10 little things #30.

I really struggled this week with Little Things. Which is strange as I have had a busy week. A crazily busy week. And I’m so behind on well, everything. I’ve spent too many  days hungover, ate too much rubbish food and I’m just feeling a bit like I’ve been run over by a car (aka my responsibilities).

So today is Sunday and I’m attempting to get my shit together for the week ahead. I’m gonna redo my meal plan, sort out my washing, maybe go outside (why is that such a task) and get organised for all my university bits for the week. But anyway, on with the Little Things!

little things.

Vapiano Launch | I was invited to the Vapiano Glasgow launch on Monday evening so I took Rachel along as my +1 and saw Lis and Charlotte. Opening in the space previously occupied by HMV, Vapiano sits right at the top of Buchanan St next to Topshop.

It is a huge space with a very green vibe as there is pots of basil and parsley on the table to garnish your meal to your choosing, you can take home bags with herbs in them and there is a huge green version of your typical flower wall. Anyway, the food I managed to try was pretty tasty especially the pesto pasta and the barbecue pizza and they kept topping your glass up so all was snazzy.

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm | This arrived in my Latest In Beauty box and I am obsessed. I have always wanted a Burt Bees lip balm but never seem to find them in shops or really go out of my way to find one. It is rose tinted which is my favourite ‘flavour’ of lip balm and it is always handy to add a new lip balm to my ever growing lip balm collection.

Blogger Meet Up | A group of us Glasgow bloggers had a small get together on Tuesday evening at Revolucion de Cuba. I was excited as a) chance to try out another Glasgow establishment as I seem to shoot between Zizzi and Nando’s at the moment (so original!) and b) I finally got to catch up with some Glasgow bloggers and meet a few new ones and put faces to blogs etc. It was a really lovely night (as were my squid tacos and the fries, oh the fries) and we spoke about blogging, obviously, and life and it was just really lovely. Lovely! See | Bry Jaimea, Last Year’s Girl, Liam’s Life & Tiggy Poes and Flutterbys.

Monu Skin Hydrating Mask | Another Latest In Beauty chap, I’ve been using this too this week. It was particularly useful on Wednesday when I was incredibly hungover and my skin felt like it had been left out to dry for six weeks. Honestly, I’m not exaggerating. This chap did a bit of repair on my face and it smells like lavender which is pretty divine.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire | I watched Catching Fire for the first time in years on Wednesday and man, I forgot how good those films are. Jennifer Lawrence is incredible in it and I adore the relationship between Katniss and Peeta. Annoyingly only Catching Fire is on Netflix so I couldn’t dedicate the rest of my afternoon to watching the third and fourth films.

Jane The Virgin | Literally my new favourite show ~ it is all I care about. I’m currently plodding through season 3 (very aware that someone major is about to die, sob) and it is the best show to have a binge of as it is overly dramatic and so much happens every episode. Another thing I love about the show is the bilingual element and the inclusion of Spanish. I’ve always wanted to learn another language and places like The French Room would be a great place to start.

Free Magazine | I was marching down Buchanan St in the drizzly rain on Tuesday night when a woman handed me a free magazine. I was initially going to say I didn’t want it but it was free and looked interesting? So I read my first free copy of Stylist and really enjoyed it so if you happen to be marching around in the rain, maybe just take the free magazine you’ve been offered.

Daffodils | This week was supposed to be about finding tulips but instead I’ve ended up with a £1 bunch of daffodils. They haven’t yet bloomed but I do love having fresh flowers in my room, definitely makes the world a bit brighter.

Friends Visiting | Two of my good friends visited Glasgow on Friday night which was lots of fun. We ate pizza take out from Pizza Punks, had breakfast the next day at the iCafe and had a really great time together. I love catching up with them and hearing about what they’ve been up too.

Photos | I’m going to be chatting about the gorgeous photographs I got printed from Printiki in full next week on the blog but this morning (Sunday) I stuck them up on the end of my wardrobe. They look so cute and I love looking up at them and seeing years of memories stretched out in front of me.


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