10 little things #24.

The last Little Things of 2017! Since my ‘summer epiphany’, I’ve really enjoyed editing a little list of magic things every week. It has made me look back at every week, including appalling ones where I cried about 4 out of the 7 days, with a little smile and appreciate all the things that happened or I’ve found or smiled at. This kind of positivity is just the ticket for 2018.

I’m currently typing this up in bed with my little dog snuggled beside me. I’m taking a break from Call The Midwife to listen to my ‘magic’ playlist on Spotify which is a collection of my all-time favourite songs and waiting patiently for my Missguided order to arrive. What a Thursday. So here we have it, the last Little Things of 2017!

little things.

Charlotte’s Kind Words | I’ve had a ~ blogger crush ~ on Charlotte since I moved to Glasgow back in autumn 2015 when I did a little search of Glasgow bloggers to see who was on the scene. With 7 years of blogging under her belt, a freelance copy writing business and a lovely person in real life as well as on screen, for Charlotte to mention me in her post about bloggers to read in 2018 was so lovely! I’m a huge fan of everything she does (possibly the biggest fan girl of her newsletter ever) and it was such a nice feeling to know someone I admire reads my blog and thinks it is alright!

Sponsored Posts | I feel like December has been a big month for me and brand collaborations. I’ve never reached out to a brand before as well, lets face it, my blog is mostly me wittering nonsense. But I’ve had some really lovely opportunities come my way in December which allowed me to work at my passion and put out content that I was proud of. It has given me the kick up the backside I needed for 2018 to put together a bitchin’ media kit (it is in the works I promise) and just believe in myself and The Monday Project a little bit more.

Dorkface Prints | I’m a huge fan of Jemma’s blog. I love the artwork she shares on her social media and her blog, especially her prints, and I finally got around to placing an order from her Etsy shop. I’ve been working on my gallery wall in my bedroom since July and I finally got my butt into gear this month by finishing my mirror, finding frames and thinking about how I want things to be hung up.

I picked up a gorgeous leaf print as botanical is kind of my thing, an astrological print as I love anything astrology based and Jemma threw in a third for free which is so freaking lovely of her. It is currently the only one with a frame as my Wilko order hasn’t arrived yet but I swear this ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ print speaks to me on a spiritual level. I’ll definitely be ordering more from Jemma in 2018.

Painting | I had a bit of a green reckoning in 2017. When I purchased my Urban Outfitters marble topped table I always planned on painting the light pine legs to make it fit in more with the darker pieces in my room and decided on ‘Emerald’ from Colours. Mum did asked if I wanted something more muted but I went in guns blazing for bright green. I was also in desperate need of a larger mirror for my bedroom (the lack of one may suggest why I often leave the house looking like I’ve slept in a hedge) so decided to bring home an ancient pine one of my parents that I had had up at uni and paint it to match the table legs.

It did take me over a week to paint them both as it was far too cold to go out to the freezing loft for a few days. They are both inside now and hopefully dad is going to help me hang the mirror up later this week!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi | I adore Star Wars so I was beyond excited to see The Last Jedi. I had heard rumours it was the best Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back and I was not disappointed. I don’t want to say too much as it is probably the only film I would care about if it got spoiled for me but it was incredible and definitely worth your time.

I am very attracted to Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Rey is as a boss-ass bitch and BB-8 is the cutest thing possibly ever. Before the film began, I also saw trailers from The Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther and The Maze Runner: The Death Cure which made me so excited for all the movies to come out in 2018.

Call The Midwife | I know I mentioned Call The Midwife last week but I can’t not give a shout out to my TV show of choice at the moment. I’m currently on the season 4 Christmas special and I was hoping to be up to date for the Christmas Day episode but I don’t think that will happen now. I love period dramas but it is the rawness of Call The Midwife which really speaks to me, the birth of babies is such a wonderful thing but it has put me off childbirth for the foreseeable future.

Christmas Wrapping | I swear I live to wrap Christmas presents. It is possibly my favourite thing about Christmas. I just thrive off it and insist on wrapping all the gifts possible in my family. For my own presents I went for a brown paper and twine theme as I watched an episode of Downton Abbey where Anna wraps a present in brown paper and red ribbon and I became enthralled with that idea. However when I wrap for my mum I have full access to her wrapping supplies which allows for plenty of options!

The Cream Chimneys | I’ve been in The Cream Chimneys twice in the last couple of weeks to use their internet as don’t even get me started on the diabolical excuse we have for it at the house. It is hands down my favourite cafe in Kelso and I think this will be my last visit for a little while as I heard the owners saying they are shutting over the festive period for a little holiday and by the time it reopens I’ll be back in Glasgow.

I love everything about the place: the friendly staff, the gorgeous cafe dog Piper, the delicious cakes, scones and all the food in general, the coffee, the ginger beer, the interiors and the little shop up the back. It sings to me, it suits me down to a tea and I hope it continues to thrive in 2018.

1000 Followers | Everyone, I achieved something. I made it to 1000 followers on Instagram. It was my end of year goal and I’m so proud of it, I think I’ve gained about 650 followers this year which is a drop in the ocean compared to some but I’m super pleased. I know there is more to life than social media but it was a nice little thing to tick of my list and enter 2018 on a high. You can follow me here if you want to add to the joy pals.

The M&S Galaxy Print Dress | I posted a picture on Instagram on Wednesday and was overwhelmed by the response. To anyone that knows me well will know that I am horrible to myself about the way I look, I would go as far to say I hate it. It is such a negative way to perceive oneself but it is something I just can’t help and really hope to change this in 2018. I bought the dress from M&S as my style muse Erica Davies was rocking it and I love clothes.

I love the print, the length and the flared sleeves but I thought it would look ridiculous on my small, dumpy frame. It maybe does look ridiculous and I was not keen at all on the photo I uploaded to Instagram but I love the dress so I wanted to share it. I got so many lovely comments from lovely people telling me they loved the dress or I looked lovely and I really hope to do more style posts in the new year as I love clothes and styling but my body confidence (or lack of) has always held me back. My dress is no longer on the website but they do have a sheer top version or a gorgeous electric blue in a similar style.

Little Things will be back in 2018 as I loved completing this every week and a lot of people have told me they enjoy reading. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and I’ll have a couple of posts next week about reflecting on 2017 etc, you know, the usual end of year bits.