10 little things #28.

Happy Monday! Yes, Little Things is late this week. I was quite unorganised with writing it so had a good chunk to finish over the weekend and then I was honestly in the throngs of the worst hangover I’ve ever experienced on Sunday so was 110% not up to finishing.

But it is Monday so I am feeling good. The snow is melting (hurrah!), I’m going home this weekend, I’ve got all my blog content planned and scheduled, I’ve signed up for another online course to sink my teeth into and I’m going trampolining today.

2018 is the year of getting healthier so this also involves alternative modes of exercise. I don’t find panting on a treadmill at that fun amongst all the incredibly fit gym goers so I want to add in a little spice of other things too. I tried pilates on Saturday morning too which was super fun and I think I used some of my core muscles for the first time.

One un-fun thing from the last week has been my sleeping pattern. I’ve been exhausted a lot more than normal (maybe I’m lacking some sort of vitamin?) but then can’t sleep at night. This really peaked on Thursday night where I didn’t doze off until half past five in the morning! Half past five! It was hell on earth but at around three I had a huge wave of inspiration for the book I will one day write and wrote about 3000 words into a Pages document.

little things.

How To Grow Your Blog When You Have A Full-Time Job | The v talented blogger Sophie Cliff (behind sophiecliff.com) is sharing her wisdom through an e-course. This Sunday will open up chapter three and I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two weeks. Sophie’s teaching is so straightforward, easy to understand and is accompanied by enjoyable tasks to complete.

I am so excited about 2018 and the future of The Monday Project so when I saw the early bird offer in Sophie’s weekly newsletter The Weekly Pep Talk, I had to snap it up and take part. I love learning about blogging and how to improve my blog so being able to do this and support another blogger’s project is even better.

Apartment Number 4 | Writing about interiors is one of my favourite things to share on The Monday Project now and I have been so inspired by Victoria. Apartment Number 4 is the best interiors/lifestyle blog in business and I would pretty much follow any of the advice she gives.

It has such a beautiful aesthetic, wonderfully written, stunning imagery and such helpful interiors tips and tricks. If you are looking for any interior inspiration or tips for doing up your home, Apartment Number 4 should be your first stop.

Paperchase | I went for a little stroll to Paperchase on Monday as I was given a voucher for Christmas from family and I was bursting at the seams to spend it. I took a right stroll around city centre Glasgow on my way, snapping pics for the gram and just enjoying being outside.

I didn’t go too wild, just picked up some cute postcards, confetti for blog pictures, a handy folder and a birthday card for my little sister who turns 18 next week. They had so many gorgeous ranges though and I’m going to return at some point to spend the rest of my voucher …

Real Nordic Living | This book is the most aesthetically pleasing book I have ever owned. It is a true delight. A Christmas present from my parents, it perfectly nurtures my love of all things Scandinavian and is a very inspiring read. Split into four sections ‘design’, ‘food’, ‘art’ and ‘nature’, this book interviews chefs, designers, artists and photographers about what Nordic living is. It celebrates people who have made a difference to Nordic lifestyle, the concept of hygge and is accompanied by the most stunning photographs. I can’t stress enough about how much I adored this book.

black+blum Flask | I did receive this flask as a gift from Steamer Trading Cookshop as part of a collaboration but it is amazing. It is such a gorgeous and adorable size but at 400ml it easy fits in enough soup for lunch or plenty of tea for sitting in the library. I warmed up my soup at 6am on Wednesday to take to work and it was still nice and hot when I sat down to eat it at 1pm. I love the design (very Scandi) and the strap is vegan leather so it is great for everyone.

Snowing | Whilst I really don’t enjoy the snow but it isn’t too bad in the city as I’m not relying on anything to get around. I do however really like watching it snow. As typing this I’m sitting in my desk chair watching a bit of Grimm but casually find mind myself staring out the window as the snow falls. It is so poetic and magical and I love it when it snows at night, it makes the world feel so still and quiet.

Saturday Night | I had a really lovely Saturday night. Heading to Zizzi for dinner with Rachel & Sam was a lovely end to the week. We had a grown up bickering session about what bottle of wine to order (someone call my parents, I’m now an adult!), shared calamari, tucked into our mains and had great chats and giggles.

The Crown | Hearing so many good things about The Crown and Olivia Colman being cast as the Queen for season 3, it was only a matter of time before I got involved. After finishing Grimm on Sunday, I started watching and I adore it. Claire Foy is incredible as Queen Elizabeth II and it is such a wonderful biography to come to our screens.

New Look Velvet Heels | Despite being on a spending ban (I am, promise!) I had to buy a new pair of shoes to wear to a ceilidh I’m going on Burns Night. Since losing the strap of my beloved black block heeled sandals, I’ve been at a loss when it comes to shoes to wear to nice places that I can actually walk in. Enter a gorgeous pair of emerald velvet heeled sandals from New Look that cost £12 in the sale. A whole £12!

My Parents | Whilst on the phone to my dad on Sunday night, he told me he thought I would go far with my blog, that’s where my career would derive from and my mum was sitting reading my blog right this second. My parents never for one second doubt me and always encourage me to do whatever I want, whenever I want and however I want. I feel so bloody lucky to have two people who always support, encourage and cheer me on with everything I put my mind too – whether I stick with it for a few weeks (days) or like my blog and keep at it for almost two years.


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