10 little things #5.

Just checking in with you all, hope your weekend is going swimmingly. Mine is (almost literally due to the tremendous amount of rain we’ve seen over the last couple of days, it truly is a proper Scottish “summer) and tomorrow is finally moving day, hurrah! Very excited to get home from work tomorrow to unpacking all my boxes and finding all the things I’ve been missing such as my candles, my books and making my bedroom look cute.

It’s been a busy old week of work and going to the gym as I am now a gym goer (let’s see how long this lasts) and I’m very sad the weekend is almost over – I could do with another couple of days to be honest! Tonight we are going out for dinner as a celebration for the big move and tomorrow we will be off – can’t really believe we are moving out of my childhood home. Let’s home next week is just as lovely. Anyway, this week’s little things ..

Lunch With Steph | Somebody that always makes me smile and somebody I’m very thankful for is Steph. We always have such a hoot together, talking about utter rubbish, life, university, our past. I always come away laughing and feeling happy. Our latest lunch date was to Hugo’s in Duns where we both devoured plates of nachos followed by some delicious cheesecake. It was a breath of fresh air from moving house/starting a new job and it is always lovely having a catch up.

Love Island | (Again) I know, I know but I just can’t stop watching this ridiculous yet amazing show. Tomorrow night will be the final and oh my goodness, I’m going to have to do things again at 9pm every night. I’ve been really surprised by the behaviour of Montana in the last few days, she has become very bitchy and Alex is just a pain in the bum tbh. I would love to see Jamie and Cam win or Gabby and Marcel despite people believing Gabby to be fake but I think Kem and Amber have it in the bag (from the producers point of view anyway).

Gym | I’ve joined the gym (hahahah, yes I’m rolling on the floor laughing with you) and I’ve been about three times in the last week. My local gym offers a training type thing where you get evaluated and then a programme developed for you. I’ve just picked mine up and whilst it does look quite intense, it’ll hopefully sort me right out and get me on my way exercise wise.

Moving | Moving day is very nearly upon us and I am so excited to be reunited with all my books and stationery and bits and bobs which have been packed into boxes over the last few weeks again. My blog photos are dire from reuse of the same props over the last few posts and I can’t wait to get my cacti candles and copper pineapple out again to spice things up. I’m already planning a trip to Homesense and Primark to get new things for my room and I’m spending a lot of time on Etsy looking for prints for the gallery wall I’m definitely having in my room.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer | I’m having a real problem with breakouts at the moment which really sucks when you are trying to be a carefree summer girl and mother nature keeps getting in the way. I have always been quite lucky with spots but now my chin has just exploded in nasty breakout after nasty breakout – all starting since I came home from the USA. I changed my cleanser on Thursday so I don’t think I’ve gotten any new spots since then so hopefully I’m on the way to being right again but for the mean time, this little champ from Collection is doing a swell job at covering the nasties up. It provides very adequate coverage and is very affordable.

Yellow Roses | My local Sainsbury’s is quite good on the old flower selection front (although I have only seen peonies there once sob) and my latest pick me up was a bunch of yellow roses. I love love love having flowers in my room to make it look bright and happy and soothing and these ones are so lovely to look at. I also don’t think I’ve used them once in a blog photo either which is a bit of a record tbh.

Lasagne | I always think I don’t like lasagne only to be pleasantly surprised. Mum made it for tea on Wednesday night and eating it was like a big warm hug. So yummy with lots of delicious cheese which makes any meal better in my opinion and

Game of Thrones | How can I talk about little things this week and not mention the glorious return of Game of Thrones for its seventh season? I thought the first episode was very fitting for an introduction, they set out the storylines in an effective way and didn’t go over the top with anything – which just made me wanting more. Cersei is as unhinged as ever, the winter is blowing in colder and there was a little Ed Sheeran cameo singing a little song.

Pesto Pasta | I have eaten a lot of pesto pasta this week. It is one of my go to choices for lunch at work as it is so bloody tasty and so quick and easy to make. It really fills me up and I honestly look forward to having it for lunch so much. What a wild life indeed.

Spider-Man Homecoming | I’ve been really excited about this film since it was announced as I bloody loved Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. I was not disappointed by the film. It was funny, lighthearted, clever and brilliantly tied in with the Marvel universe that has been created so far. It was so fun to see a super hero in high school as so far The Avengers are all adults of sorts but Peter was so innocent and playful, which added a lot to the film. I did a big thing and went to see it by myself as solo cinema tripping is something I have always wanted to do but didn’t feel ballsy enough. But basically it was two and a bit hours of me and a film which was lush and I can’t wait to do it again.