10 little things #26.

Whilst editing this little things post it did occur to me how much TV is involved in this post. Somebody has clearly had a wild week. University does equal Netflix in my book and the addition of a TV to my room has only made this even stronger.

I have been doing other things too ~ I went to a flat party, had a night out with friends, celebrated Tori’s birthday and actual university work. All of my classes seem super interesting this semester which is always a relief and the coursework load is definitely lighter as I’ve got exams at the end of the semester.

January is a difficult month I find, it is dark, cold and bleak. The lightness of Christmas has passed, the reality of a new year has sunk in and it is like five weeks long. This makes Little Things all the more important and useful ~ finding the light everywhere.

little things.

The End Of The F***cking World | Okay this show is quite surreal and weird but I really enjoyed it. I loved the main characters as they were both really interesting and the whole concept of the show just made it a really good watch. It reminded me a lot of the book The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks ~ a similar dark concept. Despite the darkness of the storyline, it is black humour and quite an easy watch.

Peaky Blinders | I’ve fallen into a Peaky Blinders hole. I watched the first two seasons when I was in my first year of university but fell off the bandwagon in the last year or so. I was browsing Netflix, at a loss at what to watch, when I decided to jump back in at season three where I had left off. I wasn’t quite following the storyline so I decided to just watched it from season one and well, now I’m half way through season two.

TV In My Room | Okay, whilst I have a TV in my room, I don’t actually watch TV on it. It doesn’t even have a DVD player. My parents had a Smart TV they weren’t using so I decided I would take it back to uni with me, connect it to the wifi and solely watch Netflix on it. I think to be honest it is making me more productive as I need background noise when doing anything so it means I can have Netflix on it whilst working without splitting my laptop screen.

Hanna Marin & Aria Montgomery | Hanna Marin will always be one of my biggest inspirations, both style wise and life wise. She is unapologetically who she is, overcame confidence issues, is smart and a great friend. And her style is everything I want mine to be and more. I re-watched some PLL episodes this week as I don’t want to fall into a style rut in 2018. Whilst Aria isn’t my favourite character in PLL like Hanna is, I’m still head over heels for her style. Basically, PLL is my go to when I hate all my clothes.

Five Ingredients | I’ve made something from Jamie Oliver’s Five Ingredients every single evening this week and wow, it is even better than I thought it would be. The instructions could be simplified a little more in my opinion (or maybe I’m just really bad at reading recipes) but the five ingredient thing is AMAZING. Current fave is ‘Gnarly Peanut Chicken’ because oh my god, best thing I’ve ever eaten that I’ve made myself.

Nando’s Delivery | So Nando’s deliver and I’ve just discovered that and ordered it twice over the weekend. Yes, twice. Twice! I’m appalled too don’t worry. It isn’t too pricey for take out food and feels healthier than a pizza so it is now my hangover food of choice. I’m obsessed with hot sauce so the peri peri sauce sings all the praises to me and man, I could bathe in that stuff.

Grimm | I first started watching Grimm a few years ago and I have seen the whole thing but I noticed the remainder of season six had been put on Netflix this week and decided to re-watch. I can’t often re-watch things so it is a testament to how enjoyable the first season of Grimm is if I can sit through. It was such a long time ago since I watched however so whilst I remember the main story arcs and characters, I don’t remember all the details from individual episodes so it is super fun to watch.

Re-Categorising | In case you have noticed (or care but whatever) I’ve had a sprucing of categories around here. I read a great post by Kristabel which I found through Beverely’s newsletter (so go go go & subscribe to that) about blogging improvements to make at the beginning of the year and felt all inspired.

So lemme talk you through it ~ we’ve got a whole new spot for Interiors because hey, I actually spend most of my money on random homewares and I like writing about it so here we go. I’ve also diversified my Lifestyle content a little bit ~ Honest for personal, chatty & honest musings, Blogging for blogs, Instagram & tips and Little Things has its own category now.

Normality | Going back to university this week has relaxed my whole schedule and given me a sense of normality again. I have to be up for a certain time each morning, leave the flat and do things. Actual things. I’m really trying to get in a schedule with the gym, meal planning and balancing university, friends, family and the blog.

Busy B Diary | One of the most exciting things in my book about the beginning of a new year is sassy new stationery. I was gifted a beautiful diary from Busy B in November at their event and I was super excited to use it ever since. It is a diary/planner with pages for finances and contacts, has adorable stickers and is v Instagrammable, I mean look at the gorgeous colour and font.


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