18 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 18

18 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 18

Today is Wednesday 30th September and it is 139 days before I’m 18. I feel like I’ve been 17 for years, literal years and I cannot wait to turn the big one eight. I only know like two other 17 year olds which is pretty damn sucky these days. Being young for my age has never been a problem before

I’ve compiled a little bucket list of things I want to accomplish in the next … days. I probably won’t do many of them but it’s nice to dream ye?

1. Visit the Christmas market in Edinburgh and actually visit it. Not y’know, go for five minutes, buy one thing and then trot off to Primark.

2. Get into the nightclub in my home town with my mate’s ID when I’m 17. Crazy I know.

3. Spend a WHOLE week eating healthy home-made food and going to the gym/doing exercise EVERY DAY. Not gonna lie, that might kill me.

4. Reach level 25 on the Sims. Goals I know.

5. Finally watch all of Gossip Girl on Netflix. I want to watch GG, I really do but every time I’ve tried I’ve never been sucked into it but this will be the time.

6. Go to Paperchase and do a sweet sweet stationary haul.

7. Go to York for a weekend of shopping and good food. Because why the hell not.

8. Go for a fish pedicure. This might kill the fish ngl.

9. Go to the beach in winter to just appreciate it. Not sand castles or rock pooling. Just appreciatin’

10. Keep blogging!

11. Start a memory jar cos memories are important. *insert peace-sign emoji*

12. Finally finish reading The Luminaries, I’ve been reading it since January.

13. Go and visit my friends who are at uni in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh.

14. Book a holiday (big goals I know).

15. *maybe* do a YouTube video but nobody needs to see my scone on camera.

16. Lose 50 pounds. Lolz. I can try.

17. Send a message in a bottle.

18. Start (and try to finish) the #100DaysOfHappiness challenge. Apologies to everyone who follows me on Instagram in advance.

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Original Post Date: September 2015