10 little things #3.

It has been another week of moseying around in pyjamas (and thinking about getting dressed) but I can finally say I am starting my summer job tomorrow (hurrah!) so maybe next week things will be different. I spent this morning having breakfast with my parents at my local garden centre where I had the loveliest pancakes with bacon and syrup, honestly it was so damn good.

Superlatively Rude Summer School started this week so I’m at least doing something with my summer (even if that something does involve me sitting in my bed watching a video lecture of Laura Jane Williams in my pyjamas) and I am so excited about it already. I really think I’m going to learn lots about writing and how I want my writing to work, counting down the days till Wednesday already!

I’m also 110% ready for Love Island tonight. I’ll chat a little more about it down below but bloody hell, Friday’s episode was a corker wasn’t it? It was everything dramatic I hoped for and more. I’m also now watching The Loch on ITV so I have a big decision to make on whether to watch Love Island at 9pm on ITV2 or The Loch on ITV because The Loch is so suspenseful and gritty and I love it.

Anyway, that’s been my week, it’s mostly involved sitting on my bum watching The Loch/Love Island/YouTube or going out for food which I’m all about or trawling ASOS for sale finds even though I can’t afford postage at the moment let alone an actual item so thank the lord I’m starting my job tomorrow as things have been dull. Here’s the little things!

French Braids | My hair is slowly getting a little bit longer and I’m finally able to get it into (and do it myself!) in French braids without them looking like stumpy little legs sticking out the back of my head. Now that I’ve adopted my new lifestyle of doing more yoga (I’ve done it like 3 times okay) and this is the easiest way to keep my hair out of my eyes. I do look bald though from certain angles though. Now I just need to tackle the fishtail braid …

Photographs | Since our darling Labrador Holly passed away last week, finding photographs of her whilst packing has been a shining star. She had been in our lives for fourteen years and home won’t be the same without her. It is really strange going into the utility room and having so much more floor space due to the big dog bed with a sleeping lab not in there anymore. She will be so sorely missed and I will always treasure the time we had with her but she was ready to pass on. Photographs feel often forgotten in our digital age but finding so many prints in old albums and boxes has been exactly what I needed in the last week so I can stick them up wherever I want.

Lemon & Lime Drizzle Cake | I had a go at making this gorgeous looking cake from a recipe that Corinne & Kirsty shared on their blog. Lemon cakes are my favourite and no Starbucks order of mine is complete without a lemon and poppyseed muffin! Corinne & Kirsty’s photos of the cake made it look so damn divine I decided to try it out myself. Now I am shit at baking but luckily this came out in one piece, only a tiny bit burnt on top and some little raw bits I cut off (I’m the worst) and I haven’t poisoned anyone! It still tastes bloody lovely.

Love Island | I refrained from watching for so long but I caved and I’m in love. I have several remarks just like everyone Twitter. a) Chris and Kem’s bromance to win please. b) Camilla is a queen and is too damn wonderful for that villa, everything she does is perfect and tbh I wish I was her. c) Olivia is a pain in the bloody arse. d) Marcel is the kindest angel and it was so good to see him walk away from Olivia when she was going off on one about poor Sam. e) Marcel and Gabby are adorable. f) Jonny never deserved Camilla, she was far too intelligent, beautiful and wonderful for him. g) Jonny is a snake and hope Tyla/Theo mess him over. h) Are we seeing Jamilla take two (the new and improved version) with Jamie and Cam? I really bloody hope so.

Australia Sweatshirt | As we are all cleaning out our wardrobes at home due the impending move, I was helping my mum cleanse through hers and I managed to grab a couple of things. My mum and dad went to Australia and New Zealand on their honeymoon many moons ago and my mum was on the fence about a sweatshirt she picked up out there. Sweatshirts aren’t really her thing but it’s a sentimental one which would have been relegated to a box in a cupboard somewhere but it is right up my street. I love the sentimental history behind, I love that it’s navy and I love that it’s a sweatshirt. I’m super happy with my new piece.

Kinder Bueno Ice Cream | I’m really into ice cream at the moment and whilst over in Eyemouth having fish and chips, we finished off with an ice cream at Giacopazzi’s. I went with two scoops of Kinder Bueno as previously I only went with one and then another flavour and I regretted not having more. It is the most delicious flavour and has little bits of kinder bueno broken up in it. The perfect way to finish of fish and chips and I wish I had a tub of it in the freezer tbh.

New Bullet Journal | I don’t really know how I lived before I started bullet journalling last September but tbh I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been through three since starting and I’m now about to start my fourth this week which is exciting! I’ll probably do another tips and tricks post at some point in the future but at the moment I just have filled in my first few pages of goals, reading list, tv shows to watch etc and my habit tracker. The notebook I’m using was part of June’s Papergang (which I will blog about eventually) and it is such a good quality notebook with a really nice print on it.

Barter Books | On Tuesday (a very wet, rainy Tuesday) I drove down to Alnwick to my favourite bookshop in the entire world. As we are clearing through our house and decluttering, we had a few books to hand in there in return for barter credit. I ended up getting £33 for the books I handed in and waiting half an hour for the staff at the bookshop to check them over isn’t a pain at all when you can spend that half hour wandering around an old train station decked out as a book shop. I didn’t stop in the Station Buffet this time round but I didn’t manage to find another Enid Blyton to add to my collection. This is the loveliest bookshop ever – so many cheap and rare finds, there is something for everyone! Definitely somewhere to stop if you are in Northumberland.

Olive Bread | Lunchtimes, dinner times, snack times, any time was very exciting over the last week due to the sexy loaf of olive bread in the bread bin. I snapped it up on Sunday when deciding to have pate for lunch with some nice bread and I was so pleased with my choice. I bloody love olives and olive bread is one of my most favourite things but for some reason I never eat it. Sainsbury’s do a really delicious small loaf which I’ve been munching on all week and whilst it isn’t doing my healthy eating any favours, it is making my stomach real happy.

Tidying My Sink Area | I have been doing a lot of sorting out in my room of late as I’m packing it up for the impending move. We still have two and half weeks to go or so before moving but I’m so sick of my room looking like an absolute shit tip due to all the boxes and suitcases. My sink area is my favourite part of this bedroom – I love the bowl sink, my tap, the mirror and lights duo. To spruce things up in spite of the rest of the room being a tip, I added a vase of carnations next two jars of make-up brushes and a copper wire basket filled with my most-used toiletries and beauty products. I shoved the rest of the rubbish on top below into the cupboard and left out a couple of pretty looking bottles of perfume, a bag of make-up hidden behind the sink, some soap and a jug with my toothpaste and toothbrush. It looks so much more Pinterest friendly and I posted a picture of my Instagram if you want a little lookie.