20 before 20.

I did one of these before I turned 18 and the results actually weren’t as horrific as I thought. I managed to do about 15 of them I think? It was all pretty fine and dandy. I like setting goals. I like writing goals down. I like achieving goals even more. I have a notebook which says “Goal Digger” on the front (spy it on my Insta here) and it makes my heart go fuzzy and warm every time I look at it.

It’s probably on my list of ten fave things I own besides my laptop and long pendant necklace from DP. But yeah WOO to goals am I right?

So when I turned 19 (my last year of being teenager WTAF) I was like “hm perfecto opportunity to make some more “I should go to the gym more” type goals.”  Things I actually have a chance of achieving and not just screeching EEK FUCK IT and writing down ‘hike the PCT” because like I’m going to do that before I’m 20. Like I’m going to do that ever. I’ve read Wild once and I was inspired. But I think I’ll start with the West Highland Way first.

This list is in my opinion semi-achievable. I think I’m going to come back to this post every 3 months or so or do an update halfway just so I can see whether or not I should be getting myself into gear.

2 0   T H I N G S 

Finish The Luminaries (I’ve been reading this since January 2015)

Make another scrapbook

Start running

Visit Oxford

Do a YouTube video

Send a message in a bottle

Do yoga daily

Go on a solo trip abroad: I’m thinking Dublin or Rome

Improve my photography

Start doing some sort of sport

Keep blogging at least twice a week

Watch all the episodes of Friends

Go on a legit, all day hike (or hiking weekend)

Have a proper face/skin care routine

Visit the Necropolis, Glasgow

Try a new type of cuisine

Get a massage

Keep doing my bullet journal

Pass second year of university

Go to some shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival