10 little things #6.

So this week’s 10 Little Things has a lot of food included, make of that what you will, I’m a gal who likes to eat. It has been a busy old week with moving house and working and trying to blog with no wifi at home. I’m super excited for next week already as I’m going to both Edinburgh and Glasgow which is pretty damn exciting compared to my usual mundane life of making excuses to not go to the gym and watching reruns on ITV3. Anyway this week little things …

We Moved! | The biggest and most exciting thing of this past week is without a doubt, the hosue move. Since my parents sold their farm and bought another lovely, lovely house, it had been a very exciting albeit stressful time. But finally moving day was here! I missed most of the excitement as I was at work 9 till half 3 but managed to get back to the new house asap and start unpacking. My room is fully unpacked now but I have so many bits I want to buy and add, I think a trip to Home Sense is imminent tbh.

Sunday Carvery | Roast dinners used to happen all the time when I was younger but with the parents often away with my sister on a weekend with horses and being away in Glasgow for uni, not so much. On our final night in our old house we went out for dinner for a bit of a celebratory meal (and because all of the crockery/utensils had been packed) and I went for the carvery option at the local Kelso favourite, The Waggon. Tbh the starter menu didn’t impress and I’m annoyed I wasted calories/stomach space on the nachos I had but the carvery was divine – the pork so tasty and the Yorkshire pudding was a good ‘un! I polished it all off with a slice of chocolate fudge cake as this is the best thing since sliced bread, I promise.

Wednesday Night Dinner | I had the loveliest dinner out with Emma on Wednesday night. We’ve both moved back home for a little while and both work during the week so we decided to catch up one night over dinner. Unfortunately the food didn’t do it for me: the starter menu was a bit shit and I regretted my choice in burger but the chocolate fudge cake I had for dessert was sublime, as always. It was an evening of diet coke, lots of laughing and great conversation.

ASOS White Top | I have been following Lily Melrose for ages now and I adore her YouTube, Instagram, blog, Twitter etc. Lily has an amazing sense of style and I adore the things she wears although I would be far too unconfident. Lily had been wearing this top from ASOS loads and has it in several colours so I bit the bullet and bought one. I originally wanted black but it was sold out so went with white and I love it. It is so flattering and works with most of my clothes already. I’m definitely going buy it in red.

Raspberry Cake | It was two of my colleuages last day at work on Friday but on Thursday, one of the vets brought in the most delicious cakes as a farewell present. It was actually unreal. Mary Berry would be v v proud. It was a Victoria sponge with a raspberries and cream filling topped with raspberries and cream – a dreamy summer cake.

Last Seen Alive by Claire Douglas | I got back into reading a little bit this week and my first conquest was this thriller by Claire Douglas. I really enjoyed it and read it one night. It wasn’t as gripping as The Girl On The Train or Gone Girl or Lie With Me but it still pulled you in and keeps you reading. It follows Libby who escapes her flat in Bath with her husband Jamie in a mysterious house swap with a rich couple from Cornwall. When they arrive on the Cornish coast, not is all as it seems and a series of mysterious events keep Libby remembering the past and fearing for the future.

Lewis Reruns | As we have no wifi in the new house, I’m a bit lost with what to do in the evening. Obviously this leads me to my fave channel ever, ITV3, and find myself watching reruns of my most favourite TV show ever, Lewis. It is the most idyllic crime drama series set in Oxford and has the most complex and intellectual murders: my fave episode is the murderer who killed their victims akin to how victims were killed in Jacobean revenge tragedies.

French Brie | Mum usually buys Cornish brie to support British farmers but French brie is my favourite. I love the texture and extra smelliness of French brie. This week I got lucky when French brie was on offer in Sainsbury’s and mum snapped some up for me. I’ve just had some on a bacon and cranberry sandwich and it was delicious.

Hog Roast | It was the Border Union Show on Saturday which is a big event around the Scottish Borders and it always comes accompanied with some good food. We went to the Agrii stall for some dinner and it was a hog roast which is my absolute favourite. So dreamy, some stuffing then a roll stuffed with hog roast and some apple sauce to top it off, seriously delicious.

Laptop Sleeve | I’ve been looking for a laptop sleeve for a little while as I don’t like my laptop rattling in my bag, even if it does have a hard shell on it. As I’m now taking my laptop to work with me every day so I can use it to do blogging/uni things in my lunch break as there is wifi, it was time. I found this lovely one on Amazon which does the job perfectly and was very inexpensive too!