10 little things #23.

A week today guys! A week today we’ll be getting excited, eating too many mince pies, slobbing out in front of the Christmas Eve TV offerings or dashing to the shops to pick up last minute gifts. I can’t believe how quickly December has gone this year and 2017 as whole, 2018 is literally a blink away! So here we have a week of Christmas little things.

So you can look forward to plenty of ‘2017 in reflection’ posts (from me included!). It has been a busy old week with work, an Edinburgh shopping trip, catching up with a friend and watching lots and lots and lots of Call The Midwife which is my must-watch of the moment.

little things.

Edinburgh Shopping Trip | Mum and I went on a little shopping trip to Fort Kinnaird just outside Edinburgh on Monday. I drove (which was harrowing as it was icy) but we made it and had a great day. Before heading to the Fort we stopped at Dunelm Mill near Straiton to pick up some things. I didn’t buy anything for myself as we were just grabbing Christmas gifts but it was such a lovely day.

Chiquitos | As part of our festive extravaganza on Monday, I treated mum to lunch at Chiquitos. I have come to the conclusion that the cranberry and chorizo nachos are the best nachos to grace this earth. We also had garlic bread with chilli, enchiladas and burritos. It was so delicious and this is easily one of my favourite chain restaurants.

Salmon Fishcakes | I worked at Floors Castle for one summer and I also pondered over how delicious the fishcakes looked. I finally got my chance to try some when mum bought some this week and I was satisfied, they were delicious.

Bancroft | Shocker, I got hooked on an ITV drama. In case you’ve lived under a rock this week, Bancroft is the devilishly good drama about a bat shit crazy copper called Elizabeth Bancroft. It transpired along two storylines, a cold case which was Bancroft’s first case, an unsolved murder of a woman called Laura Fraser which Bancroft herself appears to have committed. It has been reopened by DS Catherine Stevens whom Bancroft is incredibly threatened by. It also follows Bancroft’s current investigation of the Kamara family and her quest to bring down this family street gang. Basically, she is an incredibly manipulative psychopath. Which makes for great TV.

Framed Prints | I have been trying to perfect a gallery wall in my bedroom since we moved in July. It has not been going well. My first attempt was a bit shit and I’ve been desperate to spice it up since then. When in Edinburgh I picked up some frames from TK Maxx and Wilko and they are looking v snazzy leaning against my bedroom wall so I can only imagine how snazzy they’ll look when I put them up on the wall.

Call The Midwife |I am a girl obsessed. It is filling a Downton Abbey shaped hole perfectly. I’m currently on season two and it just makes my heart smile so much every time I watch it. Although it has put me off childbirth for life because that shit looks horrendous.

Mulled Apple Flapjack | Everyone, happiness exists, I’ve found it. It comes in the shape of this traybake from The Cream Chimneys aka my favourite cafe in Kelso.

The Goldbergs | I haven’t watched The Goldbergs in ages but I did spend some time on Saturday morning bingeing a few episodes. I love the laid-back 80s feel of the show and the hilarious circumstances that the Goldbergs find themselves in. I think Adam is my favourite character but I love Erica and the Grandpa as well.

Fresh Sheets | Having fresh sheets is the nicest thing in the world. I popped my ‘Christmas’ bed sheets on my bed this week and I’m so excited for the big day now. Mine aren’t overly Christmassy as they are a red check which I picked up from Dunelm Mill last year but they are incredibly cosy.

Planning My Gallery Wall | The big excitement in my life this week is making plans for my gallery wall. When I first moved into this room, I stuck a few prints up but I’ve decided it looks a bit shit. I’m adding a big mirror into the mix that I’m currently painting so I’ve spent this week taking prints down, ordering more, finding frames and planning where I want them all to go so next week I can finish the job off.