20 before 20: an update.

When I first wrote up my 20 Before 20 list back in February, I didn’t think I’d be where I am now. I didn’t think I would have spent all of my summer at home, reading books, drinking tea, working in a lab and having weekends off to indulge in slow living. I didn’t think I’d shirk away from independence and want to stay at home. I didn’t think I would have flirted with the idea of dropping out of university.

I didn’t think a lot of this was going to happen. But it did. My 19th year so far has been full of ups and downs and hopefully the latter half will have more of those ups. Most of the things on my list haven’t been ticked off and they probably won’t be for a few years. But I’ve learnt a lot this year, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot, and looking back at this list is making me excited for all the things I can do in the future.

20 things.

Finish The Luminaries

I don’t think this is going to happen anytime soon considering I think I’ve lost it. If I find it, I will aim to finish it before I turn 20 as I’m in a right reading drive at the moment and it was such a good story, just so big and bulky.

Make another scrapbook

Yay for scrapbooking! My lovely friends gifted me with a scrapbook for my birthday which they had started but it had lots of pages free so I’ve slowly been adding to it with more memories, washi tape and sequins.

Start running

I haven’t started running. I don’t think this will ever happen but I have been going to the gym! Hurrah! I now go spinning two to three times a week.

Visit Oxford

This won’t happen before I turn 20 in February but mum and I are planning to go next spring so I will get to visit the city of thousand spires at some point in the not too far off future!

Do a YouTube video

I love YouTube and I would love start up a channel to compliment The Monday Project at some point but at the moment, I just don’t think it is the right time. Maybe once I’ve got a grip of everything else I can start thinking up content ideas and vlogging but not right now.

Send a message in a bottle

This! This could happen! I am going to start looking out a bottle and will toss it in the Eden next time I go for a dog walk.

Do yoga daily

This might happen when I get back to university but I find it tricky to practice yoga at home with the dog jumping all over me and having no wifi to watch Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

Go on a solo trip abroad: Dublin or Rome

I feel out of my independence bubble and back into being non-independent. Dublin and Rome are both very intriguing cities which I’m sure I would love. I’m hoping I’ll make it to Rome at some point in the future with Classics as Latin history is my favourite and it is my favourite part of university.

Improve my photography

I think this is happening? I still haven’t bought a good camera yet as well, I can’t afford one but I am lucky enough to have an iPhone 7 which has a fabulous camera. I’ve been getting to grips with it all summer and have been playing around with the iPhone editing tools and VSCO so I finally think I’ve embracing my own style and developing it.

Start doing some sort of sport

This has not happened. Does spinning count? I am however going to force myself into a sport when I go back to university, I will probably chicken out though.

Keep blogging at least twice a week

YES! This is happening. Since coming back from the USA in early July, I’ve been blogging three times a week for the most part. And I’m really enjoying it. I’ve got ideas, a drive for it, I’m enjoying taking photographs, curating my Instagram to match my blog. I’m excited for the rest of 2017 with my blog.

Watch all the episodes of Friends

Finally. Only about ten years behind everyone else.

Go on a legit, proper all day hike (or hiking weekend)

This has not happened. It probably won’t before I’m 20 but I’ll be putting it only by before 21 list. I am really into dog walking at the moment however, as our new house is near lovely trails in the woods and through fields. I kind of stopped liking being outdoors and threw myself into a “city life” but that was actually quite unhealthy for me  and being outside does good things.

Have a proper face/skincare routine

This kind of happens. Sometimes. When I’m not being lazy. I take my make-up off/wash my face with Garnier Micellar Water followed by cleansing my face with The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm and then using Nivea Moisturiser. I’m having a real breakout problem at the moment so I’m also adding in a Witch stick for those pesky spots. I also try to use a face mask once a week, either Garnier Sheet Mask or Lush Rosy Cheeks.

Visit the Necropolis, Glasgow

I didn’t do this in the final weeks of semester two before the summer but as I’m returning to Glasgow for third year in a few weeks time so there is still time for a trip to the Necropolis. I’ve seen it from a distance and it looks so intriguing so I’m sure I’ll find myself there.

Try a new type of cuisine

I don’t think I’ve tried a new type of cuisine but I have been really into sushi in the last few months. I adore all fish and have been making a real effort to eat as much as possible and sushi is such a delicious treat.

Get a massage

I haven’t done this and I so so so wish I had. I know it would do me wonders but I can just never find the time ..

Keep doing my bullet journal

Well, I did keep doing my bullet journal up until I went to the USA in early June. But then things changed and I stopped bullet journalling completely and went for a more messy approach. If you read The Monday Project on the reg, then you’ll see how I fell out of love with this Pinterest craze.

Pass second year of university

Hurrah! I was super pleased with all of my grades from second year. I think I really found my feet with Classics and I continue to enjoy it as each semester goes by. History on the other hand infuriates me to no end but I think that is more down to the department rather than the content of the courses. I’m hoping third year is as interesting and I manage to keep on top of the workload/pass!

Go to a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

I adore the concept of the Edinburgh Festival and it is something I have always wanted to experience but it just never came together. I was invited to review a play called Out Of Love by their PR team so I took them up on their offer and had a day at the Festival with my parents and sister. I found the whole Fringe part very overwhelming as I hate crowds but Out Of Love was good and I saw lots of flyers for other shows that looked really intriguing. I didn’t make it back this for another visit this year but I’m hoping I’ll manage to next time around.