10 little things #25.

Feeling a little fragile this morning as it was Tori’s birthday last night and I’ve spent this morning browsing my new favourite blog (more on that further down in the post). I’m feeling thankful for being clever and blitzing my room yesterday, changing my bed so I had fresh bed sheets and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The little things eh?

It has been a busy old week as I wanted to see everyone before going back to university. So despite trying to be frugal this month I went out for food four days in a row. And it was amazing. I’m still thinking about the calamari I had on Thursday night.

This is my first Little Things of 2018 (hi, if you’re new, I write a list every week about the things I like) and I have a good feeling about this year. Today I plan on cleaning the bathroom and the hall, doing another round of washing, working on some blog things and taking a walk because it has been five weeks since I walked around Glasgow and I want to know if anything has changed.

little things.

A Fresh Start | I love the start of something new and the start of a new year always gets me feeling excited and inspired. The fact that 2018 began on a fucking Monday which just seemed like a good omen to me made things even more exciting. After a rough couple of years, I’m excited to take back charge of things and just live a little more.

I’ve signed up for some courses, made changes to my blog and have many more exciting things planned. I’ve booked a holiday for April, have a university trip upcoming in June (I think) and I’m excited to see what 2018 holds in store.

Friends | Netflix gave us all a gift this new year by adding all ten seasons of Friends to the roster. So goodbye any small life I had before now, goodbye my degree, goodbye everything really. There is only Friends now. I’ve seen all the episodes time and time again but it doesn’t make it any less magical. I can also revive my dream of living in NYC.

Urban Outfitters Table | Apparently one of the hobbies I picked up in 2017 is buying random pieces of furniture that I don’t need. I had my heart set on having two little bedside tables in replacement of the cupboard I had. I picked up a marble Urban Outfitters table in the summer and I finally bought a taller one to sit with it.

After seeing Wendy from Thank Fifi share her bronzed version of the table in 2017 on Instagram, I snapped up the silver one in the post-Christmas sales. It is looking v sassy in my room and I’m going to do a post on my interior updates (eventually) so keep your eyes peeled pals.

Carrot & Honey Soup | Emma and I went for a post-Christmas catch up at The Waggon in Kelso on Tuesday. It was great to catch up, discuss Christmas and our 2018 goals. We also had the most delicious soup that was like a warm hug on a wet and cold wintery day. I would have never thought of carrot and honey as a combo but man, it is amazing.

Coffee Catch Ups | One of my favourite people in the world to have coffee with is Steph. We always make each other laugh and talk about the most random crap for about three hours. After our first choice in coffee destination was closed (raging!!) we headed to the local garden centre.

I had some breakfast as I had left the house without any and tucked into scrambled eggs on a toast with a latte which was delicious. It was great to catch up before heading back to university and we finally managed to stick a date in the diary for her to come through to Glasgow for a bit of exploring!

Fat Face Slippers | One of the best purchases I’ve made in the sales is a pair of slippers from Fat Face. Our local Fat Face store had an up to 50% sale running and it was the best thing ever. I got a pair of fleece lined slippers which are the best things I’ve ever opened. I think I’m in love with them. They were reduced from £42 to £24 and I could not be more pleased with them.

Monte Cassino | After our plans to dine at The Buccleuch were dashed as the place was shut (so gutted as I really wanted to try there), Shelby and I decided to eat at Monte Cassino on Thursday night. We had the loveliest meal and catch up in such a gorgeous setting. The restaurant has such an authentic Italian feel and the food was divine. I had calamari to start followed by a margherita pizza whilst Shelby had garlic bread with mozzarella and carbonara. It was sooo tasty and the staff were lovely too.

Hogwarts Notebook | My parents got me a gorgeous Hogwarts notebook for Christmas and I am obsessed. I’ve so far been filling it with life and blog stuff and finances. I had previously said I would only use Katie Loxton notebooks for blogging as I loved them so much but I couldn’t ignore this gorgeous notebook and leave it to be filled with university notes. It is such good quality plus Harry Potter so that makes it extra fun.

Rubber Plant | Whilst browsing Lidl on Saturday morning I spotted a whole host of house plants at the front of the shop. They were so beautiful. Tall, green and only £4.99 which is probably the most exciting thing to happen to me this year. £4.99! It is currently sitting next to my bookcase in a wicker basket style plant pot my mum gave me and it looks so botanical and fresh.

As The Sparrow Flies | I’m not really a travel blog reader as I don’t have much of a travel bug (except for New York City, a place I’ve only been once for five hours, but I know I’d love). I found Sam’s wonderful blog after reading a post shared on Twitter by Luce (of Wanderluce) about podcasts, I ended up on As The Sparrow Flies. So that was a fun story about how I got there.

BUT OH MY GOD IT IS AMAZING. I am never travelling to another country without first consulting As The Sparrow Flies, again. I’ve spent all morning reading about where to eat in Barcelona, the top 10 cathedrals in Europe and how to spend a weekend in Liverpool.


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