10 little things #8.

I’m typing this whilst wearing my Paris pyjama bottoms and Pittsburgh sweatshirt – I’m v international obviously. It has been such a cold and wet day and August feels a very distant memory, I feel as if I am sitting on a November evening not late summer!

We’ve been to Mellerstain House today to check out the sculptures in the grounds which was lots of fun despite the dire weather and I rewarded myself with a Diet Coke and a slice of chocolate orange cake afterwards. It has been quite a busy week tbh, with a trip to Glasgow on Thursday-Friday and heading to Straiton near Edinburgh tomorrow. I can’t really believe I only have three weeks left at home before heading back to university and back to the life of being a student … I was getting used to this work malarkey!

little things.

BBC Radio 2 | I am now a convert to Radio 2. I never thought this day would come but it has. In the lab at work, Radio 2 is the station of choice so I’ve become accustomed to listening during the day but in the last few days, I’ve been choosing to listen to Radio 2 in my car. This is all very new territory to me and I still can’t stand Chris Evans/Jeremy Vine but Steve Wright on the Big Show and Potmaster makes it all worth it. I’ve learnt so many useless facts on Factoids.

Interior Magazines | I received a bundle of things from Blinds-Hut and in amongst all the goodies were a few home and interior magazines. I would never buy a magazine for myself except from Blogosphere Magazine but I simply must by the next month’s copy of Ideal Home and Country Homes and Interiors. I was so surprised at how much I was interested in all the features, from seeing inside people’s beautiful homes to interior tips to product focus, I was lapping it all up.

Picking Wild Brambles | Brambles (or blackberries) are quite possibly my favourite berry and there is nothing more thrilling in mid-late August than finding some wild ones out on a walk, providing the perfect mid-way snack. We had a few bramble bushes in the woods across from the farm but at our new house there are a tonne on one of the roads which we walk the dog on. It really makes me feel cosy and content when I pick food from the wild so bramble season is one of my favourites.

Colours and Carousels Blogging Newsletter | I’m a big fan of Charlotte’s fantastic lifestyle blog so when she announced she was bringing out a newsletter earlier in 2017, I knew it would be a good ‘un. I have enjoyed every instalment so far but this month’s photography edition is my favourite so far. Photography is such a big part of blogging (and our social media age) and I loved the way Charlotte concisely explained it, providing lots of little tips on a wide range of photography based areas. You can subscribe to Charlotte’s newsletter here and I blogged about five of my favourite blogger newsletters if you want to fill up your inbox.

Cheers To The Teenage Years | I really enjoyed this blog post by Madelynne from Mad Cat blog. Turning 20 is such a big thing (I’m yet to do so thank god) and it is the end of an era. I loved Madelynne’s style of writing in this post and she told such a story of her teenage years, with important life lessons learned along the way. Personal blog posts are my favourite as they really share the feeling of togetherness, advice can be shared and they show the blogger behind the blog.

Soba Noodles | I tend to shy away from noodles in a pot/box/sachet unless I’m v poor or v hungover but Soba noodles just kept looking so intriguing when I accompanied mum on food shops to Sainsbury’s. We caved and I can confirm these are one of my new favourite lunches to take to work. They aren’t overly unhealthy and it is a really good sized portion. So far I have tried the teriyaki and chilli flavours, both being very tasty with the teriyaki just winning it for me. You just add boiling water to the pot, drain it and then add the sauce and away you go!

H&M Green Tassel Earrings | Statement earrings have been everywhere this spring/summer 2017 and it is a trend I can see continuing for a long while. I picked up a gorgeous red beaded pair from Urban Outfitters in February which I’ve worn loads so when I saw a green tassel sequin pair in H&M for £3 in the sale, they had to be mine. They are very light, so much so I barely notice them and I simply adore the rich emerald colour, so statement and classic.

Glasgow | I had the loveliest night and day in Glasgow this week, sleeping in the new flat for the first time and having drinks and a catch-up with my three closest friends up there. I haven’t seen them over the summer due to business on all parts so we met up for one final time before one of us heads on study abroad to Canada. We had some drinks, made fajitas, went out and then went for brunch this morning. It was so nice to have a chat, see their faces and just have some fun.

Glasgow’s New H&M Store | I didn’t even buy anything when I made my first visit to Glasgow’s new massive H&M store but it was so wonderful. All of the new season clothes are beautiful, very Zara/Mango which I love. There is half a floor of homewear. It is three floors high. It is so light and had a whole rack of the H&M tassel earrings you see literally everywhere. I can’t wait to go back.

Pineapple Lamp | This is my pride and joy. I had been wanting a lamp for the corner of my new room since we moved and I got my furniture organised but I wasn’t exactly sure what I had in mind. I saw this baby whilst browsing the Next website and it has brought so much light (pun not intended) to my life since!