10 little things #32.

Hiya, this post is the first to come to you from 20 year old Kirsty. Officially in my twenties now ladies and gents. It doesn’t feel any different to being 19 and whilst I am slightly mourning being a teenager no more, I am excited to have finally joined the twenty-something club – if barely.

Aside from obsessing over my age, I’ve had a bit of a bad week. You know days where you just cannot be bothered with anything? Luckily it was reading week so I could avoid going outside but I spent more than I would care to admit of my time slobbed out in bed with some sort of food stain on pyjamas, having a bit of a wail about life.

Thankfully I perked up on Friday and I’ve had a very chilled weekend at home – I got to catch up with my family, one of my friends and cuddle my little doggo which is the best to be honest. I’ll love you and leave you now, here’s everything that has made my week pop because even in a bad week, there are still little things here and there to smile about.

little things.

Criminal Minds | I finally caught up with season thirteen of one of my favourite TV show of all time this week ~ Criminal Minds. If you love anything complex, on edge, great characters and lots of heart-in-mouth-moments, you need to jump on board the Criminal Minds train. And with that, the Dr Spencer Reid appreciation train. The perfect way to spend my Sunday evening.

Room Tidy | I’m quite a tidy person by nature most of the time. I thrive of doing laundry and tidying away clothes (my nickname in the group chat is Queen of the Laundry), I like making my bed and I adore a tidy and an organised desk. But this doesn’t mean I’m always tidy. I let clothes pile up on the floor and roll in and out of bed whilst ignoring the sheets as much as the next person. Every once in a while, I like to take a day to sort my shit out.

So last Sunday I tidied and organised and cleaned and it was mint. I sorted out all my beauty products, switched up my storage options, sorted out my jewellery, rearranged my desk to make it work better, made the bed, sorted out my shoes ~ you name it, I sorted it.

Girls Night | We don’t have girls nights very often but as Shona was coming up, we put on our dancing shoes and headed to Firewater. It took ages to get into the club but thankfully we did get in and headed straight to the bar for £0.89 drinks – one in each hand obviously. We started the night with Paesano and ended it rolling around Tori’s bedroom floor eating take-away ~ a super fun night.

Westworld | Okay this is my new favourite TV show. I had heard rumours of the allure of Westworld before, back in 2016 when it first aired but due to not having Sky Atlantic, I hadn’t done anything about watching it. However after entering a what-to-watch-next-rut, I found a stream for Westworld and watched all ten episodes in three days. Ten hours of incredible television. In typical HBO style, it is a masterpiece and I am so excited for the second season to air this April.

The Breakfast Club | Aside from the above instalment of Little Things, the rest of this week has been one gigantic disaster. Wednesday was particular awful as I was hungover and all I wanted to do all day was write some blog posts but I was struck with the worst writer’s block, ever. It made me feel like a right useless lump so instead I took myself away from the online world – didn’t watch YouTube, didn’t scroll on Instagram and Twitter and didn’t log into my blog. Instead I watched one of my favourite films (which is on Netflix!) and it was just the refresh I needed.

Paesano Take Out | As it is ‘birthday week’ I’ve been having rubbish food at every opportunity. We got Paesano take out on Tuesday night as Shona was visiting before going off on a Canadian adventure so it was the perfect excuse to eat good pizza. Paesano is definitely my favourite spot in Glasgow for such delights ~ dreamy pizza and extremely affordable. This was the first time I’ve dabbled with having take out instead of sitting in and I will 100% be doing it again.

Nando’s Customer Service | Yes I have also ordered Nando’s this week – shoot me. The perfect hangover cure so Tori and I ordered Nando’s on Wednesday afternoon. The most exciting thing about this however was the customer service.

Our order was late (like twenty five minutes late) so after fifteen minutes I phoned the number provided in the email confirmation and got through to a nice South African accent belonging to Reece. He sounded v attractive over the phone, informed me why our order was late and Nando’s is now sending us a voucher for two combination meals with two sides – happy freaking Wednesday!

True Geordie Podcast #82 – Joe Sugg I really like True Geordie as the podcasts are so interesting with such interesting guests. However I don’t usually watch them as they are very long and girl don’t have time to sit and listen. I’ve had a pretty bad week though so I when I finally got into a blogging groove on Thursday night I listened to the latest episode ~ Joe Sugg and it was so bloody good.

Books | I’ve been a bit of a reading rut for a while as I had finished all my to be read pile in the flat and hadn’t had time to pop out for a new book or anything. As it was my birthday on Saturday I received a book as a gift, picked up a couple with birthday money and managed to find three at home I hadn’t read. I’m excited to get stuck back into reading again and maybe eventually get a Recently Reading up on the blog sometime soon!

Turning Twenty | I’m gonna chat more about the last decade of my life on the blog on Tuesday (keep your eyes peeled kiddos) but couldn’t write a Little Things list without a nod to the big day itself.

I had a pretty chilled set up – I was up early after very little sleep due to my new phobia of trypophobia (don’t know if that is spelling it right but daren’t google it in case I see an image and it triggers it again) but I opened presents with my mama before chilling in my room. I had a gorgeous lunch and catch up with my good pal Steph ~ literally don’t think I’ve ever hung out with her and not had a good time. I then spent the rest of my day taking photographs for the blog, writing posts, planning content and listening to some music before a birthday dinner with the fam and a slice of birthday cake. V chilled and lovely.


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