10 little things #31.

Happy Sunday all! University is almost about to embark on reading week which is terribly exciting – or would be if History didn’t insist on being awkward and making reading week a reading weekend that coincide with Classics so I do still have two classes this week. However, last week was pretty snazzy.

I did all the fun things. I had lunch, brunch, dinner and flower making. I had sleepovers, movie nights, nights outs and even exercised, albeit once. And I managed to smash through all my uni work and blog bits ~ FYI my giveaway with Printiki went live last week and I wrote a well soppy post to my pals. So it was a good week and here’s why: the Little Things!

little things.

Getting Organised On Paper | I’ve been a bit of a mess regarding everything lately so I spent last Sunday organising my life, on paper. I’m still to tackle finances on my spreadsheet which I haven’t created yet but I did do other things after resisting the urge to walk to Paperchase to buy another planner that I really couldn’t afford.

I redid my meal plan in a Busy B notebook which is realistic, taking into account when I will and won’t be in the flat for lunch, any outside plans etc. I also added when I need to remove things out of the freezer and any groceries I wanted to pick up from the shop in the next week. I did a week long schedule in my Ohh Deer planner, what I wanted to spend my time so I was covering everything I need to get done this week. Maybe I’ll be organised this week but who knows!

Suits | I’ve fallen back in love with one of my favourite TV shows this week and oh god, the things I would do for Harvey Spector’s apartment. Watching TV shows based in NYC is seriously dangerous for me as then I spend my evening looking up apartments in NYC and potential jobs.

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse | This is my newest read (about three chapters in) and it is sooo good. I adored Kate Mosse’s other book Sepulchre and wanted to read another of hers for ages. I finally picked it up over Christmas and finally began reading this week. I’m telling ya guys, it’s a good one .. (Update: Have now finished Labyrinth, I’ll be chatting about it in Recently Reading eventually).

Cake Date | This week has been busy and I got things started by meeting one of my favourite bloggers Charlotte for a cake date that turned into a late lunch and a cake date. The best kind obvs. We chatted blogging and life and how good the food is in Singl-end and it was really lovely to get to know someone I admire better! I really want to get into the Glasgow blogging scene this year as I’ve become too good as chilling in my room with the tele and a book in the last few years.

Weekend Plans | Lovely Emma came to stay on Friday night which I was so excited about. I met her at the train station in the evening before heading for dinner at our favourite Glasgow pizza joint Paesano. We had a chilled night of watching Friends and doing face masks as our Saturday was a big day.

Flower Crown Making | I won two tickets for a workshop with Little Botanica on Saturday through the Scottish Bloggers Collective. I was so stoked to have won because it was literally such a perfect thing for Emma and I to do on Saturday. The women running the workshop were lovely and it was a really small group so it was lots of fun and interesting. I loved the crown I made (went for a purple and green theme) and there was plenty of gin from Eden Mill.

Bar Soba | I adore the food at Bar Soba so I’m not sure why I don’t go there more often. Emma and I went for a late lunch on Saturday and ordered a feast. I had wok fried greens, chicken gyozas and salt and pepper squid ~ it was all very delicious.

V Chilled Saturday Night | Saturday night was spent with three of my pals watching Paranormal Activity (and then Friends), eating plenty of food and eating lots of rubbish. It was just so simple and chilled and life is good.

Friends Season 10 | I’ve been watching a lot of Friends in the last week and have come to the conclusion that season 10 is one of my faves. Ross has a lot of good episodes in this season, it has one of the best Thanksgiving episodes and we see plenty of Paul Rudd as Mike.

Budgeting | I have been making a conscious effort to budget this week. I figured out how much I could spend combined with how much I could save when student finance came in. I ordered a Monza card which I can pick up next weekend when I’m home. I transferred my weekly budget onto my debit card and put the rest in my savings. Yes I only have £3.97 left of the weekly budget till Wednesday but I have had a very pricey weekend so I’m not beating myself up too much.


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I have been very rubbish at reading online this week due the mountain of uni work & actual book reading I did so feel a little out of the loop ~ hit me up with your fave articles in the comments so I can give them a gander if you will, please and thanks.