18 before 18 | an update.

Well, in all honesty, I failed miserably at my 18 Before 18 list. Maybe I should do another list before my nineteenth birthday and have better luck next year? I compiled the original 18 Before 18 back in October 2015 and here we are now in March 2016, where I have been 18 for just over a month. And I am loving it.

Strangely, this is not a post I had even planned on writing. I forgot I wrote the first list and as I was stalking myself on Twitter one night whilst watching The Walking Dead (multi-tasking) and I came across my tweet sharing the original post.

I’m sort of in a blogging rut at the moment. I have a tonne of ideas but I am just too lazy to write them down or they are just not flowing with me. So when I saw the original list it was the perfect time to give an update on how I got on. Spoiler: not well.

18 BEFORE 18

{1} Visit the Christmas market in Edinburgh and ACTUALLY visit it.

I did this! In December, with my family and I drank hot chocolate and ate ginger biscuits and bought alpaca wool socks. I will definitely be going back.

{2} Go to the ‘nightclub’ in Kelso with my friend’s ID.

I did this! I made my debut in the Sporty for Sarah’s 18thand I haven’t looked back since. It is a rad place if an empty dancefloor and the same music on repeat is your jam. But the best thing about it? Being able to get served at the bar without having to wait a million years. Sambucca shots all around gals.

{3} Eat healthily and gym it for a week.

I don’t know if I have actually managed this but I’m counting it as done. I had a real healthy spritz in January and February and I would say my lifestyle has generally improved this year. I’m not sure if I’ve done a whole week as I usually fuck one day up by barely leaving my flat and eating my weight in chocolate.

{4} Reach level 25 of The Sims.

Unfortunately I have not completed this and I am devastated to say the least. I’m not sure if it is okay to be this disappointed about this. Maybe I should be sad this was included in this first place?

{5} Watch Gossip Girl on Netflix.

Lol have not done. Am I one of the only 15+ girls to have not watched Gossip Girl? Probably. I have seen the odd episode and I know what happens in the end so do I need to watch it? I know who Gossip Girl is!

{6} Go to Paperchase and do a stationery haul.

Man I WISH I’d done this. Unfortunately girl ain’t got the funds to go crazy in Paperchase. I did however receive some beautiful things from Paperchase for my birthday from some very special people.

{7} Go to York.

Not done this unfortunately. I have however been to Dundee, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Does this count? York I’m coming for you in the future I promise <3

{8} Get a fish pedicure.

Nope. Probably for the benefit of marine life everywhere though. People who know me will know my feet are not to be desired. I actually recently got a skin infection on my foot so that is just gorgeous.

{9} Go to the beach in winter.

I am actually not sure why I have not managed this. Ffs.

{10} Keep blogging.

I’m still here kids.

{11} Start a memory jar.

Why haven’t I done this? I’m gonna start searching for a suitable jar right now.

{12} Finish The Luminaries.

I’m not even sure where this book is currently. Is it in Glasgow? Is it in the Scottish Borders? Who fucking knows? Not me. When I do locate it, I think I’ll just start from the beginning as I can’t even remember the storyline anymore.

{13} Visit my friends far and wide.

Kind of done, shame on me. Keep trying for this year.

{14} Book a holiday.

Done. Fucking done. I’m poor now and don’t care. Also got a cheeky little T in the Park ticket in the bag as well. Roll on summer 2016. Just go to stumble my way through exams first lol.

{15} Do a YouTube video.

This will be on my list for the next 10 years. Tune in for the ’28 Before 28’ to see the results.

{16} Lose 50 pounds.

Lol. Nope.

{17} Send a message in a bottle.

Why have I not done this? So easy. I’m going to start penning my inspirational letter right this moment and find a suitable bottle asap.

{18} Do the #100DaysOfHappines challenge on Instagram.

Why do I even set goals for myself? I’ll try again next year.

Wow, this was not a successful attempt at this list. I’m definitely going to try another bash at this sort of thing in the future when I start thinking about turning 19 as it is nice setting weird and wonderful goals for yourself and then discovering six months later you’re pretty shit at achieving goals.