10 things we feel when moving out of student halls.

OH MY GOD IT’S ALL OVER. I’m out. Out of Murano. Jeez I’m making it sound like a prison. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster year filled with so many laughs and so many memories, which about 83% have occurred in good ol’ Murano. Ah the place where dreams kind of die but also the place where many dreams are dreamt.

I can’t quite believe I won’t be living in Room 1 of Flat F anymore. It’ll be strange when someone asks where I live I’ll be saying another part of Glasgow instead of Ochil, Murano. Unfortunately the classic “do you live in halls?” won’t be an a-star conversation starter anymore. Damn it. Better start thinking of a few more.

It really is the end of an era, moving out of halls, I’m sure almost everyone who has it experienced them will agree. Emosh times. Super emosh times. So yea here is all the feels in a list for us all to mull over.

1. You are never going to have to almost to live with people you don’t know again. I mean, I know we made the decision to live in halls but from now on, you are going to live with people you choose or you will choose a flat and live with room-mates you haven’t really met or don’t know that well. Halls is different. You are thrown into a situation. Quite often into a new city. With people you have probably never met. People from different countries. Different cities. Different beliefs. And it’s probably your first time away from home. All new and scary. But it can be the most awesome thing in the world.

2. No more super loud flat parties from all the blocks surronding you *insert that smug smiley emoji here*. There ain’t nothing worse than hearing the pres for MNH or WNB if you are not heading out. Sad times. The walls can literally vibrate with the music. Such freaking loud music. But this is probably not something you are going to experience on such a large scale when you move.

3. Your neighbours won’t be students anymore. How sad and horrible to think about. Your neighbours might be real people with real jobs and maybe even, ew how gross to think, families. So you are probably going to have to start thinking about being considerate right about now. But look on the brightside, your new neighbours might also be students. Ballin’

4. Hopefully, you won’t have to live with someone you actually don’t like living with. Maybe they get pissy when you use their stuff (almost always by accident) or maybe they don’t like the noise when you and your pals are pre-drinking like pros. Maybe they were just SUPER awkward. But after first year, you’re cool.

5. No more heating and lights including in bills. Goodbye hour long showers and not having to remember to turn off the lights. Oh woe is me living in halls. Unfortunately that won’t be the case anymore. Every light left on is money trickling away.

6. You probably won’t have pals across the hall. I’m going to miss the flat next door so fucking much. I’ll miss having access to the guys clothes and being able to borrow paprika. Or just having a little chat. Our little family will be broken up and that makes me mega sad.

7. Flat parties will never be the same. You probably won’t have 15 randoms at your door. You won’t be jumping from flat to flat. It’ll all be finito.

8. One little happy note though is: GOODBYE GROSS AND DISGUSTING WASHING MACHINES THAT DO A REALLY FUCKING SHIT JOB AT WASHING MY CLOTHES. You really won’t be missed and neither will the price of you. Daylight robbery Sanctuary Students, freaking daylight robbery.

9. You’ll maybe get a double bed or a bigger room or a nice big window with a pretty view. You can have all your posters and fairy lights and candles. Big dreams from me.

10. You will always have the memories which came with halls and you can always say “Where are you staying? OH I stayed in Murano in first year too.” And you will become some sort of Glasgow guru about halls. Plus, it looked like a prison so at least everywhere you live from now on with absolutely, definitely, be an upgrade in your eyes. No such thing as a housing snob comes out of Murano.

ALSO ignore my face in this pic, it was our Christmas dinner and I’d already cried once by this point at food so I’m a mess basically.