh, I need a lie down and a blanket over my eyes for a while. I got the train home from Glasgow on Monday after a hectic day of Christmas shopping, tidying and packing. I’ve been at work in Edinburgh twice which involves leaving at 7 to drive up there and not getting home till after 7 at night due to the joys of rush hour traffic, it’s a right treat.

I also popped along to the Starbucks x Skinnydip festive bazaar on Wednesday evening where I caught up with Lauren, ate some delicious snacks and picked up a new festive phone case which I looove. And to top things off, I drove back to Glasgow today with my dad to pick up the rest of my things, a bit of Christmas shopping and a spot of lunch,

I was not joking about a lie down. Next week is looking just as hectic as I’m in Edinburgh shopping with my mum on Monday and then working Tuesday and Wednesday. So Thursday? Relax and get my Christmas on big time.

Little Things

Cath Kidston Phone Case | It has been a big old week for phone cases. I think I’m a tad obsessed. I love nothing more than overpriced phone case it seems so my latest fix from Cath Kidston slots nicely into that niche.

I think it looks very leopard print esq but my mum is trying to rain on my ‘cool’ parade by saying it looks like pansies? It cost me £14 in the sale from the new Cath Kidston store on Princes Street, Edinburgh which is so beautiful, new and big if you want to check it out.

Wearing My ‘Me’ Outfit | I spent last Saturday in Edinburgh with my good friend Emma and I wore the most ‘me’ outfit I’ve possibly ever concocted. It has been splattered all over my Instagram but it was a combination of a leopard print a-line skirt, my camel coat from New Look, black boots, a roll neck and a beret (a beret!).

I went a wild and bought a beret in Primark for £4 and tbh, best four quid I ever spent. Emma took some snaps for me as I felt so comfortable in what was I wearing and I want to 2018 to be filled with more of that.

Home | Couldn’t have a Little Things this week and not mention home now could I? I’ve been home just under a week now and yes, I’ve been bored on numerous occasions since being here and yes, I have cried about the wifi, and yes, already fought multiple times with my sister. But I love it all the same and god, I’m excited for Christmas with this mental lot.

Coffee With Steph | I caught up with one of my number one gal pals on Wednesday for a natter, some food and more nattering. We stopped by the cafe my sister works in and bought opted for something sweet accompanied with a coffee and had a good old chat for a couple of hours. We hadn’t seen each other in about three weeks but lots to discuss (and giggle) about as always.

Primark Beanie | Whilst shopping for a beret last Saturday, I also added another beret to my collection. I’m having a bit of a hat moment, mostly due to the fact my hair looks vile most of the time. My latest is a gorgeous teal colour, was a measly £3 and is the cosiest thing I own. I’ve been pairing with my green tassel earrings from H&M to add a little bit of pizazz to the hat and have gotten lots of compliments (okay, two, the girl who worked at the churros place and my mum).

Tea Advent Calendar | I have an advent calendar that isn’t chocolate! The lovely people at the English Tea Shop sent me a little box of gifts and in it was an advent calendar. I only just received this so I had 8 days to explore first and spent a good few minutes reading out all the names and blends to my mum – I’m sure she was riveted by it. Further update: have since tried the Gingerbread blend and it is delicious. Heaven is a place on earth it seems.

Starbucks x Skinnydip Phone Case | Not another phone case, I hear you all cry. But yes, another phone case. I popped along to the festive bazaar Starbucks hosted on Wednesday night and came away with a festive phone case from the collab with Skinnydip. It is so cute and festive and I love it.

Christmas Trees | It was Christmas tree decorating week which was exciting. I love making things look festive and going wild with the decs so having the chance to do it in mum and dad’s new house was extra exciting. There is nothing more comforting on an evening that seeing the flicker of the lights as it is all cosy and festive.

Cinnamon Stars | Iced cinnamon stars are in fact my favourite Christmas snack. Since discovering them a few years back at the Edinburgh Christmas Markets I’ve been obsessed so I almost wet myself with excitement in the garden centre today when I spotted them. I’ve been using them as photo props (get to eat them afterwards) and they are the perfect snack with a cup of tea.

Glossier Balm Dotcom | I completely understand the Glossier hype. Like shit, this stuff is amazing. I originally just shrugged at the balm dotcom because it is just lip balm but how wrong was I. This stuff is incredible as my lips instantly feel refreshed and less dry. I went for the rose flavour which smells delicious and the packaging is also very Instagrammable which we all know is very important.