10 little things #29.

Things to note from the last week: I am appallingly skint and I’m v raging at how expensive train prices have become. But aside from that, it been quite a good one. My alcohol intake has increased in 2018 as opposed to the latter half of 2017 (it’s like I’ve come out of HIVE retirement) and shall be focussing on decreasing that again as I can’t afford to do a lot of things right now, let alone piss all my money away on pints of fun and entry to the union club.

I had quite an active week to balance out the drinking ~ I did pilates last Saturday, trampolining on Monday (more on that below) and went to the gym on Tuesday. This perhaps redeems me from the three pizzas eaten in a row on last weekend? Maybe? I’m going with it does.

I’ve also had a meeting about my summer project for Classics which I’m choosing to do in Italy (yet to decide on actual research project but) and that made it all a bit real, scary and exciting. Mostly exciting. That does mean I might get some more travel content up on the blog this year, watch this space and all. Anyway, off we go with the Little Things!

little things.

Trampolining | I went trampolining on Monday to Ryze Glasgow in Kinning Park. It is the most intense cardio workout I’ve probably ever done. Literally on the floor knackered 5 minutes in. We did some flips, I tried to tackle my fear of heights by jumping off the tower into the foam pit, played some dodge ball and just mucked around. It was a really fun thing to do for a change and it was practically exercising so even better. I mean, we went to Nando’s afterwards but, still, exercise.

black+blum Water Bottle | I spoke about my love affair with the black + blum flask in last weeks Little Things but my love for the flask been now been trumped by love for the bottle. I had bought a new water bottle from Sainsbury’s at the start of the semester in a effort to drink more water so didn’t think I would get as much use of this black + blum one as I have.

However, the story is, I am obsessed. I think it is the charcoal stick but I swear to god that tap water tastes 100% nicer from this bottle than it does from any other. Plus, it looks pretty good on Instagram.

iCafe Working Sesh | I was completely bored of trying to ‘work’ in the flat which just results in me lying horizontally watching The Crown. So I ended up in the iCafe with Rachel & Tori, drinking coffee, eating empire biscuits and working away on our individual tasks – quite productively too I might add.

McDonalds | Tori bought me a McDonald’s on Friday when I was hungover. It was the first one I’d had in ages and absolutely hit the spot and made my life 100x better. It also reaffirmed the great love I have for my friend.

The Best Nights Sleep | After not getting home until half five on Friday morning and only snatching around three hours sleep before getting up for my seminar – I was in desperate need of a good nights sleep. Friday was hell-on-earth to be honest as I was very hungover in my class and I walked into town with Tori to catch my train home.

Tori made it a bit better by buying me the aforementioned McDonalds but then Scotrail did their thing and fucked up the Tweedbank train so I was just done with Friday. I then go the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while on Friday night – lights out at 9pm!

Ceilidh | I went to a Burns Night ceilidh on Thursday night which was lots of fun. We were only there for a few dances as we arrived late but it was lots of fun. I love ceilidh dancing and never get the opportunity to do it as much as I would like. The music always makes me feel really nostalgic and proud to be Scottish.

Jane The Virgin | This is my current TV show of choice after finishing the triumph that is The Crown. I loved the over the top vibe of Jane The Virgin, not mention Jane herself just seems like a lovely gal. It is so easy to have on and follow without taking too much effort so it is a good bit of background noise that I can be invested in. Not like the appalling Once Upon A Time which is honestly, a shit show.

Fry Up | My mum did a fry up for lunch on Saturday and it was incredible. I hadn’t eaten sausages or bacon or haggis (haggis! I can’t even remember the last time I had haggis before this) in such a long time and it just hit the spot perfectly.

Room Rearranging | I rearranged my bedroom set up just so slightly on Saturday as I finally got my hands on the orders I had made at Christmas but didn’t arrive until I had gone back to Glasgow. I have interiors post coming soon explaining all the changes I’ve made to my room since the last post I wrote but I am so excited to share with you all what has been going on. Messing around with furniture is one of my most favourite things to do and adding these new pieces is just the icing on the cake.

The Reason You’re Alive | This book was sent to me for review and I read it this week in two hours. I think I enjoyed it more than the other book I’ve read by Matthew Quick – The Silver Linings Playbook. It was funny but sad and narrated by the principal character. I’ll be reviewing it on the blog in due course and it will in my next recently reading round up but in the meantime, it has been passed on Tori for her to read.


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