10 little things #4.

It’s Saturday night and I’m about to commit to a night of binge watching Sherlock because Love Island isn’t on and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m currently on episode 2 and cor blimey, I forgot how blinkin’ amazing this show is. I think I’m in for a wild night. I also have to pick my sister up from her night out and I’m a) v worried she is sick in my new car and b) v excited for the McDonald’s I’m definitely going to have in the 24 McDonald’s in Berwick.

This week has been different to previous, I started a job (yay!) and the task of moving house from the farm to our new digs has begun so it is all very exciting. Only one week and one day left in this house I’ve called home for the last 19 odd years so it is pretty emotional but I’m very excited to get moved and start decorating and playing around with my new room! But on with this week’s little things ..

Superlatively Rude Summer School | Writing is my “thing” on occasion, when the mood takes me and I bloody love it but I’ve never really gone about improving it. Probably because in Glasgow I never feel motivated enough (that is going to change) and in the Scottish Borders, well there just isn’t any options. When I noticed that one of my favourite writers Laura Jane Williams was going to be running an online summer school for six weeks for only £99, I ummed and ahhed and asked my mum what she thought before screaming eeek fuck it and snapping a place up. So far week 1 and 2 have been so interesting and I adore both Laura’s writing and teaching style so it is a perfect fit. I received really good feedback on my first piece which had me smiling so really excited to see how my writing can develop!

The Loch | One Saturday night I was stuck for something to watch/missing Love Island when I decided to try out The Loch. I’d seen a few tweets about it on Twitter and had heard rumours it was a slow burning Broadchurch. I love anything gritty, dark, murder-esq and being set in Scotland made it even more up my street. Episode five aired last Sunday with the final episode airing tonight and I am so excited! It is a perfect mix of countryside policing mixed with a serial killer. I also love the inclusion of behavioural psychologist as the whole profiling genre of solving crimes fascinates me.

Radio 1 | I’ve started a new job (yay!) so I can finally start earning some money again and I get to spend all day in a lab listening to the radio. I’m in the lab by myself so I’m in full control of the radio and Radio 1 is currently my jam. I’ve always loved Clara Amfoe’s show but now I’m getting to catch Nick Grimshaw’s, Scott Mills and Greg James – it’s a brilliant line up and it’s nice to listen to the radio for a change instead of watching TV.

Love Island | I know, I know, I chatted about this amazing show last time but I just can’t help myself because this week has been goooood. Theo arrived and began winding up Jonny, Jonny and Tyla broke up, Camilla had her birthday and a night away in the villa with Jamie, we finally saw the back of Jonny … really I could go on. SUCH good viewing and I do feel a bit sad that I have the Love Island app on my iPad, but girl’s gotta vote.

Witch Blemish Stick | I’m having a real problem with spots at the moment, my skin is just having a bit of a breakdown. I’ve got a right party going on on my chin and they are all quite painful. My sister swears by a Witch Blemish Stick which is a product I used about 4/5 years ago. I decided to snap another one up and whilst my skin is still a bit worse for wear, I’ve definitely seen an improvement from what it was (very big, angry, red, sore spots).

The Cream Chimneys | Kelso’s newest cafe is my favourite. I headed there for lunch on Saturday with a couple of friends for a catch up and to try it out. Emma blogged about it here but I really can’y stress how lovely it was. The staff were so welcoming, friendly and accommodating, it is such a relaxed atmosphere and the food was top notch! I really enjoyed my jalapeño, mozzarella and chorizo panini – super tasty and filling, such a big portion for a really good price.

Colours and Carousels Blogging Newsletter | I’m a real newsletter fan at the moment so when Charlotte announced she was going to be doing a monthly one based on blogging I had to sign up. So far there has been two, with the latest being an Instagram special chatting to Rhianna Olivia, who has the most gorgeous Instagram! It was really good to get tips from experts and have all the questions you want answered in such an easy way! These newsletters are so helpful and interesting (even if you’re not a blogger in my opinion!) so I definitely recommend signing up for the August issue!

Instagram | Whilst Instagram is a real struggle at the moment who use it as a platform for blogging, small businesses, I have been really enjoying it. I’ve found a lot of really lovely feeds through other people doing weekly round ups and sharing their faves and through blogger Instagram share threads on Twitter. It can be a pain in the butt if you are trying to grow your following/boost engagement as the non-chronological feed is a right mare along with a whole host of other problems (bots, shadow banning, etc) but I have been working solidly at posting around the same time every day, posting every day, developing a theme of sorts and utilising my hashtags! If you want to give my feed a little follow or some love, you can find me here.

Pride and Prejudice Tote Bag | I bought this tote from Waterstones at the end of 2015 but when I moved back home for summer last year, I managed to lose it. I really missed it last year as I don’t have any other totes and they are super handy to have! I love this one as it is Pride and Prejudice themed which is a story I love, it’s a good size and is very sturdy. I recently found it in my wardrobe whilst packing (clearly I looked very hard when looking for it previously) and I’ve been using it all last week for work to take my lunch bag in as well as other bits and bobs.

Sunday’s Breakfast | On Sunday I went out for breakfast with my parents to our local garden centre. Kelso is quite limited on the breakfast options in my opinion and you can mostly only get a bacon sandwich or a fry up. Finding out you got pancakes at the garden centre resulted in me having a right spring in my step because life is oh-so-wild and I can confirm they were very tasty and I will definitely be having them again. Shame I picked up the orange juice with bits in it and had to suffer through drinking it!