15 things on my ‘currently watching’ list.

I’m a right smug duck at the moment as I’ve finished university for Christmas. My final deadline was last Friday so I’ve been mucking around for almost a week now – mostly attacking things on my currently watching list.

I’ve been doing a bit of work at the antiques, a bit of blogging, a bit of Christmas shopping, flitting between Glasgow and the Scottish Borders, catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while and, most excitingly, having one on one time with the tele box.

Winter, Christmas and the holidays are definitely time to get snug with something on your screen. However when uni is over and I have no deadlines I’m suddenly clueless about what to what.

Don’t have this problem in term time do I huh! I feel spoilt for choice at the moment but I sometimes feel like my Netflix doesn’t know me at all when it suggests things.

If you are also feeling neglected like that, I’ve put together a list of recs from all the things I’ve been all over recently.

Most of these are available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video and just a couple have been streamed (hehe!). BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4 are also great spots to find boxsets of old favourites.

gaving + stacey.

I think Gavin & Stacey is one of my favourite programmes ever. I think it is the simplicity of it that makes it so charming combined with the ordinary bunch of characters (well apart from Nessa, she’s quite something) in ordinary circumstances. Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, christenings combined trips to beach, nights out and family dinners in the local Italian.

It is just perfect and the humour is spot on. I’ve been watching quite a lot of Gavin & Stacey recently (no, YOU have watched the Christmas special three times in the last three days) as it just warms my heart and makes me so excited to head home for Christmas and see my family.

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Ah, another winter warmer. Miranda is one of the programmes that I will laugh out loud at and roll around the bed in fits of laughter. I adore Miranda Hart and the ordinariness of the situations within the show make it even more enjoyable than if it was far-fetched and over the top. Her mum is probably my favourite character and I’m not going to lie, her Christmas planning looks sensational and I only hope I can achieve something as remarkable if I ever host Christmas.

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I had been meaning to hop on the Suits bandwagon for quite some time as I have heard lots of good things about the show. I’m now half way through season 3 and still thoroughly enjoying it. All of the characters are complex and interesting so it makes for a good watch plus the setting within a high-flying law firm makes situations all the more tense. The bond between Harvey and Mike is really quite sweet but not as wondrous as the one between Harvey and Donna, I am really rooting for them!

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jane the virgin.

A few of my friends are really into Jane The Virgin and I had seen a few of the episodes when it began showing on E4 a long time a go. Jane is such a great character as she is so kind and funny and deals with awkward situations like the rest of us, very badly.

I loved the triangle between Jane, Michael and Rafael and well, I will be beyond disappointed if Jane and Rafael don’t end up together in the end – it will simply be an outrage. This show also gives me serious cravings for Miami which has never been on my destination hot list before but after watching Jane’s Miami life, it has firmly planted itself on there.

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The hottest teen drama of 2017 is back with a second season and god, it is good. It is just as dark as the first one (rumoured to be even darker as the series progresses) and has just as many complex plot twists.

Who is the Black Hood? I’ve got a feeling it is someone related to Betty, perhaps this long lost brother or another Blossom brother feeling slighted like Betty’s dad did?

Bughead are by far the best couple, Veronica is just as sensational as always and Hiram Lodge is one creepy ass guy. The only mild complaint I have is with Archie, is he making anyone else cringe as much as me?

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criminal minds.

Another of my most favourite TV shows ever has returned for its thirteenth season which is AMAZING. After the pretty devastating crash at the final meeting with Mr Scratch at the end of the twelfth season, we were left wondering who would walk away with their lives. After sadly losing Stephen Walker (which I am gutted about as I found his voice to be very soothing), the BAU is back solving cases and putting crazies away behind bars.

One of the latest episodes was amazing as it revisited an old case from one of the earlier seasons about a cannibal. It is bone chilling stuff (he made a chilli from the victim for the search party who were out looking for her) and he makes a comeback in this latest episode which almost gave me nightmares.

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the blacklist.

This isn’t on Netflix but it is one of my favourite TV shows at the moment. It is another FBI based drama instead focussing on the relationship between an infamous criminal who is one their most wanted list and a taskforce of agents who work of his ‘black list’.

Each episodes hunts down another member of this ‘black list’ whom are criminals that Red (the infamous criminal) is seeking to bring down, for one reason or another. He only asks to work with a newbie agent, Elizabeth Keen, which opens another can of worms.

Why only her? What is their connection? What does he know? Liz and Red have a fantastic relationship which makes the show worth watching and there isn’t a supporting character that I don’t like.

(been streaming it soz)

the big bang theory.

To be honest, I’m a little ashamed that I watched so many episodes of this show in one day as I don’t even really like it at that much. I do find myself laughing at Sheldon and Amy and I really like Howard and Bernadette so it is a nice, easy to show to have on in the background whilst tidying or blogging.

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downton abbey.

I fell into a hole of Downton Abbey during my essay writing period. I’ve watched the final episode four times recently. I cried so much when wonderful Sybil died. I cried when Isis died. I cried when Edith got married (finally!). I cried at the end. I cried at Atticus and Rose and Cora and Robert. I cried at Violet and Isabel’s friendship. I cried at Anna and Bates. Thomas’s suicide attempt. Daisy and Mrs Patmore. Daisy and Andy. Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes.

Basically I cried for six seasons. And I laughed. I laughed at Violet’s one liners, mostly.

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mr selfridge.

After exhausting Downton Abbey, I turned to another ITV period drama – Mr Selfridge. I didn’t watch this whilst it was on TV as I was more into The Paradise but it is quite enjoyable. I love the workings of Selfridges and the friendship between Agnes and Victor. It is super easy to watch, has some good plot twists and plenty of tear worthy moments. Not as good as Downton though, soz.

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pitch perfect 2.

I hadn’t watched this movie in ages but when my friends Erin and Shelby came to visit we stuck it on when hungover, and damn, I forgot how good it is. I am now very excited for the third instalment of the trilogy as the music is too good and Fat Amy should have her own spin off show. Such a feel good and relaxed film to switch on and enjoy one Sunday afternoon.

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la la land.

I didn’t see La La Land in the cinema because I thought it seemed a bit overrated and never got around to it. However, it was really put on Netflix, so I gave it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I don’t really like Emma Stone (unpopular opinion) but that didn’t ruin it for me and I love love love jazz music so that was a big plus. It is a really beautiful story filled with wonderful music so even my dislike of the main actress didn’t put me off.

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avengers: age of ultron.

I bloody love Marvel films so when I was trawling Netflix one Saturday morning looking for a flick to put on, I found myself in the Action section and decided to rewatch one of my favourites, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I love the blossoming storyline between the Hulk and Black Widow in this movie combined with the inclusion of new Avengers. Tony Stark will always be my favourite and he really shines through in this film and god, I’m so excited for the next Avengers.

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the maze runner: scorch trials.

My sister was really into these books and raved about the first film but it wasn’t until they got put onto Netflix that I got involved. I love dystopian fiction so it was right up my street and have been in love with Dylan O’Brian since Teen Wolf. I loved the zombie aspect of the Scorch and the run for survival the boys were facing whilst on the run from the WCKD. It really set you up for a brilliant third film.

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I was really into Lauren Kate’s books when I was younger so when I was trawling Netflix instead of writing an essay, I was intrigued by a film edition of the first book. It is a typical boy meets girl story with a supernatural twist involving fallen angels. Super easy to watch, leaves on a bit of a cliff hanger and I would recommend checking out the books too!

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