11 bloggers you should be following.

I was having a scroll down Instagram the other day and I realised I was following a lot of bloggers who are really fucking good. People whose blogs (and instagram feeds) I covet a lot. People whose advice on the internet I listen to, who have realistic (and fantastic) fashion and beauty advice, who share homeware buys and travel adventures I realistically could do myself (unfortunately this gal ain’t got no budget for The Maldives) and whose writing I genuinely enjoy reading. They could be chatting about their favourite type of cereal and I would still take note.

Y’know, those gals. As finding blogs can be a teeny bit tricky sometimes because if like me, you can’t always be bothered with Bloglovin. I find the Facebook groups I’m a member of to do with blogging are ace for finding new bloggers but as you often have to have a blog to be a part of these, it ain’t the best for everyone.

These gals are my absolute faves right now. I read almost every new post and watch every new youtube video they post because I cannot get enough of their content. I thought I’d just bang together a quick little list so you can enjoy them to.

Charlotte // Colours and Carousels

I discovered Charlotte’s blog sometime last year and immediately fell in love with her content. There are so many cats (love), she has a great taste in fashion and is my go-to for blogging advice. Charlotte has been blogging for six and a bit years (I think, don’t quote me on that) so I think she is pretty qualified to share her tips which I lap up like a small puppy. As Charlotte is also pretty local to Glasgow (like me), I find her blog is great for picking up tips on cafes to frequent. Her Instagram is lovely too: very bright and fresh and her personality really shines through.

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Ellis // Ellis Tuesday

I love Ellis’ blog for beauty advice. When it comes to beauty and style, I definitely feel more confident chatting shit about clothes than I do about make-up so I love reading beauty blogs for down-to-earth advice. Ellis’ blog is exactly that: down-to-earth beauty advice that total amateurs like me can make sense of. From what I can gather from her blog, Ellis is also planning for a trip to NYC so I’m keeping eyes peeled for most posts about planning for that etc because OH MY GOD NYC. I’m also a big fan of her IG feed, her flatlays are so pretty and shows off some beauty products which catch your eye!

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Jenny // JAC and the Box

Jenny’s blog is one of my fave reads and I love love love all of her brain vomit posts. Sometimes the feeling of aloneness, lack of self worth and feeling like a pile of something uncool is not very fun at all. I think Jenny really shares her personality with us on her blog, her thoughts and feelings and most importantly, her advice. I cherish other people’s opinions and ideas, especially on topics I’m unsure about. I love how Jenny combines advice and life chit-chat with some really love style posts! Her Instagram also covets all her lovely styling and demonstrates how anything can go with Converse.

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Rhianna // Rihanna Olivia

Rhianna is one of my favourite bloggers. You can’t really praise Rhianna’s blog without mentioning her photography, because cor, hers are amazing. Check out her IG feed for even more beautifulness, as srsly believe me, her flatlays are just so good. Have I chatted about her pictures enough yet or no? Rhianna shares lots of helpful advice on blogging, personal style and bits and pieces about Leeds and further wide!

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Vix // Vix Meldrew

Vix’s blog is a hoot. I could cry with laughter at some of her posts. Honestly, much hilarity, get yourself over there for a lil read and giggles. But seriously, I love Vix’s blog. Her lifestyle posts chatting about lack of self-confidence, feeling inferior, not being good enough are all complimented by sassy af style pics and her honesty really shines through. Some of her posts are so raw and make me feel like so much less alone, despite the fact we are leading v different lives in v different places. Vix’s instagram shares so much of her life in London and her life in general and she just really shares herself with all of us, the blogger behind the blog and all that shizz!

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Louise // The Little Things

Louise’s blog is the ultimate lifestyle destination for me. Not only is she showcasing Edinburgh, which is a beautiful city in itself, but she shares so many beautiful and insightful little things on her blog (hehe see what I did there). Her photography is crazy good and her Instagram has so. many. pastels. which my inner basic bitch for spring  is excited about. Read The Little Things for recipes, life appreciation, Edinburgh where to go and what to eat and beautiful outfit styling!

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Hannah // Hannah Gale

Is there any blogger out there who hasn’t read (and adored) Hannah’s blog? She is one of the first bloggers I ever discovered way back in like 2014 or something and I’ve been in love with her writing ever since. Hannah just gets it, she just understands and she isn’t afraid to share her darkest and most honest thoughts and feelings with us which I for one, really appreciate as the world is a big, scary and lonely place at times. Not only is Hannah great for brain vomit posts but she also has insane fashion taste that is actually wearable and accessible to most of us and she writes some killer nostalgic listicles which have had me almost in tears laughing. Her Instagram is one of my favourites as her photography is amazing and her captions are very witty!

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Debs // Bang On Style

I’ve only recently gotten in Debs’ blog but I fell in love pretty quickly. I love all of her styling, I feel it is quite similar to my own and she works with quite a lot of high street brands. Her photography is another thing to take note of, if you read a blog for the photos, Bang On Style is for you! Another fave thing about Bang On Style is her DIY posts. I am not a DIY goddess (I recently stuck some letters onto a deck chair for my dad’s birthday and I was v proud of myself) but Debs does such simple and beautiful things which I think even I can master. Deb’s shares so much of her outfits on Instagram as well as well as little snippets of her life.

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Erica // The Edited 

I only occasionally flicker onto Erica’s blog as her homeware posts are not something a girl who lives in rented student accommodation lives can relate to (fast forward twenty years plz) but her fashion posts are dee-lightful. But the thing I love the absolute most about Erica is her instagram. She tells a story in every single square, an anecdote or some life advice or a general life appreciation post which just makes me smile and it is such a positive way to use Instagram by showing off the little things in life and HER OH SO AMAZING FASHION PICS.

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Lis // Last Year’s Girl

Lis’ blog oozes personality and I love her posts which share her oh-so-sassy opinions on a whole range of topics. There is nothing off limits on Last Year’s Girl and oozes feminism and kick-ass attitude. There is little snippets of Glasgow, styling, travel and life chats about our crazy world. Lis’ Instagram shares her life which is what I love about authentic blogging: cats, pictures that mean something to her and just snippets in general.

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Naomi // Love Taza 

I think I found Naomi’s blog through Instagram. I’m not really sure and it isn’t a blog I would usually read. Firstly a) I have almost zilch in common with Naomi if you looked at us from a socio-economic view b) I am not married c) I do not have three kids d) we don’t have the same religious beliefs e) I do not live in NYC. Are you getting the picture? But one thing I’ve realised about blogging is that none of that matters. You can be completely different people from completely different places and something will click. I absolutely adore Naomi’s writing style, her stories about NYC, her stories about travelling, her stories about marriage, kids and her life, even though it is nothing like mine. I absolutely adored her posts about how they make a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan work with three kids. How their kids bedroom is laid out with 3 kids and how they use their storage space despite I do not need any of that information but I loved these posts anyway. Her Instagram is one of my favourites, so many beautiful photos and captions sharing little snippets of her life!

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I noticed a few things from compiling a list of my YAS QUEEN fave bloggers. Firstly I am more inclined to either read the blog or covet the insta. I found that some bloggers blogs I had only checked once a week and didn’t necessarily read every new post BUT I am obsessed with their Instagram and are up to date with every single new square they add. And vice-versa, some bloggers I haven’t missed a post but I don’t engage with them as much on social media. I think the story that is being told on the squares is a tricky thing to master and whilst everyone on this list is pretty damn good at it, I’m just not the best at keeping up with it. Social media is a fickle thing.

Oh, and when I started writing this post, I thought “hm there will probably be about five or six bloggers” but OH MY GOD, I was so wrong. There are so many amazing bloggers out there right now and I could have included so many more, maybe I’ll do a “… Bloggers You Should Be Following 2.0” in a month or so because I am not kidding, I can think of about four extra blogs I could have included.