10 little things #7.

Eagle eyed readers of The Monday Project will notice that last week I missed an instalment of the Little Things, and shocker, the world didn’t end. The last couple of weeks have been hectic with the move, work, no wifi and then my dad having his heart operation so I didn’t have the time or felt like writing up a post. It is totally okay to do that and I’m so glad I’m not beating myself up over it and feeling like a bad blogger.

Life happens, life doesn’t care what you are trying to do sometimes and I feel I’ve really turned a corner by not being fussed that I missed a post or two out from my very important schedule. This week’s Little Things is a combination of the last two weeks, including some day trips, some books and some other random bits, hope you enjoy!

The Year of Living Danishly | I read a little bit about hygge over Christmas as it seemed to be all the range but other than that, I haven’t read much into Denmark. Denmark is apparently the happiest country in the world and this book follows Helen Russell’s year of living there when her husband is offered a job at Legoland. After researching Denmark before agreeing to move out, Helen discovered that Denmark has ranked several times as the happiest country in the world. She therefore decides to live Danishly for the year and this book follows her adventures whilst learning about the Danes. After reading this book, my initial stance was that I must move to Denmark immediately. But as this is not going to happen any time soon, I strive from this moment on to live more Danishly (and eat more pastries).

Shorter Hair | I’ve had my hair cut a tiny bit shorter so it is more of a bob than a long bob and whilst I’m now waiting for it to grow back, I don’t hate my shorter hair. It is fun to experiment and try different things so for the mean time, it will do. My blondeness has lasted really well this time around, all of which I’m crediting to Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo.

Glasgow | Last Friday was the day we got our keys for our new flat (exciting!) so I managed to get the day off work and catch the train to Glasgow. I had a little bit of time to kill before meeting friends for lunch so I went to Mango to check out the sale, Tiger to pick up some new pieces for my bedroom at home, Boots for some Garnier face masks and Primark for some new shoes and gym leggings. My bank balance took a hit for sure. I then met up with Rachel and Lewis in the West End for lunch at Munro’s (very tasty!) before getting our flat keys and having a poke around – I am so excited to move in now!

Edinburgh | I was invited to review Out of Love at the Edinburgh Festival last weekend and I’m so glad I accepted their invitation. I thoroughly enjoyed my first real experience of a Fringe show and had the loveliest day with my family. I wrote a full review of Out of Love here if you are interested in heading to the Festival this year! We had lunch at a lovely café called Edinburgh Coffee Cake then I popped off to see the show then we headed up the Royal Mile and over to Princes Street. I managed to spend even more time in Tiger before heading home too!

Toast | I’m on a right toast go at the moment. Maybe it is because I wake up with only half an hour to get my shit together before work every morning or maybe because I bored myself to death with Special K, but toast is my jam. We have a new toaster in the new house (exciting) which doesn’t crucify bread like the previous one did. What a life I lead indeed.

Blogging | I’ve only posted three blog posts in the last to weeks instead of the six I aim for and shocker, I don’t hate myself for it. I have loads of blog posts in my drafts and a plan of when to post but with having no wifi at home and less time with my job, a new commitment to the gym, dad in hospital for his operation and being ill with a cold, I didn’t manage to get the photos taken for the post I wanted to post on Thursday. And then I couldn’t upload Sunday’s. So instead of going on a self-hate rampage because I’m oh-so-useless-at-everything, I took a deep breath, rewrote my blog planner to schedule it for next Tuesday and shrugged fuck it. I have been happily living my life since making this decision and I can’t say it has been ruining my life that I didn’t blog on Thursday.

Thursday Night Drinks | Emma came over to see the new house on Thursday night and then we proceeded to get a bit drunk off two bottles of Prosecco. Even though it was a school night (wild), Emma has half-day Fridays and I had the Friday off to go to Glasgow to get my new flat keys. All very exciting. We did the grand tour of the house, went on a dog walk and then had good chats over Prosecco. A very successful evening.

Reasons To Stay Alive | I wish I had read this sooner. I really wish I had. This is such a poignant and heart-breaking read by Matt Haig, a hugely talented author. His experiences of depression and anxiety are illuminated so clearly in this book and I believe it can be a real help to so many. Emma bought me this as a house-warming gift after we discussed it at dinner and I’m so glad she did because it came at exactly the right time. For depressives and non-depressives, I would still really encourage you to read this, it provides such a clear description of a hard to describe illness that is unique to many.

Ben & Jerry’s Bob Marley One Love Ice Cream | This takes the biscuit as my fave Ben & Jerry’s flavour. I love the mixture of toffee, banana and chocolate and it makes such a dreamy dessert. I’ve been having this far too regularly for someone who is trying to be healthier but damn, so delicious. And banana flavoured treats are healthy right?

The Muse | I had a day off work on Thursday as I had a crippling cold (yes, in August!) and I really wanted to make sure I had kicked it the curb by Saturday so I could visit my dad. I spent most of the day lying in bed attempting to sleep as I was exhausted and my nose was so blocked, making it really uncomfortable. When I wasn’t lying there feeling sorry for myself, I was reading this amazing book by Jessie Burton. I am such a big fan of Burton’s debut novel The Miniaturist so I was really excited to read this one. I finished it in one day. I love novels which flick between the past and the present, with a mystery in the past being solved by our protagonist in the future. Burton told a fantastic story set in the 1930s and the 1960s in Spain and London, following the tale of a mysterious painting.