19 Things We All Feel Before Exams

19 Things We All Feel Before Exams

That time of year again. The time where tidying your room or preparing yourself for GBBO by practicing every cake under the sun or going to the actual gym suddenly becomes the most important in the world. More important than ensuring your future career path or anything else along those lines. The time where revision becomes highlighting numerous pages, sticking as many post-it notes as you can muster and choosing what colour of pen you want to write in first becomes at the forefront of your activities.


1. You start revising about a week in advance for two reasons: a) you are absolutely shitting it and you don’t want to fail and b) you don’t want your new friends to think your some mega nerd who only ever studies so you ONLY start studying a week in advance to cover that base.

2. You are also aware that this sure as hell ain’t high school anymore. Did your school library have 11 floors? Nope mine neither.

3. The most constant conversation ever will be “exams exams exams”.

4. You feel like a bit of a twat moaning about your exams in the library when you are in close proximity to an honours student. You little moaner you.

5. Said honours students will constantly call you things such as “wee man” and “young man” on Yik Yak whenever a fresher does moan. So you learn. Don’t moan on Yik Yak.

(I’m just going through this post now [April 2017] and LOL remember Yik Yak).

6. Going to the library just so you can say you went to the library, Because that basically counts as studying right?

7. Eating approximately 6 meals and 24 snacks in one day and then proceeding to complain that you are now fat AND stupid. Oh exam-time you.

8. Studying for 7 hours a day (more than you ever did when you were at school) and still feeling stupider than you did then.

9. Just stress. So much freaking stress.

10. You begin to dream of all the things you could have done rather than being at university. Like travelling. Or working at home. Anything other than here.

11. You cry at least once a day. It’s the only way to cope.

12. You dream of the carefree times at the beginning of the semester, of hitting up Monday Night Heat at Viper and good old Bamboo Wednesdays. How life has changed.

13. You suddenly realise why lectures are a thing. Because that’s where you learn stuff. Maybe you should have gone to more, even if it was at 10 AM on a Tuesday.

14. Revising a shit tonne of stuff and then opening a past paper. WORST IDEA EVER.

15. You get to the exam and begin to panic. DID YOU EVEN BRING A PEN?

16. The exam hall feels weird. You are allowed your bag underneath the desk. The idea alone makes you feel like you’ll get called out for cheating.

17. AND WHAT IF YOUR PHONE GOES OFF? *pray to university gods that you have it on silent*

18. An hour and half later, it’s all over. You can breathe again. You’ve done it. Sat your first university exam. And it wasn’t too bad. OR WAS IT?

19. You go back to procrastinating again but it now suddenly doesn’t feel so fun and necessary now you don’t have exams. Till the next time.

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Original Post Date: January 2015